Aries Woman - Aries Man

As independent and strong as he is, she is just the same.  These are two Rams we are dealing with here; they will either hook horns or climb a mountain together, or maybe a little bit of both. When meeting these two for the first time, your first reaction will probably be WOW, with a cloud of smoke behind it.  These two mean business, and in no way do I mean that lightly.  In fact, these two may even end up in business together, either running one, or being key parts in a Fortune 500.  You see they are both fiery independent Cardinal Signs aka natural born leaders.   These people don't have a boss, they ARE THE BOSS.  These two will have to be equals in every sense of the word if this is to work.  Equals at home, equals at work, and equals in bed. 

There will be times of domination from both him and her, but because this is a masculine ruled sign he will probably take the cake.  Or at least you will let him think he does.  There is a lot of masculine energy between these two.  They can literally run the world together if they just learn to get along.  However, behind that hard Ram exterior is a woman that wants and craves to be taken care of.  When you are in the arms of an Aries man, you will always be taken care of which is something she loves.  One place she does not mind giving up her power is in the bedroom.  Especially if her Ram knows what he is doing.  Let's be honest, he is an Aries... of course he knows what he is doing.

It is funny that we are talking about sex so early on in this relationship, usually I save it until the end. But with these two, sex will be at the forefront of their relationship in a lot of ways. There will be a lot of sex between these two. They both like being in charge which can cause a few problems in the bedroom. They have explosive sex with each other, but she needs to remember that HE is the man. If she can learn to give up a little of her independence, and let him take control in the bedroom the sky is the limit with these two. It’s definitely a hot combo.

She really is like taking a shot of cinnamon whiskey, hot at first but she really does finish sweet.  She is fiery alright, but so is her male counterpart.  Sometimes even more to her surprise.  One day she will watch him take a work call, and she will think to herself, "Damn, I am with such a boss."  And she is lucky, but so is he.  However, one thing he will need to do is separate his work from his personal life.  Especially with her.  She has no patience to be bossed around.  She has a daddy, she doesn't need two. No matter WHO you are, she will want you to take her opinion into consideration.  Keeping that in mind, communication with these two will be key in making this relationship really work. 

This woman has a youthful, giving and sweet spirit about her that wants to truly find her Casanova who will spoil her.  Someone who will wine and dine her, someone who is generous, and someone who will ride off into the sunset with her into all her all of unrealistic dreams.  An Aries man can do all of that for her, because he himself is just as young at heart and dreamy as she is.  Aries are the first Sun Sign in the Karmic wheel, making them of the babies of the Zodiac.  They LOVE to get their way, and as long as these two want the same things, there is nothing that can stand in their way.

There is something that is so uncontrollable about their love, almost like a wildfire that is even too hot to be stopped by water.  However, when something is too hot sometimes it can burn out too fast.  If these two want to last, they will have to try to keep their heat at a smolder to make it last as long as an Aries possibly can.  Everything they do will be at 110%; their love making, their fights, their work ethic, etc.  If I can tell you anything, I would tell you to try to do your absolute best to remember your partner and how lost you may be without them.  As independent as the Ram is, they deeply long for a partner.  A true life partner.  So be kind and patient with one another.  If anyone can understand your significant other, it is you for you are one in the fiery same.  There is a very simple rule that these two can always come back to, "Do to others what you want them to do to you."  If you both can live by this, you two can truly rule the world together.


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