The Aries Child

This baby is going to be the boss from day one.  How dare you spend any of your attention on anything but them?  There is not a subtle bone in this child's body.  They will be very direct in their actions; if they don't like food you give them they will spit it out or spit it at you and then giggle about it.  They like to do things faster than most babies too.  They will be quick to crawl, walk, and talk.  They may just skip the whole crawling phase altogether so they can get around a lot faster.  Baby proofing is going to be essential with this child.  Teething will be really bad, so make sure to stock up on the cold gummies for them.  If you tell an Aries baby no, they will say it right back to you and do it anyways.  Headstrong is an understatement.

The older they get you will see how truly affectionate they are.  This child will always be hugging and kissing.  As soon as they are done with that they will be throwing a tantrum, but then win you over with their big smile.  There is rarely a dull moment.  They pretty good sharers, unless they don't like someone than forget about it.  You will have to warm the babysitter to stand their ground with your child no matter what.

Aries children have beautiful imaginations.  They are not a huge fan of schoolwork, because they would much rather be playing.  If they actually put their mind to something there will be nothing to stop them.  Finding a way to make homework fun will be crucial for good grades.  They will probably love reading, so stock these children up with lots of books.  They are natural born leaders being the head of their pack of friends.  Their hearts are as soft as they are strong, and they are as mean as they are nice, all wrapped up in a fiery little package.  People that pick on them will surely feel the Aries fire, but it will then be followed by tears.  Whenever they take a tumble in life, they will pick themselves right up and brush themselves off.  They are such spunky and strong creatures.

Holidays will be magical times for Aries babes.  They will love all the fairytale creatures that come with the holidays.  Let them believe in Santa for as long as possible, because they will believe fiercely.  You must hide presents well, seeing that they are quite impatient and may go looking. 

You will need to teach the Aries child how to make and KEEP their money.  They will love to spend their allowances.  Teaching them how to save is very important with this sign seeing that they are overly generous with material items.  These kids LOVE praise.  So giving it to them when they are deserving of it will go a long ways.  If the Aries kid isn't kept busy, they will get themselves in trouble.  Finding constructive hobbies and projects for them is key in their growth.

These children are magic, and will always believe in magic long after they are grown and gone.  If you gently lead them while letting them lead themselves at the same time, they will make the impossible happen in their lifetime making you one proud parent of such a strong, fierce, and bold individual. 

Libra Woman - Taurus Man

When you first meet these two you will assume he is the strong earthly grounded one, and that she is the feminine sweet and quiet one.  You are quite mistaken.  You can never be too sure about a Libra.  Their scales go up and down constantly balancing everything in their lives.  She is a sassy woman, and a natural born leader, and he is a lot more sensitive than you would ever assume.  He is definitely stubborn, but it is balanced by his sweetness.

He will really appreciate her strong yet feminine beauty.  There is something that is so airy yet rock solid about her.  Helpless to you, but pioneering in her own way.  She encompasses everything you didn't think was possible to be wrapped up in one human being. She is a mental sign that will talk out all of her decisions quite frequently.  He will try to find interest in everything she says, but sometimes it will lull him to sleep.  This will put her in a tizzy, but I promise you he doesn't mean any harm by his boredom.  He just makes the most practical decision there is to make, and that's the end of it.  It is so simple for him, yet so complicated for her.  This will make her upset at times, but he just needs to learn how to show that he cares by really listening to her.

They are very sexually attracted to one another.  They are both ruled by the romantic and sweet sign of Venus, who we all know is the planet of love.  She is sugary and lite when it comes to sex, and he is deep and sensual.  Together they will have wonderful togetherness.

He will really change things when he comes in her life for the better.  He will settle her mind, soothe her, and help her make good decisions that seemed so complicated before she met him.  He just makes her life make more sense all around.  His common sense is something she lacks at times.  In retrospect, her optimistic spirit will make him so much happier on a day to day basis.  All she has to do is flash him her dimpled smile, and he will start to turn his frown upside-down.  After she flutters around in her charming way, he will want to keep her forever.  He must remember that caged birds don't sing they cry, so he must always give her an element of freedom.

These two lovely signs will need slight adjustments here and there, but overall their beautiful auras will blend well.  He will be her teddy bear, and she will be his beautiful pink bird.  She will love his masculinity, and he will love her clear as a bell voice and intelligence.  They both manage each other with charm and tact.

Among Stars

Hello my wonderful readers!  I want to introduce to you someone very special that can take you beyond your Sun Sign.  Her name is Cannelle (which is cinnamon in French - so cool); she is a Leo Queen, fellow blogger, and Astrology lover over at Among Stars.  Her blog is a great one to follow if you want more of a read that updates you on what's currently going on with the stars.  She writes about important transits (planets that pass across or through certain houses or signs), as well as the moon, important Trines, and so much more.  This will really take your Astrology knowledge to the next level.  You can easily find the link to her blog on my sidebar to the right.  So without further adieu, Cannelle...


So I'm sure not many of you know me, My name is Cannelle and I have an astrology blog by the name of Among Stars. I'm also a big fan of the lovely Scorpion lady Desiree and follower of this awesome blog. Alright, now that we've gotten introductions out of the way I want to tell you about a current astrological aspect that I'm actually quite excited about being a Leo with Aries rising and having a lot of fire both in my chart and personality. This aspect is the Grand Fire Trine. 

As you may or may not know Uranus has been in Aries since May of 2010, Jupiter entered Leo earlier this year in July and Mars just entered Sagittarius on September 13th forming a Grand Fire Trine. This fire energy is all about self-expression, self discovery and showing the world who we are and what we have to offer. I'm going to break down each transit individually so you can better understand what these combined energies bring to the table starting with Uranus in Aries. Uranus energy is all about inventiveness, experimentation, rebellion and originality and we have this planet in the sign of Aries which rules the first house of self-identity. Aries energy is out spoken, independent, impatient and self-centered. This transit in itself is a bit brash. Then we have Jupiter the planet of expansion and optimism in Leo, the ruler of the 5th house of creativity, legacy, children and romance. Leo energy is gracious, creative, honorable and needy of praise or recognition. Which brings us finally to Mars which is all about action, initiative, passion and even aggression in the sign of Sagittarius, the ruler of the 9th house of travel, philosophy and religion. Sagittarius is adventurous, truth-seeking, wandering and brutally honest. 

All of these energies combined form a cosmic explosion of fire energy. It's a time of passion, adventure, and breaking down barriers. It's about taking center stage and being a leader in your life. It really brings about a focus on the self (Leo, Aries) and the energy and passion to show that off and put it out there. This Grand Fire Trine is about self discovery and coming to terms with your identity and letting it shine. Who are YOU? What do YOU want? What are YOU going to do to get it? That my friends is the Grand Fire Trine broken down. This trine will awaken the fire in us all and it's energy affects us all but will have a greater effect on anyone with a lot of Aries, Leo, or Sagittarius in their chart. It will also affect the area in your charts in which you have those fire signs. This trine will only last about six weeks when Mars will then leave Sagittarius and enter Capricorn in October and is pretty much giving us a little taste of what's in store when Saturn will enter Sagittarius at the end of the year forming another goodness, gracious, great trine of fire! Annnd with that corny zinger, I'm out!


Libra on the Cusp of Virgo: September 24-27

You are a Libra through and through, but you have that touch of Virgo perfection that glazes your personality ever so slightly.  You analyze situations a bit more than the average Libra would, but you are not harshly critical.  You handle things in a fair way with an analyzed approach.  You will love beauty, especially flowers.  Virgos love gardening, so when you mix that with Libra's love of beauty you get a person who will swoon over a dozen pink peonies. 

You like to work in groups so that you are able to lead like a Libra, but talk to others about your thoughts like a Virgo.  Libras are balanced, and Virgos spend a lot of attention on details that don't always matter.  Having your Libra to even those traits out will make you a beautiful blend of knowing when you have reached the end.  These people will make wonderful critics of movies, food, restaurants, etc.  This is because they have a true eye for beauty as well as having a touch of constructive criticism.

Being a Libra, you will steer clear of conflict, but you will be able to handle it with a level head.  You are all about harmony and pleasant. You are a wonderful balance of two truly beautiful signs.


It's Libra Season


It is officially Libra Season!  Happy Birthday to all of the beautiful Libras out there in the world.  What would we do without your heart-melting dimpled smiles, your fair nature, your sweet charm?  The world would be such a saltier place without all of you. 

This year I met a very special Libra Man that has completely swept me off my feet all the way up to Cloud 9, and I am so thankful every day for him.  I am sure you are very thankful for the Libras in your life, and want to find them the absolute perfect birthday gift!  I would say that Libras are the hardest Sun Sign to shop for, because their taste level is so high.  I have put together some fun gifts that you can purchase right here on Simply Sun Signs that will surely live up to their high standards...

Libra - Pink Glitter Tank
This sparkly cotton candy pink print will be sweet for the perfectly balanced Libra lass.

Pink Buttercream Cupcake
Beautiful - Fair - Charming 

Libra is all about beauty and charm. Some even say they are the most beautiful sign in the Zodiac, and I can't disagree. This Sun Sign is ruled by romantic Venus who enjoys comforting surroundings.  They are often found baking, and are lovers of everything sweet; making Pink Buttercream Cupcake a perfect candle scent for Libra.

Chardonnay - 2009 Alexander Valley -  Sonoma, CA
Libras need a wine that is balanced.  When making a Chardonnay, it can be a struggle to find the perfect balance between the creamy and the fruity. This vibrant Chardonnay, with just a hint of oak and lots of bright fruit, will keep the Scales happy.


Virgo on the Cusp of Libra: September 18 - 23

This will bring a lot of balance and harmony to the typical Virgo's uptight attitude. Don't get me wrong; you still have wonderful precision because you are a Virgo after all, but you are a little more flexible than most born under your Sun Sign.  This is a placement that makes the person fair and thoughtful.  You will work hard at everything you do, but if you don't get it perfect you won't totally freak out.  Your social life is a lot more lively, and put into importance than most Virgos; you just know how and when to let loose.  Most Virgos see things in a calculated way, but you are able to see the gray.

You love harmony, and will accomplish whatever it takes to get it in your life in any way possible.  Gardening and yoga are two great things that this placement will love.  There is rarely anyone with this placement that is self-absorbed or self-centered.  You will see this person caring for others often, and beautifully.  You don't care for a ton of compliments for what just comes to you naturally.  There is a wonderful humbleness about you.

You enjoy options like a Libra, and love to talk like a Virgo.  You are easy to like, and will find friends with no problems.  There is a loveliness mixed with a lot of self-discipline in this person.  There are quite a few musicians and artists with this placement because they have a wonderful precision mixed with great artistic taste.  There is a need to educate and interact with people on a day to day basis.  People will love to listen and learn from you.  You may even just change the world one day.   Your charismatic nature, and comfort with sparking up a conversation with anyone will make for a beautiful personality mix altogether.



Wow!  I can't believe the day is here. I have put in a lot of work, thought, and preparation for today.  I have scoured the internet and even the local farmer's market to get you the best products that I could possibly find.  I am so excited to share all of these amazing and personalized items with you.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.  Please let me know if you have ANY questions.  So without further adieu, I introduce to you SHOP...


Cancer Woman - Taurus Man

When he meets this mystical Moon child, he is in trouble; trouble in a good way.  This beautiful woman has a way of seeping into his soul so deep that he will be forever changed.  She will show him how to feel with all of his heart, which none before have really been able to do.  Many Cancer women I meet are just waiting for that right partner in life to reach her full potential.  Don't get me wrong; Cancer women are great alone, but it is innate in them to care for others.  They truly shine in that area.  Before she can get to that part she needs to find a stable and secure partner.  Taurus' middle name is stable.  He will turn all of her frightful dreams into a fairytale reality.

He likes things to go at a slow and steady pace.  He loves permanency, and so does she.  She will just have to let love grow naturally, and be patient with him.  It is not going to happen overnight, but it will happen.  He does not break down easily, but she does.  He will be a great rock and support to her through her lunar swings.  They also both have a wonderful sense of humor that will mesh well with one another.  These two have so much in common, but there is one thing that they do not; jealousy.  His jealousy can lead her into deep sad emotional states.  She may even snap her claws at him in rejection, but with compromise and understanding, this can be an easy fix.  Her clingy attitude will also drive him insane, but what they must see that jealousy and clingyness are similar.  Not the same, but similar, so they should be able to empathize with one another. 

She has a hard time telling him her feelings, but not great at hiding them.  If she could just let him know how much she needs him he would feel so much better, and secure.  She will try to make it up to him by baking him his favorite cupcakes, but he doesn't want cupcakes; he wants words of affirmation.  Then he wants the cupcakes. We all know how Taurus men love their food.

Sex with them is amazing.  It is sensual, sweet, and satisfying.  He can coax her right into his arms so smoothly she will wonder how she gets there at times.  There is something so personal about how they make love, and it makes her feel so special and safe.  He makes her feel wanted and needed, which is a wonderful way to feel.  His sincerity touches her way past her shell all the way to her soft soul.  In return she will admire him the way every man wants to be admired.  She will never leave him, give him a beautiful cozy home, and beautiful bouncing babies.  They can have it all.

Her moods are like the Moon; waxing and waning, but he has all the patience in the world for her because he knows she is worth it.  They always find their way back to each other, and it is not hard because their love is genuine.  Genuine love is not something you find everyday.

How to Lose a Pisces Guy in 10 Ways

1.You don't support his dreams - This man's dreams are his reality so supporting his entrepreneurial mind is very important to him.

2. You caught a fish - If you catch a fish, and not a whale you may want to catch him at a different time in life.  Finding the Pisces man at the right time in his life is at the utmost importance to the both of your happiness.

3. Hates art, concerts, music, and humanities - This man loves art in all forms.  If you don't really have any emotion towards art, you may have a hard time relating.

4. You are too available - This guy is quite emotional, so if you are too emotional and available to him, it will be a big turnoff.  He needs someone to be strong for him, and a backbone to the relationship.

5. Always wanting pity - He wants the pity, he doesn't have time to give you any.  This somber man doesn't need a Debby Downer, he wants some joyful light in his life.

6. No imagination - This man wants someone to dream, wish, and hope with him.  If you have little dreams of your own, how could you live in his world?

7. You are too realistic - He doesn't want someone raining on his parade.  He wants a woman who he can tell all of his over the top stories to that will make her swoon.

8. Can't handle his passive aggressiveness - When he is mad, you may see his passive aggressive comments come out.  Being the bigger person in the situation is always the best way to go.

9.  Staying dreamy - He lives in one fantasy for a while, and then creates a whole new one the next day.  If you don't make yourself part of his fantasies he will swim away.

10. You are not emotionally strong - He needs a woman that is strong in areas he is not.  He needs empathy, support, and total understanding.

How to Lose an Aquarius Guy in 10 Ways

1. You make him feel undignified - As wacky as this guy can be at times, he is smart and doesn't want you to make him feel anything less.

2. Make him compromise himself too much - He will wear funky clothes, and try new and unconventional things.  If you try to change his misunderstood behavior, he will become cold.

3. His friends dislike you - He has a lot of friends.  If they don't care for you it will make his life hell, because he really likes spending a ton of time with them.

4. Tell him how to live - He doesn't live life on ayone's timeline, especially the person he dates.  He definitely walks to the beat of his own drum. 

5. You need him to feel good about yourself - He wants a woman with confidence and a pair of cojones, but he also wants someone nurturing as well.  He wants a mix of both; making the girl of his dreams someone that is confident in who she is.

6. Pressure him into a title - This man does not respond well under pressure.  He will know when the right time is, as well as who the right person is for him.  He likes things to happen naturally.

7. You don't admire his quirks - If you don't adore all of his wacky hobbies and behavior, you may want someone a little more vanilla.

8. There is no friendship in your relationship - Aquarius men value friendship in every relationship more than any other quality.  He wants to date and marry his best friend.

9. Have no passions in life - He wants you to have your OWN hobbies, friends, and passions in life.  He will love to add all of your interests and friends to the list of his own which will intertwine you.

10. You don't have a humanitarian heart - This guy loves to help the greater good.  Get into doing community service together, and he will fall even deeper.

How to Lose a Capricorn Guy in 10 Ways

1. You have no plan for your life - The Capricorn man is all about a plan.  He himself has a plan for everything in his life.  If you are a mess, he may look for something a little more stable.

2. You are too strong to need him for anything - This man is a rock, and he likes to be leaned on.  Ask him for favors, and for advice.  He will love this, and it will make him feel like you need him as a man.

3. Say "no" too much - If you constantly knock this guy down, he will build his walls high around his heart making it impossible for you to get in.  Yes, he may seem a little cold at times but he is worth getting to know.  He will surprise you.

4. Too controlling - This guy is a solid man.  He doesn't need anyone controlling his time, his relationship, or him.  He will give you plenty of himself in good time.

5. Take his friends away from him - His friends mean a lot to him.  He values quality over quantity so the people in his life mean a lot.  Try to take those people away, and you will have on mad Sea Goat.

6.  You are disloyal - He is solid, and he wants you to be strong too.  He needs you to understand that behind his stone cold walls is a warm and beautiful heart.  If he feels like he cannot trust you, it will be a deal breaker. 

7. Get mad that he works too much - This guy loves to climb the ladder wherever he works.  He is very passionate about what he does, and doesn't want to be nagged about it.

8. You aren't patient - This man is very practical about things.  He isn't all fluff and romance.  If you aren't patient to get to really know him, it just won't happen.

9. Too competitive - If he feels like you are always competing with him he will get exhausted.  He wants a partner to climb the mountain with, not someone he is racing.

10. You are insecure - He needs a secure woman that understands love is more about showing than telling.  He may not write you sonnets of your beauty, but he will always be there right by your side.

How to Lose a Sagittarius Guy in 10 Ways

1. Too sensitive - This guy has a loose mouth, and loves to joke around.  If you take offense to things too easily you may not want to date this goofy guy.

2. You are a control freak - This guy is sporadically fun dude that loves adventure.  If you need to have control of every situation, you may be left in the dust.

3. Too trendy - He isn't big on name brands and the latest trends, so if you spend all your dollars on items and not experiences he may see you as shallow.  He wants an original.

4. Too high maintenance - He wants an effortless soul that isn't too concerned with what she looks like all the time.  A little stain on your shirt won't send you home to change.

5. You are boring - This guy is a wild free and educated spirit.  If you are a dull and don't have much to say, he will probably talk right over you.

6. Overly dependent on your family - If you need to constantly ask for money and approval of your family, it will probably turn him off.  This guy is mentally and financially free from restriction, and he doesn't want anything weighing his relationship down.

7. You hate traveling - This man has wanderlust running through his blood.  Once one of his adventures is over, he will be on planning the next one tomorrow.

8. Waste time - Time is the most precious thing in life, and he lives by that motto.  If you are one to laze around and not have any zealousness he will find someone that does.

9. You don't have a sense of humor - This guy is constantly cracking wild jokes.  Some of them will be about you.  If you can't handle that, he may not be the one for you.

10. You are way too predictable - This guy is always going to take the road less traveled.  He has a zest for life, and he also wants zest in his woman.  So spice it up girl!

How to Lose a Scorpio Guy in 10 Ways


1. Assume things about him - This man keeps a lot of himself under wraps.  There are things that will remain secret about him forever, so generalizing him with others is a big mistake.

2. Act trashy - This guy is demure and secretive.  He wants his partner to be sexy, but only for him.  This man is possessive, and doesn't want others googling at your goods.

3. Being wishy washy - This guy is black and white.  If he sees that you don't stand your ground on your beliefs he will look at you as being weak.

4.  Lie to him - This man is a human lie detector as well as being one hell of a detective.  Once trust is broken, he will be out.

5. Make him look bad in front of people - This guy is not the best at taking jokes.  Underneath all of his mystery is a sensitive spirit.  Embarrass him and feel the sting.

6. Leave during a disagreement - This will only make the problem worse than it already is.  He likes to resolve things as fast as possible.  His emotions are like a volcano, suppressed until brought on by a disturbance.

7. Uncomfortable with sex - This man is sex.  If you are uncomfortable with your body he will tell.  Sex is a religion and a spiritual act to Scorpio.  You have to understand this to really connect with him.

8. Pry at him - If he doesn't want to tell you something it is to help you, not to hurt you.  Do not pry at him, or he will anger.

9. Act like you are his mom - This man does not need another mother.  He has one, and that is plenty.

10. Play hard to get - This guy doesn't want a stage 5 clinger, but he also doesn't want to feel like you are unsure that you want him.  You are either in or you are out.

How to Lose a Libra Guy in 10 Ways


1. You don't appreciate his romance - The way that the Libra man shows his love is by spoiling, opening the door, and romantic gestures.  If you do not show appreciation to him for these things he will look for someone that does.

2.  You pressure him into commitment - This guy is pretty indecisive.  Yes, it will drive you insane but that's just how this guy is.  Giving him ultimatums will not help the situation at all.  Making him think it's his idea, and compromise are the way around this.

3. You are way too practical - This guy loves material items and the finer things in life; so if you are too practical with your dollars it will irritate him.

4. You are too loud all the time - This man's senses are sensitive, especially his ears.  If your voice is too loud or the music is turned up too high he could get fussy.

5. Too needy of attention - This guy will charm the pants off you, but he doesn't want a woman that needs his attention 24/7.  He wants a woman that wants him, but doesn't need him.

6. You act obnoxiously, and have no hygiene - A screeching wild banshee of a woman who wreaks of alcohol will send this man running.  He wants a classy poised woman who smells like vanilla with a touch of floral.  This guy is all about showing his lady off, so be worth bragging about.

7. You are not ladylike - If you show up on a date with chipped black nail polish, a baggy shirt, and flip flops he will notice.  Spend time on your appearance, and look put together because he sure as shit will be.

8. Arguing too much, and start unneeded fights - This guy wants a peaceful and relaxed environment.  If you are constantly picking fights with him he will have no problem leaving for greener pastures.

9.  You think that you are better than him - You don't want to completely fall for his charm, but you don't want to act like a stuck up bitch either.  This guy is going to want a solid balance of both. 

10. Dress skanky - This guy will not be impressed by a short leather skirts, and hooker heels with spikes on them.  If you wreak of sex appeal he will see you as too extreme.  He wants a feminine, classy, smart, balanced, and secure woman.  Secure women do not need to sell a man with their body.

How to Lose a Virgo Guy in 10 Ways

1. Have no sense of order - The Virgo man is all about keeping everything in line, so if you are a mess he will tend to react very critically.

2.  You are dirty - He likes to keep things clean, including your mouth.  If you curse like a sailor he will find you distasteful.  Keep your shirts pressed, and your mouth washed out with soap.

3. Make him feel like he is not needed - This man's sole existence is to feel needed by someone.  If you make him feel like you have it all on your own he may not feel like he has no role in your life.  Even if it's asking him to open a jar that you are perfectly capable of opening yourself; just ask him.

4. You take too much time apart from him - Once this bachelor of the zodiac really commits, he won't want long periods of time without you.  Many Virgos are even known to work with their mates.

5. Be wasteful - This man does not like to waste food, money, air, anything.  If you are a wasteful person, he will be displeased.

6. Take him for granted - If you complain about everything, he will start to feel defeated.  He tends to be very hard on himself so he will need to hear how amazing and wonderful he is from you.

7.  Boss him around too much - This guys has his stuff together 99.9% of the time, and doesn't need someone telling him what to do.  He wants a stable and supportive partner.

8. Criticize him constantly - This man is quite critical in general, and he is also his own biggest critic.  This means he doesn't need you to be hard on him as well.  Be positive, and boost him up; it will go a very long way.

9. You have too many bad habits - This man is quite particular on just about everything in his life.  He will be forgiving of a few quirks here and there, but if you are hot mess it will be too much for him to handle.

10. You do not seem like you will be faithful - Once this man has chosen you as his Cinderella, he will want true loyalty.  Virgos only have one true love of their life so don't screw it up by screwing around.