Sagittarius Woman - Gemini Man

 The Sagittarius woman is notorious for wearing her heart on her sleeve.  She goes into every relationship wishing, and hoping, and praying for the best while diving in head first.  She is refreshingly frank and honest about everything.  It can be surprising at times, yet very touching.  Geminis are clever and quite witty.  He will easily be able to manipulate her heart, and by doing so can win this incredible woman or destroy her.  He will scar her if he plays with her heart so foolishly, and as they say, karma is one hell of a bitch.  Take that as a warning.

She is warm, fun, and openhearted.  She longs so deeply for someone to keep her safe.  What she needs to understand about this witty man she has fallen for is that there are two or more sides to him.  It is hard to tell what he wants at times, hell he doesn't even know himself most days.  His boyish charm will love to play hide and seek with you.  When one of the twins upsets you, the other one will show up the next day with a hand full of wildflowers to kiss away your tears.  The on again off again romance will not suit her at all.  He will convince her that she is the one with the problem.  The thing is, is that neither one of them has a problem; they need to learn how to compromise and blend to create harmony.  

If this Gemini man can slow his role and really look what is in front of him, he will find true love and magic in this relationship.  These two are on the opposite ends of the karmic wheel.  That means they are opposites, and opposites naturally attract to one another.  There will be a draw that they have on one another that is at times inexplicable.  They each have what the other one lacks.  They will meet on a warm summers night under a full moon at a music festival, and from there will be either a fairytale romance or a painful relationship to learn from. It's all about timing, and all up to them to make it work.  

They both have a naturally free spirited soul, and there is a part to each of them that will never truly age.  They will let one another have enough space to be able to obtain all of their goals in life.  They love being around people, even while together.  Crowds are both of their thing.  This can cause some cases of jealousy between them unfortunately.  They are both curious and changeable people who attract people to them with ease.  He is more curious than she is in this case.  He is like quicksilver in that he is so hard to hold on to.  He slips through your fingers in an instance. 

Their sex will be something to heal most of their differences. There is a very strong attraction that they have to one another.  They are fully aware of the meaning of makeup sex, seeing that they use it frequently to mend their relationships after their sometimes verbally intense squabbles.   The real passion that they will have them is the one of their minds.  Both of them are Mutable Signs, which means they are both incredible communicators.  These two could stay awake talking about anything and everything until the sun came up. 

Between his sarcasm and her honesty, they make for one hilarious duo. I have compared this man to Peter Pan many times before; so youthful and always chasing his shadow.  If you want to stay with this man Sagittarius, you are going to have to go along chasing it with him.  This woman is smart, all you need to do is listen to your heart.


  1. Wrong, wrong, wrong, did I mention wrong?
    How do you expect me to believe in astrology when this description is s***?

    As a Sagittarius, I hide my feelings and wearing my heart on my sleeves is the last thing we would ever do. We Sagittariuses are known for being one of the most detached signs, the most detached being Aquarius.
    As a wild sign, we don't let men play or manipulate us, least of all Gemini. This description you wrote makes us sound like some naive tramp.
    The archer is highly independent and is always running.

    We will slip through the Gemini's grip before they do.

    1. Yass!!!!! @We will slip through the Gemini's grip before they do.

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