Sagittarius Woman - Aries Man

He is everything what this girl is looking for.  Even though the Aries man may have not been perfect for some more of the quieter demure woman, she is a perfect fit for this bossy and strong willed man.  Her wild personality, and take me as I am attitude will be adored by him.  As wild as she may seem to most, this girl is looking for someone to protect her and keep her safe.  She wants someone who is smart, warm, and caring.  Although he may seem brash and businesslike, he is very innocent and sweet underneath it all.  These two may come off as a great many things, and they are those thongs.  However, with each other they are something magical. 

Before they reach all of that magic, he will have to prove to her that he can keep her tender heart safely in his hands.  This is never an easy feat with the archer lady.  She will want to hide her heart on her sleeve by her sense of humor, her blunt remarks, and independent attitude.  He may even want to leave at times, thinking she will never really open up to him; but one day she will emotionally fall, and that is when she will need him most.  He will be there to pick her up.  He will be there to show her that he isn't going anywhere even when things are blue; this is when everything will change.  Once she understands that he is there for good, she will give him humor, friendship, freedom, and so much respect. 

Once she is his, she will need to watch for his jealous nature.  This lady love to talk to EVERYONE.  If they have a beating heart and breathing lungs, she will want to strike up a conversation.  She needs to keep in mind that in many ways, she belongs to him.  After all, he is keeping your heart safe so toning down your free spirit just a smidge is a fair compromise.  He just needs to remind himself that just because she is friendly does not mean that she does not have any morals.  She has a very spiritual side that may be a bit unconventional, but it is sacred and carries the best of intent. 

One thing they will need to watch is their dollars.  They both love to spend in different ways, so keeping a savings account they each promise to not touch is a good idea.  Whenever he tries to boss her around on any given day, she will whip back with one of her witty comments so quick he will probably laugh.  If he doesn't laugh and gets upset or angry, she will apologize.  You see, she is a Mutable sign and he is a Cardinal.  This means she likes to talk, and he likes to be the boss.  As long as he is honest with her, and as long as she does not say things out of anger; they should be ok. 

If they ever do quarrel, there is always their sex.  That is something definitely worth talking about.  There will be enough romantic passion between them to fix almost any misunderstanding.  There is something warm, fun, and expressive about the way they share each other.  There will be plenty of imagination and love to keep it fun and fresh.

These two Fire Signs are so much alike in many ways.  They are both fearless, generous, independent, strong, and both hate being rejected.  Once these two have found a fiery rhythm together, there is nothing on this Earth that will stop them.  The strength and partnership that they form together will be impossible to break.  That is the magic.



  1. The information here could not be any closer to the perfect truth. Its as if this is the description given after observation of my Aries man and I. I've never read an article that was so perfectly worded regarding the bond these two signs have built and share with each other. I was amazed.

  2. The information here could not be any closer to the perfect truth. Its as if this is the description given after observation of my Aries man and I. I've never read an article that was so perfectly worded regarding the bond these two signs have built and share with each other. I was amazed.

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