Pisces Woman - Capricorn Man

Capricorn men are nothing less than strong and solid men.  Pisces women are feminine and beautiful.  They are quite the picture side by side.  He will feel instantly protective of her from the moment he meets her.  He will even feel like it's his job to protect such a fragile and unique creature.  Don't get ahead of yourself though Cappy, she is a lot tougher than you may suspect.  She is a siren after all.  He is a man with tall walls built around his heart, but she is so incredibly intuitive that she will have no problem swimming right around them.  She is so sweet and he can tell that her watery eyes are sincere.  She will love his masculinity, but even more, she will love his tenderness.  He is a self-disciplined man, which will be wonderful for her to learn from.  She is always looking for something or someone to calm the waters around her, so she doesn't always feel like she has to swim upstream.  This man is so hard working, he would build her a dam if she asked him to.

This is not a guy that really cares if his woman works or not.  In fact, much like the Leo Man, he would prefer if he was more successful than his wife.  I do not mean to  make him sound old fashioned by any means, he just places a lot of self-importance on his career.  Every Capricorn does.  So if you are a career woman, and place your career before him, there could be rough waters ahead.  Typically most Pisces women gain their meaning in life from many other places that work, so this match tends to work out beautifully.  If your Capricorn is not at a successful place in his life, you are going to be dealing with a cranky goat.  Not that I ever condone being with someone just because they are successful, but if a Capricorn man does not feel good about himself as a man, you may want to try dating him down the road.  This man needs to reach his peak before really settling down.  If I could pinpoint one thing where the relationship will go wrong, it is because she is too sensitive, and he is too insensitive.  When you hurt a Pisces enough, you will come home one day to an empty house.  It may even come as a shock, because you may not even get a fair warning. However, when you deeply hurt someone who is extremely sensitive, the only thing they can think to do is swim away.  Remember how I told you she is a lot stronger than you may suspect, well I mean it.

He can tend to be quite stubborn, but she is flexible and sensitive.  He is always wanting more in life, but she will show him how to live in the present.  He sets harsh rules and expectations that cannot be met, but she will show him how the rules are made to be broken.  You see, Earth is a very solid and structured element and Water is much more free.  It flows where the Earth takes it.  However, over time water changes Earth making it more green and fertile.  Carving rivers into valleys, and cliffs next to the sea.  It happens gradually, and takes months, even years to see changes.  But once the changes are made, they are permanent.  Water is undoubtedly the strongest element.  She will change him.  Ever so slightly, and for the better.  She will soften him, and bring new perspective to his life that he would never see without her sweet wisdom.  He will ease into becoming a sweeter version of himself.

Sex between them is refreshing.  He will not realize how thirsty he was until he has had her.  She is like a glass of cool water after walking the desert.  She loves being with him, because she aims to please, and her Sea Goat will express that to her.  There is something so sweet and quietly understood between them.  Sometimes you don't have to talk about something to deeply feel it, you just simply feel it.  They feel so whole when they are together, and sex is something that really binds them together.

If he can soften his directness and open his heart to feel her emotions, and if she can try to be a bit less passive and feel secure in his strength, they can make it through anything together.  He will be the rock she needs, and she will be the gentle love he has been looking for.  Together they can sail her ocean blue on the wooden boat he made with his own two hands.


Scorpio Woman - Gemini Man

The Scorpio will meet this man and think, "There is no way I am getting involved with this man.  He is way too youthful, and cheery, and lighthearted.  I am looking for someone serious."  He will enjoy her trying to avoid his charms, and will just lay it on even thicker.  If she gives him the time, she will realize he really can be the serious guy that she is wanting.  You see he is not just one man, he is two or more.  Every Gemini Man has several sides to him that dwell inside his physical being.  She may think she has a handle in this guy right off the bat, but does she?

Whatever this guy throws her way, she can most likely handle.  Scorpio Women can handle pretty much anything.  She will definitely be the serious one out of the two of them, but he likes that.  Life is way too short for him to go around being so serious all of the time.  He doesn't have to always know the where the end of the journey is going to lead, he truly enjoys the ride in every aspect.  She is ruled by the planets Mars and Pluto which rule war and death, while he is ruled by Mercury which rules communication.  His quick wit will save him from her stinger on several occasions, but if they can combine their forces, they can really be quite the pair.  I am sure you have heard the phrase, "Happy wife is a happy life."  Well a happy Scorpio means you get to wake up another day, wink wink.  He is a brave guy, and will enjoy getting her goat, but he needs to remember there is always a line which he shouldn't cross.

Scorpio women tend to be monogamous creatures, but I would not say such of a Gemini.  They wonder too much about what everything would be like if he were with someone else.  They will always long and live for their freedom whether they are with someone or not.  This may make the possessive Scorpio a little crazy.  She likes to keep the ones she love as close as can be.  He finds jealousy to be a waste of time, he is just too lighthearted to be bogged down with such a silly feeling. He will not take her jealousy serious the first time, and seeing that he is a mutable sign, he will probably make a joke about it.  This can go one of two ways; she will laugh it off and realize he is right, or her stinger will come out and he will never joke about her feelings without a lot more thought.  The latter is more probably, so think before you speak Gemini even if you think your Scorpio mate is being a bit much in your eyes.

One thing that will work out every time is their sex life. He is attracted to her like a moth to the flame. She loves sex, and with him you get to make love to his many sides which she will find really fun. Even though he is not as much of a sexual being as she is, she will find a way to pull it out of him making them insanely attracted to one another. It is funny that such a sexual woman and a goofball of a guy are so magnetized by one another, maybe it's changeable aura that has her fascinated and maybe it is the way he can make her smile even when she is trying to be her serious self. They have such a unique hold on each other.

He is so curious about her, and I hope that curiosity lingers in their relationship so that he can understand her deep feelings. There will be many days where they want to connect to one another, but find it too difficult to do so. Their saving grace in these circumstances will be breaking down barriers, and talking to one another, which is not easy when a Scorpio is in a deep emotional state. He is a great communicator, so if he can be the ringleader in their relationship when it comes to talking about things instead of sweeping them under the rug and going along his merry way, this union can work. If she can absorb his bright eyed optimism and try to soften her emotional nature, it may lighten this Scorpio woman up so much, she may even find herself growing wings so that she can soar next to her man. Wouldn't that be something spectacular?


Aquarius Woman - Virgo Man

Virgos are undoubtedly the bachelors of the Zodiac, but Aquarius is a very close second.  You see, these two do not necessarily feel unfulfilled by not having a special someone in their lives.  They are perfectly fine either waiting for a way too perfect person that may never show, or just doing whatever they see fit without a need for companionship until the end of their days.  A Cancer woman cannot even imagine such a thing, and even myself find it quite unbelievable myself, but that is just how they are crafted.  Seeing that is how these two are, you can imagine that it would have to be in the stars for these two to end up in a relationship.  There will be something extremely binding that these two will have to keep them together.  You may not figure it out right away, but keep your eyes open because something is there.  Something so special that creates a bond with them that only these two could possibly understand.

Virgo men have very analytical minds, but not very analytical hearts.  I believe that every Virgo man has a time in his life where one rules the other.  You will know which kind of Virgo you have right away when you meet him.  He is not the best at hiding things you see.  He has no reason to. However, when a Virgo man has been hurt by love, it is rare that he will let his heart lead the way in a relationship after that, because his precise logic will take over every time.

When it comes to Aquarians, they are incredibly picky.  They also have no problem being independent at all.  Not even a little bit. They are also quirky in the best way possible.  You couldn't guess what this girl's next move was even if you tried.  They are changeable, holographic, a total wild card.  Being a Scorpio myself, I have the hardest time figuring Aquarians out.  They are still such a mystery to me, even after studying Astrology for almost 20 years not.  Maybe that is the beauty of them though, they really aren't supposed to be figured out.

Being the analytical he is, he will try to figure her out as well.  He will fail to do so, yet there will be something that he loves about it.  She is always giving him a new puzzle to solve, always giving his sharp mind something to think about.  One day she may even decide after some time that she wants to marry him.  It will be on a day where she is feeling quite love bound, and it will come out of nowhere like most of her ideas do.  Give him some time Aquarius so that your Virgo can retreat to his mind and calculate all of the outcomes of their union.  It is not that he is necessarily afraid of getting married, he is just afraid of anything that could end up hurting his tender heart.

Virgo men are afraid of what they want, but she will make it so easy for him to feel right at home with her.  His sexual energy tenders to linger around like something you can touch, where hers is fleeting and holographic.  They will provide each other with different dimensions of sexual expression.  He is more on the conservative side in bed, and she will be a different person with him every time they rustle the sheets.  One thing he can be certain of, is he will never get bored.

They will definitely have a good sense of humor together no doubt.  He is a mutable sign, and quite the wise cracker.  She has a pretty zany sense of humor herself.  She always has something smart to say, and he enjoys their intellectual banter very much. Together they can be huge goof balls.  It is really quite fun to watch.  His humor is one of the things that she will  love that most about him.   She always searches for a friend first, and then a mate.  Very rarely is it ever the other way around.  Virgos make excellent friends, and someone that can be a great backbone to their relationship allowing her to be the free and fun mystery that she is meant to be.  He however is looking for his one true love.  If they can be those two things for each other, they will make it.  Even when the world may seem upside down, when your relationship is based on true love and friendship you will always feel a sense of home.


Taurus Woman - Scorpio Man

She will never forget the first time she hugged him, and felt a shudder go down her spine as she smelled his sweet yet spicy hair.  He will feel it too, the way she so sensually touched his arm while staring directly into his intense eyes so steadily, but she wont seem to be nervous like the rest of the women he has come across.  There is something so solid, sensual, and strong about her, and he has to have more.  These signs are sexy, no doubt about it.

Sexy yes, but one other thing to learn about these two from the beginning is that they are strong.  Not necessarily in the same ways, but almost in complete opposite ways at that.  He is mesmerizing, fair in his actions, ruthlessly protective, and always has his stinger ready for people that need to be taught a lesson.  She is patient, steady, and won't bat an eye even in the most stressful of circumstances.  Together, they can make quite a powerful pair.

The thing that will attract her to him the most will at first be his tangible sexiness.  There is something about his voice, the way he looks at her, and the way he touches her that makes her, well, a bit nervous.  One place they will meet eye to eye on early on is their sensuality.  I have talked about Taurus women before, and their need for touch.  They are undoubtedly the most tangible sign in the Zodiac.  Because of her love of things, this can turn into jealousy in some cases.  Scorpio is not a stranger to this, but his is more of a possessiveness.  You may be thinking, "What the hell is the difference?"

Miriam-Webster Dictionary Definitions

Possessiveness: of, relating to, or constituting a word, a word group, or a grammatical case that denotes ownership or a relation analogous to ownership

Jealous: vigilant in guarding a possession

So in other words, Scorpios truly like to own and in some cases control the ones they are with, while Taurus will stop the ground if she sees another woman trying to take what is hers.  Similar, yes, but the same, no.  Neither one of these traits are healthy in any relationship, and should be something to be worked on by both parties.  In some cases, they may even enjoy these traits about each other because they can relate to each other in this way.  Everything in moderation I suppose.

These two are on polar opposite ends of the karmic wheel.  This can cause a lot of attraction between the two of them, and a lot of differences at the same time.  They can both teach each other a lot of wonderful things that they need and want from each other.  He will love her practical approach to life, which is an area that he could take a few notes from her on.  He will teach her how to feel passion not just in the tangible, but in other forms as well.

They may spend most of their first dating days getting to know each other in the bedroom, which is funny because she is not really one to rush anything but she may not be able to help herself.  She may even wake up next to him after a night of lovemaking after a few dates thinking, "This is so not like me!"  Not to worry Taurus, even though he is the sex symbol of the Zodiac, he does not take sex lightly either.  When having sex with a Scorpio you see a part of their desire that they seem to hide so well in the outside world.  Sex is a place, and sometimes the only place, where they are able to feel vulnerable.

This man is very black and white, which may be a bit hard for her at times.  He is either all the way in, or all the way out.  She tends to see the grey, and even enjoys it at times.  She doesn't have the extreme in affection and coldness like he does.  In fact she will find it silly at times.  If she can use her patience in these times, and if Scorpio can mellow out a bit, they will be able to find a common ground.  He can be mean with his words, and seem so cold after their relationship seemed so hot.  I hope that is not the case, because I believe that this is really a unique match that truly needs each other in so many ways.


Taurus Woman - Cancer Man

The Cancer Man is known for needing three things;  financial security, emotional security, and family.  This list of course is in no particular order, and importance varies from Crab to Crab.  As we all know, the Taurus Woman values the tangible things in life.  So you see, this can really end up being quite a beautiful match.  She even compliments one of his biggest problems which is not making a direct decision.  Crabs move all sorts of different directions before really taking a huge step forward, but once they have decided they want something there is no stopping them.  This is not a problem at all for the Taurean lady, she has all the time in the world.  In fact, she really appreciates that he doesn't want to just jump right into things with her because she herself likes to take her time when it comes to getting into any sort of serious relationship.  There is no wild passion with them in the beginning, rather a slow and steady building of love.

When things to start firing up between these two, this is a very nice sexual match.  She wants a love that is simple, and Cancer wants one that is deep.  When they have sex they will blend emotionally and physically heavily with one another.  She will give him sexual security, and he will give her comfort and sweetness. They definitely need different things, but in this situation it is a good thing.  Their blending is something that is better combined than left separated.  One is sweet and one is savory.  I will let you guess who is who.

This man is a natural born leader, and she is a fixed sign.  She doesn't mind that he wants to take the reigns on things, on certain things that is.  She doesn't need to be the leader, but she doesn't really care to follow either.  She likes to move at her own pace.  Let's go back to those three things that he really cares about, so I can explain to you how really wonderful this match is.  Financial Security - They do not have a Bull on the sidewalk in front of Wall Street for no reason.  This woman is savvy with money, and he will greatly appreciate that.  She loves to spend too, but that is just fine, because they both enjoy items of quality.  Emotional Security - He will most likely be the more emotional of the two, whether he shows it or not.  She is about as stable as they come, and this will be good for him.  He needs someone to care for him, and she will not mind doing it.  Family - She is a homebody.  She enjoys a night on the town, but through and through she loves being at home in her comfort zone around her things that she has so meticulously picked out.  Not to mention her love for being with her pet/s.  Most Taurus women are known for their love of animals.  I believe it is because of their earthly patient nature that makes it so easy for them to connect.  He will love this about her.  

As perfect as these two may seem, there is one area that will need to be worked on to keep things harmonious;  Communication.  There is probably a Bull or Crab reading this thinking, "We communicate well all the time."  And I would agree, most of the time.  However, in the off chance of a fight, these two tend to revert FAR away from one another instead of really talking about it.  Taurus women tend to be stubborn, and Cancer men are sensitive.  Mix that combination in a fight, and you will rarely hear an, "I'm sorry".  Because of her stubbornness, I mean patience, she has no problem waiting until the cows come home for her Cancer man to apologize first.  These two are very logical people, so if they could just see what a waste of time and energy avoiding each other is, maybe they could resolve this issue together.  

He is so perceptive, that he knows that this woman is undoubtedly the woman for him.  He can feel it in his bones.  One night after many months of not directly asking her if she would be his, he will suddenly have a rush of emotion that comes over him.  He will not be able to hold back feelings he has been fighting since the moment he saw her.  He will look into her soft doe like eyes, and he will touch her face so softly that it will melt her earthly heart to a place of no return, and then she will know too.  Maybe she already did.