Gemini Woman - Libra Man

These two have so much in common, you may even think that they are the same person at times.  The thing you need to understand is that while being alike, they are also VERY different in some ways as well.  They both have the mentality of two Air signs, which most people don't really get at all.  Considering this couple is Trine to one another, things will tend to be easier than harder.  She is a lot quicker than him so mentally, and physically.  Libra men love to be taken care of, and she will gladly run around succumbing to his airy requests.  In return he will fill her life with presents and beauty.  Her tongue is fast to say things that are not always the most eloquent, and she will surely be the one to start the arguments more frequently than he is.  Even though she starts them, he surely deserves to be getting the verbal whiplash 99% of the time.  These guys are not as innocent as they seem, and she definitely knows that.  He is so beautiful, sugary, and charming that you almost instantly forget why you are mad at him in the first place.  Gemini's mind is much too busy flitting all over the place to be mad at him for long anyways.

The Gemini woman wants to be a million and one things in her lifetime.  This would tend to drive most men completely insane, but he supports her imaginative mind while keeping her dreams in check.  He is so great at seeing all sides to everything, that when she comes to him with one of these wild ideas he will not be dismissive but have her look at it from all sides with him.  He may teach her practicality, but she will teach him how to dream.  She has so many beautiful worlds that she flickers between that she will want to share with him.  When her nasty twin shows up one day, every Gemini has one, he will be able to charm her with ease.  That other one may be the part of her that didn't make him the promises that her other twin did, but he will somehow understand this.  It is almost like a fun game for him to play.  She is a never completely attainable, making her a constant challenge for him.

These two primarily live in their heads, which is where they like it.  So when it comes to sex, it will be lite, airy, and fun.  They don't get fiery like a Leo or Aries, emotional like a Cancer and Scorpio, or sensual like a Taurus and Capricorn.  Their lovemaking is refreshing like a summer breeze.  Sex is important to them, but their mental connection is what is the bond between them.  They will take turns on who rules the bedroom, but seeing that Libra is the Cardinal sign, chances are it will be more him than her.

Gemini women do not set marriage as a goal for themselves.  If it happens great, if it doesn't that is okay too.  When she meets him, that whole mentality may change very quickly.  She will realize that she just likes everything about him.  Much more than she has liked about anyone else in her life.  Once she starts falling, her bright personality will make him want to be even better.  She is so many things all wrapped up in one woman, that her interests push him into new frontiers he never even thought of exploring.  For this reason, travel will be something they truly love together.  Discovering new worlds together will be something that makes them fall even more in love than they were before.

Yes, she will drive this man to madness on several occasions.  However, he will never want to leave.  There is something about her madness that he cannot get enough of.  Something so innocent about her that he has to forgive, even when she messes up.  She needs his strength, and he loves that.  He may not even know why he loves her as much as he does, but he really does.  She will teach him to adapt to life's ever changing roads ahead, and he will be able to choose which path to take when there is a fork in the road. Together they will have a marvelous journey.



  1. I'm a Gemini female, and I would like a experience with a Libra male...when I'm ready for a relationship. 😊

  2. I'm a Gemini woman with a Libra man, I couldn't have said it better myself 😇💖🏆

  3. I'm a Gemini woman with a Libra man, I couldn't have said it better myself 😇💖🏆

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