How to Lose a Capricorn Guy in 10 Ways

1. You have no plan for your life - The Capricorn man is all about a plan.  He himself has a plan for everything in his life.  If you are a mess, he may look for something a little more stable.

2. You are too strong to need him for anything - This man is a rock, and he likes to be leaned on.  Ask him for favors, and for advice.  He will love this, and it will make him feel like you need him as a man.

3. Say "no" too much - If you constantly knock this guy down, he will build his walls high around his heart making it impossible for you to get in.  Yes, he may seem a little cold at times but he is worth getting to know.  He will surprise you.

4. Too controlling - This guy is a solid man.  He doesn't need anyone controlling his time, his relationship, or him.  He will give you plenty of himself in good time.

5. Take his friends away from him - His friends mean a lot to him.  He values quality over quantity so the people in his life mean a lot.  Try to take those people away, and you will have on mad Sea Goat.

6.  You are disloyal - He is solid, and he wants you to be strong too.  He needs you to understand that behind his stone cold walls is a warm and beautiful heart.  If he feels like he cannot trust you, it will be a deal breaker. 

7. Get mad that he works too much - This guy loves to climb the ladder wherever he works.  He is very passionate about what he does, and doesn't want to be nagged about it.

8. You aren't patient - This man is very practical about things.  He isn't all fluff and romance.  If you aren't patient to get to really know him, it just won't happen.

9. Too competitive - If he feels like you are always competing with him he will get exhausted.  He wants a partner to climb the mountain with, not someone he is racing.

10. You are insecure - He needs a secure woman that understands love is more about showing than telling.  He may not write you sonnets of your beauty, but he will always be there right by your side.

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