Cancer Woman - Pisces Man

I have said this many times before, but understanding the connection between two water signs is hard to to grasp if you are not a water sign yourself.  There is a blending that is permanent to ones life once the relationship has started.  There is a depth that can only be felt by the emotions of two of these watery elements.  The emotions are so vividly felt by each person that it is almost as though they create a completely different world with one another.  Whenever water signs part from one another for whatever reason, it is life changing for both of them.  They will ache for one another with sincere sadness.  This is why most water signs end up back at each other's sides.  They realize how empty they feel without their love by their side.  A Libra man can never truly reach the emotional depth that a Cancer woman needs without having to come up for air frequently, and a Sagittarius woman can never truly understand a Pisces dreams the way another water sign could.  Not to say those other pairings are bad by any means; they are just very different.

These two signs will never lose one another even if they do break up.  They really will have a hard time living without one another.  So you must be wondering what could possibly break apart these two, or even have them in an argument at all.  Well, the Cancer woman loves security.  She not only loves it, she needs it both financially and emotionally.  The emotional part he has got down no problem, but the financial part is a maybe.  I have referred to Pisces men as whales and fish, and that is because some of them live in dream world 24/7 never turning their dreams into tangible reality.  Those are my "fish", and the Cancer woman will have a very hard time being with that type.  She wants a home, a family, and a good savings account.  He is very generous with his money giving it to friends and family whenever someone is in need, this will make her worry.  She likes to pinch her pennies tightly. 
One other struggle is one that they will have with each other's moodiness.  He will feel her pain, just like he feels everything else around him.  If she starts making him sad, they will both be two very somber sea creatures.  She doesn't absorb things like he does, she actually bounces them back outwardly.  Think of the Moon, which is the planet she rules, and how it reflects light off of it.  That is what she does with her shell.  She won't let any of it past her exterior, so when he is having a down day she may retreat as well.  They both need to learn how to bring each other out of sadness for this relationship to be successful. For her it will be his sensitivity, and for him it will be her humor.  Once they learn how to do this for each other they will be each other's strongest companions. 

When these two make love to one another, it will be something of great beauty and depth.  They understand what each other needs without saying a word.  They really become one person at this time, making them as close as they physically can be.  They will long to feel that close again immediately after separating.  These two are so beautifully in tuned with one another that their love feels new and fresh every time, even after decades of love.



  1. I'm a cancer and my ex is a pisces. This is right on the money with the financial issues. Definitely one of the reasons we failed.

  2. My ex was a financially nonsecure man & to this day i still love him.