Get to know you or your relationship on a deeper level! 
Ever wonder why you are a Scorpio, but all of your friends and lovers are Leos?  The explanation is in the stars. 

You are an original because of where the planets were at the exact time and place you took your first breath of life.  That specific time and planet placement will never exist again in our lifetime.  How cool is that?  I will tell you where the planets were in your chart at the time of your birth, as well as the meaning behind it all by giving you a thorough in depth analysis. I can also look at your compatibility by comparing you and another persons chart. You will learn so much about yourself, and/or your relationship. Why? Well, because it's all in the stars.

What you get with your Personal Chart Reading
  • Your personalized chart
  • What chart type you have, and what that means
  • An in depth analysis of what each planet placement in your chart means, and how it affects your personality
  • Your Rising Sign, and how you come off to others initially
  • Your North and South Node - What you need to release, and your life's true destiny
  • An analysis of what house each planet falls into, and what how that correlates to you and your life
  • Understanding of yourself or someone else on a deeper level

What I Need to Get You Your Reading 

To make the reading as specific as possible, I will need all of the info below.  You can email me all of the below information to  It will take me 5 business days or less to complete your request.
  • Name
  • Email address
  • Month, day and year of birth
  • Time of birth AM/PM
  • Town/City
  • Country
  • State 



  1. Very cool - I've always loved astrology. I'm an Aries :-) I like that you are a Scorpio, my first son is too. :-)

  2. Do you need an email address for my significant other as well? Or just mine?

  3. Received my reading, all I can say is that... It's me! Seriously cleared some things up for me. I do have a constant battle between my heart and my mind. It also helped me to see why I am the way I am and why I have those conflicting desires, for example wanting to be in a steady committed relationship but still keeping my independence has always been a struggle for me.

    The reading was very articulate, accurate, informative & insightful.

    Thank You!

  4. Received my reading about my boyfriend and I this morning from Desiree…I was so excited. It was so interesting, insightful, and helpful. I loved learning about us, our similarities, and differences. She did an amazing job of relating the reading to everyday scenarios, so it is very easy to understand. I definitely recommend it to everyone… you will be very pleased :)

  5. How accurate does the time of your birth have to be? I'm adopted and my birth mom had me at home and then dropped me at the hospital, so it's kind of a mystery. Morning-ish, 9 am is the best guess.

    1. I'd also be interested in this answer. My birth mom dropped me off as well, so those details are a little lost...

  6. I was more than impressed with the Birth Chart reading I received from Desiree. I have always been fascinated how the universe can play a role in the exact moment a person was born. The information was intriguing to read and gave me a chuckle because it confirmed what I subconsciously knew to be true about who I am and what I'm about. I also learned some things about my personality that were not at the forefront of my mind but now I have become conscious of to try and work on and grow. The information and the way it was presented was not only easy to understand but was incredibly relatable. I'm not sure if you all have ever tried to understand these things on your own, but it's no easy task. Thank you Desiree for such a wonderful reading and keep up the good work!!! xoxo :)

  7. I want to thank Desiree for sending me a wonderful chart reading! I've always been interested in how the rest of the universe affects the little piece of life that is mine, and I feel like I have a much better understanding of those things. She not only sent a detailed chart, but also answered a few questions that I had about the information. Thanks again!!


  8. I knew I was a Leo but I had no idea what kind of Leo I was. Every Leo I have ever met has been egotistical, don't really care about other people's feelings and that's not me. Maybe I haven't met the right Leos. I don't know. Most of them are rude and pompous. She told me that my Mercury was in Virgo and that it but the breaks on a lot of the usual Leo traits. This explains so much. Simmer down Leos, it could be just like two cats in a bag when we are with same people of our own sign, I don't know. I'm not perfect but this is my total Leo experience. Only my analogy, I know all of you are just as awesome as me.

    All joking aside, much of my life I have felt like an outsider (even with my own Leo people as stated above). I never wanted to finish the meat on my plate at the dinner table. I remember my dad making me take those last dreadful bites on my plate that I picked out of the casserole my mom made. As I grew into an adult, I just simply stopped eating it. If an animal has to suffer, I don't want that karma. My family, relatives, friends all called me a freak, weirdo, said I was strange, made and poked fun of me my entire childhood. Desiree said some folks in my placement of the stars tended to be vegetarians. Finally, validation. I'm no activist by any means. My kids and husband eat meat. I don't pick on people and tell them why they shouldn't. Meat eating isn't for me. Strange, a lion not wanting a fresh big juicy steak? It's true, I have no desire. Perhaps I'm the lion in The Lion and the Lamb story? I don't know, but now I don't feel like such a freak.

    I still don't understand what house goes with what and why and what this means on a horoscope daily basis for me and when Mercury goes into retrograde or the return of Jupiter or Saturn, but I will tell you that everything she told me in the reading fit me to a T. It also showed me where I need to grow as a person. Maybe I do need to put more time into my family instead of working like a dog all of the time. I could say and admit so much more but again, Desiree is correct, I don't like giving too much away.

  9. Received my reading and all I can say is color me impressed! It truly is amazing what a significant role your birth day (and time) can play in your personality. I've always known my sun sign (proud Scorpio) and have done quite a bit of research on it, but seeing how it matches up with everything else was most insightful. There were several aspects which I had never even thought to associate with astrology, but upon reading my chart it all made total sense! I definitely have quite a bit to think about now :) Thanks to Desiree!

  10. Truly an in-depth articulation of what it means to be me. My chart reading was detailed, comprehensive, and captured the complexities of my personality in a spot on analysis I can only describe as spooky. I especially loved the section about embracing your destiny. Thank you so much for this reading! Definitely well made and aesthetically pleasing. A perfect gift option for a friend or loved one. Would recommend to anyone.

  11. Wow! So insightful and spot-on! And easy to read. I can totally relate to everything she describes in my reading. Well, there may be 1 or 2 things I feel I don't relate to, but honestly, I think that just means I have to do some introspection about them. Nice to know I have evolved from my south node and I'm starting to discover my north... Thank you so much Desiree! It was a fun read. Totally recommended!