The Scorpio Woman

This woman is beautiful, mysterious, confident, and strong.  She knows how to make the best of any situation no matter how hard it is.  She is not one of those girls that is all pink feminine and fluffy; she is a shade of dark maroon.  Still feminine, yet very powerful all at the same time.  There is nothing fragile about her at all.  There is a quiet power about her that is purely magnetizing. 

When a man starts dating a Scorpio woman, he may not see this strong side of her right away.  This woman knows how to put on a fa├žade of a helpless damsel in distress until the first day he makes her mad.  Then he will see her strength, her sharp tongue, and a totally different side to her he didn't know was there.  That was just a warning however.  Yes, a warning.  There is something about the way she moves, the way she smells, and her intense gaze that makes you want to take her straight to bed yet scares the pants off you all at the same time.  She is not going to go running into your arms the moment you tell her your affection for her.  She may actually not react to you at all, but underneath her poker face is a passionate and sensitive soul.  She is puzzling yes, but give it time.  If she has chosen you, feel special.  This woman plays for keeps. 

She may never give you blind devotion like some women would, but do you want that?  She will never bat her eyelashes at you and tell you that you are the center of her world, because she likes to stand on her own two feet.  If you want an equal, and not a subservient, then this is the kind of girl you want by your side.  You could say something that would have most girls melting into a puddle, but she will just look at you with her x-ray eyes to see if you genuinely meant it.  However, if you say something that offends her you will feel the wrath like no other.  It may not be right away, but will come at the perfect time. See, she can love with a force stronger than anything in the world and hate just as much.  She is not someone you would dare call wishy-washy; she is black and white.  There is a bit of black magic in each Scorpio woman that will send a chill right up your spine. 

It is said that a Scorpio woman knows if she will want you the very first time your eyes lock.  They have this sense that is born with them; they just know.  She may not even be able to explain it herself.  That something is either there for her, or it's not.  She can feel it in her gut.  This is why when you are in a relationship with a Scorpio, it is never a lite one.  If you want a fling find a fun Gemini or free spirited Sagittarius.  Not to say that Scorpios don't have "flings", but if she chooses you to be more, it is next to impossible for you to be anything else to her.  Take that as a compliment, because she only chooses strong men that can level with her.  She doesn't just want anyone, she chooses men based on if they are courageous, handsome, intelligent, driven, and someone that can dominate her a little.  She wants to walk proudly down the street with the person she loves by her side.  This may make you want to run for the hills, especially if you are afraid of commitment, but maybe you should stick around a while.  She has a lot to teach you about life, love, loyalty, and oneness.  Even if you don't work out with her, a man's worth after dating a Scorpio always goes up. 

When a Scorpio loves you, I mean really loves you, it will be a love that you will never experience ever again.  She is passionate, and makes you the priority in every aspect of her life.  Thinking of this woman as just this overly sexual person sells who she is quite short.  She is much more than that.  She may drive you crazy, especially when venting to your friends.  They will not understand how such a lovely girl can have such an explosive temper.  I mean she is such a tiny feminine lady, there is no way that she could be like that.  You know the real her though, and you know what lies underneath her beautiful exterior.  Even on days that you want to leave, remember that she is worth it.  Think about all of those good thing; I know it's hard sometimes, but do it.  You will thank me later.

There are many times in a Scorpio woman's life that she will take a turn down the wrong path in life, and end up in some sticky situations.  But somehow she will always find her way out of them.  The snake is related to Scorpio, and in many ways they shed their skin and transform in the same way.  If you look at the glyph of Scorpio, you will notice an arrow that points up.  This symbolizes the low times they will have in their life, but that they will always rise from the ashes.  This is a resilient sign to say the least.  She may have a few deep dark secrets that she will take to her grave, but those are for her to have and no one else.  There are parts of her that will never belong to anyone but herself.  This woman will always in one way or another belong deeply to herself.  Trying to take that from her is never a good idea. 

If you want a lay in the street loyal friend, find a Scorpio.  It is rare you will see her surrounded my weak spineless women.  She needs a strong posse.  She may seem snobby, but she is really just highly selective. Once she accepts you into her tight circle, you will have a friend for life.  One that will be there through the really dark times, and there for all the good as well.  Some friends in life are only there through the easy parts, but not this woman.  You will actually find yourself calling her more when the shit pops up in your life and you need someone strong to lean on.  If she ever finds a friend that is backstabbing her, she will cut you out of your life so fast your head will spin.  She will not waste an ounce of energy on someone who does not have good intentions for them.

When a Scorpio loves you, your future is just as important as their own.  She will be there to support you to talk about decisions.  She will let you use her talents to help you attain your goals.  She wants you to reach as high as you can, and if you fall she will be there to catch you.  She may fight with you behind closed doors, and in the same day fiercely protect you against someone in public.  If she feels like someone is using or taking advantage of someone she loves, she will not stay quiet about it. 

As much as these women love a great night out, they love their homes just as much.  It will be warm, and safe.  Meals will be served to you, your closet will be perfectly organized, and the house will be run on a system.  Lists will always be made, she is a Fixed Sign.  They love lists.  She makes an excellent wife, but not the Stepford kind; she is her own breed.  When it comes to finances, she can work with any budget.  She likes money, but doesn't let it own her life.  She will not enjoy shabby surroundings, but if she has met a man that fits all of her standards and she is in love; she will make a dollar go a long way.  As a mother, she will refuse to baby her children, but will love them fiercely.  She will encourage them to be the best that they can possibly be, and support them as much as possible.  Her life experience makes her a wonderful counselor for them.  She will teach them to be their own person, while still defending them against the world.

She has a way of fascinating the opposite sex, so you may find yourself being a bit jealous.  She is possessive, but doesn't want to be possessed.  Protected yes, but possessed no.  Her sense of justice is as strong as her need for revenge.  On the flipside, she will remember every nice thing you did for her and repay you twice fold. 

This woman is a little dangerous, but very exciting.  She will never cease to surprise you in what she can do, and what she just knows.  You have to take her or leave her, but I hope you take her.  Adjusting to her is much easier than leaving her.  Why would you ever want to walk away from such a special woman?  Let the other men deal with the flighty women out there, because a Scorpio chose you and your life will never be the same.


The Scorpio Man

If you aren’t really into passionate people, this guy is not going to be for you.  You may even read this and think, “My Scorpio man is quiet, and not really intense at all.”  Well not to burst your bubble, but you must not know him all too well yet.  This man has an opinion and a feeling on every single subject in life.  So if passionate people really aren’t your think I would leave now before you get in too deep. 

This man will come off extremely controlled and cool when you first meet him, but his intense eyes let you know there is something more underneath that steadfast exterior.  You see, Scorpios have excellent poker faces.  They show you exactly what they want you to see.  They remind me of a volcano in many ways.  So beautiful, strong and majestic, yet hiding boiling hot lava in their exterior that can explode at any time without warning or notice.  If you still feel safe being with a man like this, and he begins to trust you with his heart, you are in for one of the most incredible relationships you will ever have in your life.  Ask someone that is in a relationship with a Scorpio if they are passionate.  I promise you the answer will be yes every time.  The answer may even come as a shock to you, because her man is a quiet accountant that has a regular 9 to 5 job. 

This man likes to win, and if you hurt him revenge will come naturally to him as breathing does.  They will keep their dignity in everything they do; love, revenge, work, arguing, etc.  Each Scorpio man creates his own laws of life that he will passionately stand next to until he dies.  Changing his mind about things he feels is near next to impossible.  He is completely unconcerned what people think of him and the way he chooses to live.  His decisions in life will never be swayed by opinions.  This can be a good and a bad thing.  Even though that sounds scary you have to remember that this man is self-contained, honest, and courageous. 

This man was born to conquer the world in more ways than one.  He rises from the ashes like no one’s business.  He was born to uncover the dark mysteries of life, and if you are in love with him that means you too.  His eyes will make you feel naked, and his questions may be blunt but he just wants to understand you wholly.  His standards are high, so before he lets you into his very soft core he will need to know that you are safe to let in.  Once you are in, you will see how he treats you is different than anyone in the entire world.  What woman doesn’t want that?  He can be so cruel to others, and then turn to you a second later and be the sweetest man in the entire world.  He may conceal his feelings about you in public, but when you are back at home it will be a totally different story.  If it drives you crazy that he isn’t into PDA, you are going to have to get over that quick.  This sign is not going to gallivant around town holding your hand, and kissing on park benches; that is just not his style.  Be confident in what you have with him, because if he is with you it really means something.

Yes, his personality can be a bit harsh at times.  If you are a soft and insecure woman, this is not a man that is going to be easy for you to be with.  He will toughen you up a bit with his brutally honest truth.  He is not one to beat around the bush.  They are very black and white.  If you are a woman that likes to flirt with a lot of men, you should probably also go ahead and either get out or calm down.  This man has absolutely no patience for women that need attention from other men other than himself.  If you give him a reason to be suspicious, you are brave.  You might as well go ahead and start dodging his stinger now.  He is so loyal to the person that is his, and he expects the exact same in return.  Other women will find him extremely magnetizing, but you have nothing to worry about.  Once he is in it is rare that he will ever ruin what he has with you for one night of meaningless sex.  So yes, he can me a difficult man to be with at times, but doesn’t the loyalty alone make it all worth it?

When it comes to him with his children he will be strict.  Respect will be the number one thing that he instills in them from a very young age.  Their values in life will be clear, and they will have clear expectations that they are to achieve.  He will love them fiercely, but he will never enable them to misbehave.  He will be gentle and protective with them.  They will never wonder if they are loved. He won’t smother them with affection, but he doesn’t need to.  He gives them freedom within his expectations. 

He will never me bossed around by his significant other, so if she has a problem she just needs to let him know respectfully.  As honest as he is, he respects honesty as well.  He repays the people that he loves and that have stood by him with a kind of love people dream of.  It takes a brave woman to love this kind of man, but if you are the right one for him you will know.  It is an understanding that doesn’t even need to be spoken of.  It is just there.  You can feel it.  You can see it in his eyes when he looks at you.