Aries Woman - Capricorn Man

Aries women always have something to show everyone.  She never wants to leave anyone out in the cold and alone, and she sure does love a good challenge.  So when she meets the lone wolf that is the Capricorn Man, she will want to engulf him in her warm presence.  She usually has enough charm to talk anyone into anything, and she usually has people loving her within seconds, but with him it is different.  It is as though he barely even notices her, but one thing that the Aries Woman should know now, is there isn't much that he doesn't notice.  He is just not giving you what everyone else gives you; what you want.

Because of this initial first encounter, this pairing does not always make it past those initial first meetings or dates.  The Aries girl doesn't really have time for games you see, you are either in or you are out.  But if she can possibly find it in herself to slow down, and move at the same pace as this earthly Capricorn Man, they may both learn a lot from each other that they would not with anyone else.  Yes, he is shy, but he doesn't need you to be aggressive with him.  He needs you to just stick around for a while so he can wrap his level head around you.

When it comes to sex, Capricorns control their urges a lot more than an Aries can.  Aries are more likely going to have to initiate sex between them.  Hopefully Capricorn can loosen up in bed with Aries for this to work out.  He needs to learn to give in to her, and to stop being so controlled.  Sex isn't something that should be planned or precise, it should be passionate and random.  If they don’t work things out, things can become very dramatic and not even Aries hot fire will be able to melt Capricorns cool exterior.   One thing she can do to ease this tension is to make him feel secure.  Yes, he may seem like the most secure guy you have ever met, but he is longing to feel safe.  He gets worried that if he lets his walls down too soon that a beautiful fiery love may take a piece of his heart he may never get back.  To get a piece of any Capricorn's heart is precious, so take that into consideration when entering into this.

This relationship is not necessarily an easy one, but let's be honest, everyone has their problems.  When angry with one another, they need to remember the reason they got past the hump of commitment that all of the other Aries Capricorn combos did not.  He will love her spunk, her optimism, and even her impulsiveness interests him.  She will love his strength, his quiet understanding, and his consistency that she has been needing.  She may be the "child" in their relationship, but as I have mentioned before, Capricorns grow more youthful in their older years.  So if they stick around in each other's life, they will find each other halfway.  

The Capricorn Man's natural motive in life is to climb, and the Aries Woman knows that the view is always better from the topYes, there will be rough roads ahead, but you can't reach the peak of a mountain to see the view without going off the beaten path.  Hold hands, pack understanding and some "I'm sorry"s for the trip, because if any two signs know how to hike, it is the Goat and the Ram.


Libra Woman - Pisces Man

The first time he sees her, he will admire her beauty.  Then he will recognize her strength, something that he could most definitely learn from her.  The first time she sees him, she won't even be looking for him but she will notice something dreamy and alluring about him that makes her want to cast her pink net of pure charm down into the unknown waters to catch him.  Once she catches him, inspects him, and enjoy his beauty, she has no problem letting him go back to his dreamy reality while she goes back to hers.  This isn't good enough for him though.  You see, as much of an escapist as he truly is, he likes being caught up every once in a while, especially when he is being caught in the net of one of the most beautiful creatures he has ever seen.

She likes to take the lead, and he doesn't mind it at all as long as she is able to listen to his ideas.  See she is quite a bit more actual than he will ever be, and he is a lot more abstract.  He will enjoy watching her balance everything that she gets thrown at.  He can learn from this, seeing that he usually just swims past things that doesn't feed his interest.  He finds her feminine exterior and masculine thought process so fascinating, that is causes a frenzy inside his dream filled head.  How can someone be so insanely intriguing?

She will usually have the last word when it comes to arguments, but he really doesn't mind so much.  He is incredibly patient, and insanely attracted to her which gives her a freedom to really be herself in a lot of ways.  It doesn't always make sense to them why they make it work, but love is an abstract concept that cannot be explained by anyone other than the two that are in it.

This woman always starts as an airy sweet little girl, and tends to mature into a harder version of herself as she journeys through life.  There is something about him that makes her feel youthful and softer again.  He tends to heal her pains of the pasts with telling her to look forward to the dreams of the future.  If anyone can connect her two personas together, and bring her to happy tears it will be him.

One problem area that they will face is indecisiveness.  Both male and female Libras are VERY indecisive.  They really don't mean to be, they just see everything from so many different angles and want to make the most fair and logical decision.  Pisces don't like to make direct decisions either, because they prefer to just swim dreamily through life without really putting too much effort into things unless absolutely necessary.  When they do make hard decisions, they base it on whatever their emotions are telling them.  So imagining these two together trying to make a tough choice you can imagine how this could make for quite the shit show.  Someone is going to have to pull the trigger on things whether they like it or not, and it will either be her logic or his gut feeling.  See the dilemma?

All he has to do to smooth things over with her is whisper his sweet mysticism in her ear, and her troubles will melt away.  His gentleness is something that she has never experienced, and is so healing.  Her voice is something that he had only heard in dreams, even when she is bossing him around he just cracks a smile because he can see the whole her all at one time.  He is powerfully attracted to this beautiful airy woman.  He dreams of sailing away with her on her pink cloud.  She will be enchanted by his dreamy aura.  Together their sex will be something out of a pastel rainbow dream.  For them to stay together, they will need to make their dreams into a beautiful reality.

If he is able to follow her Cardinal lead, and she is able to listen to his sweet emotional wisdom these two can have it all. There is a perfect quote to end this post and it goes as such;

Her: A fish may love a bird, but where would they live?
Him: I shall just have to build myself wings!


Porte A Vie - Sextrology - Leo

Better bow down my friend, because you are in the presence of true royalty. This is not a woman for the faint of heart, because she oozes sex appeal.  She is strong, powerful, and magnetic.  She shines like the golden Sun, and she wants to hear about it too. 


Sagittarius Woman - Virgo Man

This man treasures his loner life existence.  He is after all the bachelor of the Zodiac.  However, when he meets this Sagittarius woman, he seems to willingly give up pieces of his bachelor life he never saw coming.  He is first attracted to her bright aura, and chatty wit.  She always has a thing or two to say, but being that he is a mutable sign like her he will always have a comeback or two.  I can see it now, the two of them meeting for the first time through mutual friends.  She of course is making hilarious remarks, and he has something intelligent to say back.  The difference between their banter is she doesn't think before speaking, and he sure as hell does.  Surprisingly, she loves that he always has a remark, and he loves that even though she blurts everything out that is is usually hilarious and backed by good intentions.  She loves that he can be both firm yet sweet all at the same time.  She needs that.  He can teach her how to soften her tongue, and she can teach him to look at the world through her rose colored glasses.  She is not always the most easy creature to figure out, but he can see right through her naive nature to the beautiful woman she is.  This will always keep him coming back for more.

Let us not forget though that these two are square to one another.  This makes their relationship more challenging at times than most.  This woman is known for being punny and funny.  She also loves to play jokes on people.  There is nothing more satisfying to a Sag than to successfully pull off a good prank.  The Virgo man is somewhat of a serious creature at times, and he doesn't necessarily appreciate her always being a goofball.  Don't get me wrong, he has a sense of humor a good one at that.  He just believes that there is a time and a place for everything.  She doesn't always have the perceptiveness to pick up when that time may be.  He is also somewhat of a neat freak in some way or anther which I talked about in a previous post.  She is not exactly the epitome of tidiness.  Her mind has bigger fish to fry than taking a toothbrush to tile.  She is a free spirit.  Always has been, always will be.  If they are going to cohabitate, hiring a cleaning person would be worth it rather than squabbling.

She is a masculine Fire sign and he is a feminine Earth sign.  He is no wimp by any means, but one thing she will need to remember is to let him be the man.  If they can find a way to balance their energy, she will see that he loves her for all of her attributes AND flaws.  He can sooth her in a way to where she forgets her painful past.  There is something about looking into a Virgo mans clear eyes that puts a sense of safety and security into your soul.  This is something that she has needed for a long time.  There is rarely a promise that this man doesn't keep.

You may look at these two and wonder how they work, but as different as they are there is something uncannily similar.  You see, she is a creature that is not easy to capture, and he is looking for a love that may not really exist.  Somewhere these two meet in the middle of all of that and find each other.  They are both so honest which is something that is not so easy to come by.

In the bedroom she is as fiery as ever.  He takes more of a cool, grounded, and sensual approach.  They again can both teach each other things about oneness that the other never knew.  If she does not understand that he needs to be the man, and that sex is more than just passion he may grow weary.  He loves to simplify his life as much as possible, but he also needs to learn how to lighten up.  In the bedroom he will enjoy her sense of adventure, and she will enjoy when they are finished and cuddling with one another that he kisses her so sweetly on the forehead.  It may melt her heart so much, that a tear of pure joy runs down her cheek.  She needs this solidity and sweetness.  It fulfills her.  I don't want you to think that he is a prude, he has many dimensions.  You see, this relationship is all about meeting each other halfway.  Compromise is important in every relationship, but especially important in this one.

He will find himself telling her things he never thought he would tell anyone, but she never judges.  She never analyzes things so sternly as he does.  She is his breath of fresh air.  They both are intelligent in different ways, and they both have a lifetime of learning from one another.