Sun Signs & US Cities

I had really great feedback on the Sun Signs & The United States post; so I thought I would piggyback on that with a US City post.  These are cities accross our beautiful nation that are great for your Sun Sign.  Happy travels from your computer!

Santa Barbara, CA
San Fransisco, CA
Fort Lauderdale, FL
Portland, OR
Nashville, TN

Honolulu, HI
Pittsburgh, PA

Hartford, CT
Las Vegas, NV
Houston, TX

Orlando, FL
Oklahoma City, OK

Miami, FL
Chicago, IL
Boston, MA
Charleston, SC

Los Angeles, CA
Colorado Springs, CO

Sorry Libra! There are no major US Cities for you.  Use your rising sign, or whatever sign your Jupiter (planet of travel) lies in!  If you have no idea what the hell I am talking about, get a chart reading from me and I will tell you all about it!

Denver, CO
West Palm Beach, FL
Charlotte, NC
Philadelphia, PA
Providence, RI

Anchorage, AK
Birmingham, AL
Montgomery, AL
San Diego, CA
Wilmington, DE
Tampa, FL
Memphis, TN

Tallahassee. FL
Atlanta, GA
Savannah, GA
New York City, NY
Cincinnati, OH
Cleveland, OH
Austin, TX
Salt Lake City, UT
Virginia Beach, VA
Seattle, WA

Tucson, AZ
Augusta, GA
Indianapolis, IN
Dallas, TX
Milwaukee, WI

Washington D.C.
Phoenix, AZ
Sacramento, CA
Atlantic City, NJ
San Antonio, TX


  1. I hate this I'M A LIBRA, FOR GOD SAKE! OMG why do i get no BIG CITIES for me!, me, this is unfair;( I like Texas! <3 ^u^

  2. I find this intriguing. I'm a scorpio that is a native of Philadelphia.

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