The Libra Woman

I have talked about the Libra Man before and I told you that Libra men are so attractive to women because they have the perfect touch of femininity to them.  Well Libra women are feminine, with the perfect touch of masculinity to them.  This Cardinal and masculine Sun Sign is ruled by the feminine planet of love Venus.  Two of my favorite ways to describe the Libra woman is whiskey in a teacup, or an iron fist in a velvet glove.  Even the sweetest pinkest rose has thorns my friends.  They are so strong, yet so feminine.  She may look like a pink cloud of sweet cotton candy that is so dainty and feminine, but her logic is that of a man's.  She will let you open the door for her, and will make you feel like the man in the relationship while controlling you with her dimpled smile that makes you succumb to her every wish.  You may be the man that says you will be the permanent bachelor, then you meet a Libra woman and the next thing you know you are walking down the aisle.

This lady loves a good debate, she even likes to fight with herself.  She will baffle you with her fairness, wit, and logic.  She likes things to be fair, and even.  She goes about her debates with such tact and eloquence that you almost have to agree with her.  When you ask her opinion on a topic of debate it will be rare when you get a straightforward answer.  She may even never come up with one solid side she agrees with after 30 minutes of talking about the topic.  However, if she does come up with a decision she will stick to it... today.
These women love to work.  They also love to shop.  They are tough ones to buy for because they are so particular, and they also have quite lavish taste.  They love their surroundings to be lovely and comfortable, so spending money on their home will also be important.  With all of this cash going towards their fashions and house, her second income will be necessary.  She doesn't mind at all though.  She will make a great and fair boss, and will easily climb the corporate ladder with her Cardinal qualities.

If you meet her man, he is probably something pretty special.  Once she chooses a partner, she will cherish him above all things.  This is one that really enjoys being in a relationship, and does her best work with someone at her side.  Librans are made for teamwork, and she will make your relationship a team effort.  She makes a great, supportive, and flexible partner in a relationship that will be strong for you all the way through.  This is not a woman who lets her emotions get the best of her, making her see many side of things.  She is a great person to go to for advice, because she will always give you both sides of the story unbiased, then letting you make your own decision.

If you are looking for a charming and smart woman to introduce to the people in your life, this may just be the one you are looking for.  It is hard to not like a Libra.  She is sentimental, sincere, and affectionate.  Being a woman is so natural for her that most women wish they could do it as well as her.  She is tough and soft somehow balancing both so gracefully all at the same time.

As a mother, she will be tender yet disciplined with them.  One thing though is that they will never come before you.  A typical Libra woman always keeps her partner as her number one in her life at all times.  If they are disobedient towards her she will put them in time out, but if they disrespect you they will get grounded.  She won't have her children treating her number one disrespectfully.  That is a quick way to see that iron fist in action.  She isn't the fondest of the idea of children at first, but once she has them she could not imagine her life without them.  Being quite a fashionista herself, her children will always be decked out in the cutest cloths.

There may be times where she can get bossy, or talk your ear off with her rambling debates; but I promise you that there is no other woman that can be baking you pink buttercream cupcakes one minute, and the next mowing the lawn.  Her sweet strength is well worth all of the tiny things that make you crazy.  Besides, when she flashes you that sugary dimpled smile you will forget all about what you were mad about in the first place.


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