Virgo on the Cusp of Libra: September 18 - 23

This will bring a lot of balance and harmony to the typical Virgo's uptight attitude. Don't get me wrong; you still have wonderful precision because you are a Virgo after all, but you are a little more flexible than most born under your Sun Sign.  This is a placement that makes the person fair and thoughtful.  You will work hard at everything you do, but if you don't get it perfect you won't totally freak out.  Your social life is a lot more lively, and put into importance than most Virgos; you just know how and when to let loose.  Most Virgos see things in a calculated way, but you are able to see the gray.

You love harmony, and will accomplish whatever it takes to get it in your life in any way possible.  Gardening and yoga are two great things that this placement will love.  There is rarely anyone with this placement that is self-absorbed or self-centered.  You will see this person caring for others often, and beautifully.  You don't care for a ton of compliments for what just comes to you naturally.  There is a wonderful humbleness about you.

You enjoy options like a Libra, and love to talk like a Virgo.  You are easy to like, and will find friends with no problems.  There is a loveliness mixed with a lot of self-discipline in this person.  There are quite a few musicians and artists with this placement because they have a wonderful precision mixed with great artistic taste.  There is a need to educate and interact with people on a day to day basis.  People will love to listen and learn from you.  You may even just change the world one day.   Your charismatic nature, and comfort with sparking up a conversation with anyone will make for a beautiful personality mix altogether.



  1. Hey Desiree!! This is so fascinating, bc i'm actually on the 29th which is not too far from Virgo!! Looking forward to the rest of these cusp posts my dear!! Talk soon!! XOXO


  2. My birthday is Sept 18 and I would say this describes me perfectly :)

  3. @Michele Brown Girl we were born on the same day!
    I find this so accurate!

  4. I have been studying "Cusp" signs for a couple years now. Being born on the 18th of September, I can easily say, to describe myself as a Virgo/Libra Cusp is a lot more accurate than to describe myself as a Virgo. Thank you for the post, Desiree.