Astrology for Visual Learners

There are all different types of learners out there.  Some are audio learners, and these are all of the great listeners out there (definitely not me). These are those people that could sit through a class and not take one note and ace tests.  Then you have your readers, list makers, and note takers  (definitely me).  These are those people that didn't need to even be at class, and can read the chapters and totally get what was going on.  You also have some that are the hands on type, that actually need to experience the subject to fully understand it.  And last, but certainly not least, you have your visual learners.  These are those people that will listen and read, but still don't fully get it.  Then they see a picture, and it all makes sense.  If you are a visual learner, and you are still not really getting what I'm spitting in my blog about your Sun Sign, look at my Pinterest.  Even if you don't have Pinterest, just take a gander.  I know a girl who is a Gemini and she told me she never really felt like she was her sign.  She had read my Gemini Woman post, and understood a bit more, but still not 100%.  So then I told her to look at my Gemini Pinterest board, and it was like the light bulb above her head turned on.  She got it.  The colors, the pictures, the "feel" of the board matched who she felt like she was.  There are things on there such as things that are associated with your Sun Sign such as fashion, home decor, gift ideas, quotes, celebrities, photography, and so much more.



  1. im not sure my comment before was really posted in your topic, so i write it again, i lvoe your post it really amazing and helpful , but i not really like purple color even im a Sagittarius woman with strong sun /moon / mars sign in Sagittarius . i freaking in love with Turquoise color. if u let me choose the most touching my soul , i choose " taurus Board :P .. and i love your Sagittarius and aries board contents too without its red and purple color :P ..i have venus in venus in scorpion . and rising sign in Aries. ( and sun/moon/mars in Sagittarius) :P

  2. Nicely written - Great information. Thanks for sharing it with us. Please also visit my astrology reading page and let me know what you think.