Scorpio on the Cusp of Libra: 24 - 27

You are a tough Scorpio, but you love beauty like a Libra.  You know how to keep secrets, and play it safe in life.  You will love approval from others more so than your Scorpio peers.  Loyalty is something that you are admired for. You may almost be loyal to a fault.  Because of your Libran beauty and Scorpio confidence, you may even come off a but prideful.  I mean you are a mix between soft pink love and dark sexual draw.  You are not one that is easy to resist.

Your relationships are so important to you, and you like to keep them harmonious as possible.  You are quick to defend the ones you love, but you are not as strongly there to back yourself up.  You are great at analyzing situations, but not too great at making an immediate decision.  That is the Libra in you my friend. 

You will enjoy relaxing hobbies like cooking, gardening, painting, music, etc.  You will want to make beautiful things like a Libra while having your solitude like a Scorpio.  When you get irritated with a situation, you won't pull your stinger out as fast.  You will usually turn to your hobbies for solace. 

You have wonderful patience giving you a great planning mind.  You think deeply, causing you to be sensitive at times when others do not agree or understand your thoughts.  You are a mix of scheming and balanced charm.  Yes, you are tough at times, but you embrace beauty with every breath you take.


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