It's Libra Season


It is officially Libra Season!  Happy Birthday to all of the beautiful Libras out there in the world.  What would we do without your heart-melting dimpled smiles, your fair nature, your sweet charm?  The world would be such a saltier place without all of you. 

This year I met a very special Libra Man that has completely swept me off my feet all the way up to Cloud 9, and I am so thankful every day for him.  I am sure you are very thankful for the Libras in your life, and want to find them the absolute perfect birthday gift!  I would say that Libras are the hardest Sun Sign to shop for, because their taste level is so high.  I have put together some fun gifts that you can purchase right here on Simply Sun Signs that will surely live up to their high standards...

Libra - Pink Glitter Tank
This sparkly cotton candy pink print will be sweet for the perfectly balanced Libra lass.

Pink Buttercream Cupcake
Beautiful - Fair - Charming 

Libra is all about beauty and charm. Some even say they are the most beautiful sign in the Zodiac, and I can't disagree. This Sun Sign is ruled by romantic Venus who enjoys comforting surroundings.  They are often found baking, and are lovers of everything sweet; making Pink Buttercream Cupcake a perfect candle scent for Libra.

Chardonnay - 2009 Alexander Valley -  Sonoma, CA
Libras need a wine that is balanced.  When making a Chardonnay, it can be a struggle to find the perfect balance between the creamy and the fruity. This vibrant Chardonnay, with just a hint of oak and lots of bright fruit, will keep the Scales happy.



  1. Hey Desiree!!!! Ohh I love that!! Thank you so much for the Libra Birthday wishes!! I cant wait to get my hands on all of these sweet goodies!! XOXO :DDD


  2. Yay Libras!

    I saw the candle the other day, and was super excited. I probably would have wanted it regardless of sign - but it is absolutely perfect. I'll definitely be picking it up - along with a chart - soon.

    Congrats on the store.