Sagittarius Woman - Leo Man

These two will meet, and the fun will really begin.  They will meet most likely at a party, or out on the town.  These two are rarely at home you see, fun and crowds are totally their thing.  He will hear a loud laugh coming from the bar area where a group of people will be laughing at this tall and bright woman.  He will tell right away that she is a spit fire, but he loves a good challenge.  No woman can resist his regal manly charm.  She will have noticed him too, and how he has a little fan club of flighty girls chasing his coattails.  God they look so desperate to her.  She finds it comical that he could care less about any of them.  He will approach her and try to impress her with all of his acclimates to only find that she is unimpressed, because she is quite the impressive woman herself.  What he really needs to talk to her about is his hobbies, and if they have one in common she may just give you the time of day.

The first few moths they will play fun games with one another, making the rules up as they go.  He will puff his chest out trying to impress her, but nothing will ever really work.  Little does he know that she likes him quite a bit.  She knows that he is just dying for her to complement SOMETHING about him.  She will leave him little crumbs of affection, all the while being sarcastic.  Then one night he will touch her gently on the arm, look her right in the eye, and sincerely say, "I think you are the most amazing woman I have ever met."  And she will be so deeply touched that the games will stop all together.  See behind her loud, sarcastic, and wild nature is a very sensitive an vulnerable woman who wants love just as much as any other woman does no matter what she leads you to believe.  When he makes her feel safe, she will roll her sleeve up and show him that she has been wearing her heart there the whole time.

Somehow, throughout all of the games, he knew the whole time because he could see it in her eyes.  There is something about his heart, his warmth, and something about how the Sun on his skin that makes him glow.  He is special.  He is different.  She starts to feel like the search may be over.  She finally feels like she met her match.  They may start out playing games with each other, but it will grow into affection, respect, admiration and something deep.  She will teach him that there is so much to discover in life, and he will keep her heart safe.  If you can keep a Sagittarius woman's heart safe she will hand you the world on a gold platter, and Leo is quite partial to gold you see.  Their relationship will be filled with laughter and adventure.  If they ever need to play games again, they will keep them fun.  Maybe a scavenger hunt with clues along the way.  Now that I could see.


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