How to Lose a Leo Guy in 10 Ways

1. Dress casually all the time - This man is a king, and he wants to find his queen.  If you dress like a peasant without taking pride in yourself, he may move on.

2. Too easy - He is a lion that likes to work for his dinner.  If you make yourself too easy to obtain he will think that just anyone can have you, and he is not just anyone.

3. Be a homebody - This man loves attention and adoration.  It is hard to get those things at home alone.  He loves to be in the center of the action, so get your butt off the couch.

4. Upstage him - This man likes to be the head of the pack, as well as the center of attention.  Make sure you aren't dimming his light by constantly trying to be better than him.

5. Embarrass him - This man is prideful, so if you hurt that you will hear him roar.

6. Embarrass yourself - He wants to date a queen, and wants the class that comes with it.  If you act like a joker he will find someone else to court.

7.You make more money than him, and bring it up all the time - He likes to be the provider, and if you are constantly emasculating him by reminding him that you make more gold he won't be able to hang around long.

8. You are not sexually confident - This Lion is like tropic thunder in the bedroom.  He wants someone that is confident in the sack to have fun with.

9. Not supportive of his dreams and career - This man has a big plan, and he wants you to be along for the ride.  He wants someone supportive to stand by his side. 

10. You are boring - The Leo man has a huge heart, and a huge personality.  You are going to have to keep up with his fiery bold aura.  What is a King without a Queen?


  1. This is interesting, there are a few things that my leo fiance definitely has going on here, but he is always quiet and a total homebody. He just doesn't seem to embody the entire ideal of a leo. Very interesting...

    1. Leo and Cancer are right next to each other. There is a good possibility that your man has some Cancer in him, because they are the biggest homebodies in the Zodiac!

  2. The above is not real for me
    Nor is it important for me in a relationship
    it's just bling bling me me me
    that's not someone I want to have by my side until I die
    Turn off for me too as a cancer lady smh