Libra on the Cusp of Virgo: September 24-27

You are a Libra through and through, but you have that touch of Virgo perfection that glazes your personality ever so slightly.  You analyze situations a bit more than the average Libra would, but you are not harshly critical.  You handle things in a fair way with an analyzed approach.  You will love beauty, especially flowers.  Virgos love gardening, so when you mix that with Libra's love of beauty you get a person who will swoon over a dozen pink peonies. 

You like to work in groups so that you are able to lead like a Libra, but talk to others about your thoughts like a Virgo.  Libras are balanced, and Virgos spend a lot of attention on details that don't always matter.  Having your Libra to even those traits out will make you a beautiful blend of knowing when you have reached the end.  These people will make wonderful critics of movies, food, restaurants, etc.  This is because they have a true eye for beauty as well as having a touch of constructive criticism.

Being a Libra, you will steer clear of conflict, but you will be able to handle it with a level head.  You are all about harmony and pleasant. You are a wonderful balance of two truly beautiful signs.


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