Porte A Vie - Sextrology - Virgo

Well ladies and gents, we are officially in Virgo Season!  Virgos are known to be cool, analytical, and a little critical.  You may think that this virginal angel isn't much in the boudoir, but you are oh so very wrong.  Find out how this lady gets down in this months Sextrology post...

:::QUIZ::: How Much Do You Know About Astrology?

A huge part of why I started my blog was so that I could educate people on Astrology.  I have learned so much about myself and others from my studies, and it is a true passion of mine.  I feel like others should know more about seeing that I believe it can help in both your personal and professional life.  My blog is jam packed with information, and it's time to see how much you have learned.  As you can see, there are links to a post that contains the answer to the questions.  Try to do the quiz without looking to see how your Astrology knowledge really is!  This will be a fun way to refresh your memory, as well as learning new things too.  Let me know how you guys do!

1. Which Sun Sign is ruled by the Moon?
a) Scorpio
b) Pisces
c) Cancer

2. Which Sun Sign is related with the color red?
a) Aries
b) Sagittarius
c) Leo

3. Which Sun Sign rules the feet?
a) Gemini
b) Taurus
c) Pisces

4. Which Sun Sign is associated with the butterfly?
a) Aquarius
b) Gemini
c) Libra

5. Which Sun Sign is known for their intense stare?
a) Virgo
b) Aquarius
c) Scorpio

6.Which Sun Sign is known as a Cardinal Sign (Leaders of the Zodiac)?
a) Leo
b) Libra
c) Sagittarius

7. Which one of these Sun Sign's glyph (symbol) is an arrow?
a) Scorpio
b) Sagittarius
c) Capricorn

8. Which of these Sun Signs is known to be the clean freaks?
a) Sagittarius
b) Virgo
c) Libra

9. Which of these Sun Sign's element is an Earth Sign?
a) Cancer
b) Aries
c) Capricorn

10. Which one of these Sun Signs is known to be the royalty of the Zodiac?
a) Leo
b) Libra
c) Virgo

11. Which of these Sun Signs is known for their patience?
a) Taurus
b) Aries
c) Gemini

12. Which one of these Sun Signs is known for being the humanitarian of the group?
a) Aquarius
b) Leo
c) Capricorn

Gemini Woman - Scorpio Man

Let me just start out by saying this is not an easy match, but it can be done.  It's always two against one, and Scorpio likes to have more of the players on his side, so you can see how this can get tricky.  This will take effort and respect from all parties.  Gemini is scared by anything that may lock her free soul down, and Scorpio likes things to be promised.  In Scorpio's world promises are always meant to be kept, but with Gemini the change of the wind can bring out the other twin who made no such promise.  His intensity and permanency will probably scare the pants off of her at first, but there is something mysterious about this man that she will want to get to understand.

She will be late for many of their dates, but he will love her intellectual charm so he will let it go.  Her story will change every day and interrupt him frequently, but she is so sweet and her smile is so bright that he lets it go.  She will love his deep voice, his intense stare, and silent strength.  Little does she know she is his prey.  Once a Scorpio man decides he wants you for keeps, you have little chance of escaping.  This sounds terrifying to a Gemini, but she won't do much to stop it from happening.

Now that they need to learn to stay together; a task much more difficult.  It will drive her insane that he wants to know where she is and what she is doing on a regular basis.  She will make him think she is flaky with her ever changing mind about what she wants to do, and who she wants to be.  She doesn't have even close to the same amount of self control as this man does.  That's just not her.  She just needs to know the basics, and he wants to understand things to the core.  He will have many lessons he wants to teach her that she will have no interest in knowing.  They will drive each other a little crazy.

For a Scorpio man to be truly faithful, the woman that he is with must fulfill him sexually.  That may sound unfair or chauvinistic, but with a Scorpio it is not.  You see, Scorpios see sex as a way to connect spiritually with the person that they are with.  It is not a pastime, or a game that they play.  It is much deeper than that.  So when the connection is not being made with him it becomes a problem of them not feeling close to the one they love.  A Gemini woman does not look at sex like this at all.  In fact she is probably laughing at what I just wrote.  See to her, true connection is through the mind and through conversation.  Here is my question; why can't they meet halfway?  I believe that they can.  It will take effort, and like I mentioned before, respect.

She is intelligent to know how to fix things when they are broken, and he is intuitive enough to feel how to make things right.  They have to WANT to do so.  Love can conquer all, and they may just be the couple to prove that.

Capricorn Woman - Virgo Man

Listen here my Capricorn ladies.... Don't try to change him, and don't pressure him into marriage.  Good, I am glad I got that out of the way.  Let's proceed... 

The Virgo man is not one that is afraid of commitment by any means.  What he is afraid of is losing his freedom.  If she can make him feel free in a commitment they will be doing great.  What he needs to realize that what is in front of him is a strong and solid woman that would make him very happy if he could let go of all of his fear and anxiety.  They are after all a wonderful and very harmonious Earth Sign match.  He will love how flawlessly beautiful she is, and she will love how he always has a plan.  Capricorns love plans.  She is a very ambitious woman herself.  If she makes her Virgo man her only plan and ambition is where the problems start to occur.  However, but rarely, it can be the other way around.  The Virgo will want marriage and her priority and plans will be surrounding her career, and not a family leaving Virgo in the dust.

She will have great judgement which is what leads her to her Virgo man in the first place.  Generally their relationship is filled with a lot of love that will eventually lead to permanency.  They will have a love that is very stable once they get to a place they are both happy in with one another.  He won't mind her having her own career and goals, in fact he will prefer it this way.  This will make them one hell of a power couple.  He will love watch her climb the corporate ladder, or create her own business from scratch.  Capricorns are incredible workers you see that thoroughly enjoy being the boss.  He will love that she is her own person so that he can be his own person as well.

They will find a lot of peace and beauty in their sex life.  They are powerfully in tuned, and magnetically one with each other in ways only Earth Signs can really understand.  They will only grow closer and stronger the longer they stay together, making themselves an unbreakable bond with one another.  It is not a bond that they go shouting on the rooftops about.  It is rather one of quiet appreciation.  It is as though they have known each other for years even though they have maybe only been together for a short time.  They will start syncing with one another simultaneously.  This will also be applicable for their sex life as well.

If these two ever do separate, it will usually be for career, power, ambition, or money.  What they may not realize at the time of parting is that they are making a huge mistake.  They are both stubborn so they may never admit to their fault, but they will always feel it.  That's why it is not smart for these two to only look at the present, but far into the future as well.  Understanding that their quiet oneness is so much more suited for both of them than the exhausting, loud, and tiresome single life is imperative.  They must always cherish the familiarity, the reassurance, the stability, the intimacy, and the way they just KNOW each other. That's when you hit the real jackpot in life.

Sagittarius Woman - Gemini Man

 The Sagittarius woman is notorious for wearing her heart on her sleeve.  She goes into every relationship wishing, and hoping, and praying for the best while diving in head first.  She is refreshingly frank and honest about everything.  It can be surprising at times, yet very touching.  Geminis are clever and quite witty.  He will easily be able to manipulate her heart, and by doing so can win this incredible woman or destroy her.  He will scar her if he plays with her heart so foolishly, and as they say, karma is one hell of a bitch.  Take that as a warning.

She is warm, fun, and openhearted.  She longs so deeply for someone to keep her safe.  What she needs to understand about this witty man she has fallen for is that there are two or more sides to him.  It is hard to tell what he wants at times, hell he doesn't even know himself most days.  His boyish charm will love to play hide and seek with you.  When one of the twins upsets you, the other one will show up the next day with a hand full of wildflowers to kiss away your tears.  The on again off again romance will not suit her at all.  He will convince her that she is the one with the problem.  The thing is, is that neither one of them has a problem; they need to learn how to compromise and blend to create harmony.  

If this Gemini man can slow his role and really look what is in front of him, he will find true love and magic in this relationship.  These two are on the opposite ends of the karmic wheel.  That means they are opposites, and opposites naturally attract to one another.  There will be a draw that they have on one another that is at times inexplicable.  They each have what the other one lacks.  They will meet on a warm summers night under a full moon at a music festival, and from there will be either a fairytale romance or a painful relationship to learn from. It's all about timing, and all up to them to make it work.  

They both have a naturally free spirited soul, and there is a part to each of them that will never truly age.  They will let one another have enough space to be able to obtain all of their goals in life.  They love being around people, even while together.  Crowds are both of their thing.  This can cause some cases of jealousy between them unfortunately.  They are both curious and changeable people who attract people to them with ease.  He is more curious than she is in this case.  He is like quicksilver in that he is so hard to hold on to.  He slips through your fingers in an instance. 

Their sex will be something to heal most of their differences. There is a very strong attraction that they have to one another.  They are fully aware of the meaning of makeup sex, seeing that they use it frequently to mend their relationships after their sometimes verbally intense squabbles.   The real passion that they will have them is the one of their minds.  Both of them are Mutable Signs, which means they are both incredible communicators.  These two could stay awake talking about anything and everything until the sun came up. 

Between his sarcasm and her honesty, they make for one hilarious duo. I have compared this man to Peter Pan many times before; so youthful and always chasing his shadow.  If you want to stay with this man Sagittarius, you are going to have to go along chasing it with him.  This woman is smart, all you need to do is listen to your heart.

Cancer Woman - Cancer Man

If these two can BOTH muster up enough courage to come out of their shells, they will discover soon that marriage is something that they both want.  They will usually want to live together first to see how that goes, but it won't be for very long before you hear wedding bells.

I'm getting way ahead of myself... Let's back up.  These two really love protection, this is why I brought up the idea of marriage so soon in my post.  While it scares the socks off of some, for these two it is a very important part of life. Tradition and home life are at the core to these Water Signs.  These two will have a lot in common actually.  You will see photos of family all over their home.  They will also have many things that are nostalgic around them.  The cooking in that home will be as good as any restaurant too.  He will love making money to support their home, and she will too.

Sounds heavenly huh?  Well, may I remind you of the moodiness of Cancer.  Now multiply that times two.  Sometimes there will be a reason for the melancholy, sometimes not.  They will have to learn to live around it.  They will both be emotional, and at times one will be emotional about the other being emotional.  It can lead to a hot mess, but to them it makes perfect sense.

These two will want children, but they will have a very very hard time letting them go.  Especially to go off and get married.  Whoever marries this double Cancerian couples child will have to be perfect for them to accept it.  Security in every sense of the word is so important to these two. I would actually suggest that they keep some money separate from one another so that Cancer claws stay at bay.  Money is a big issue for Cancers, and they all see how to use it in different ways.

These two love to play guessing games with each other which can either be fun, or harmful.  They are not inclined to share every emotion, desire, or feeling right upfront.  They will conceal desires, even when it comes to sex.  When the games are over, their sex will be satisfying with a feeling of security.  The first few times they make love to one another, there will be a lot of shyness that both of them need to overcome.  Then, just like the moon, they will go into a phase of wanting a more open and deeper sexual course.  Infidelity is very rare with these two, so once they join together it remains permanent.  That is if the security is there.  If one of them starts to lose their security (financial or emotional) for the other one, it will never work.

They both also love to keep a good secret.  However, they will not like secrets being kept from them.  One thing they will need to work on with each other is to be more open and honest with one another.  The littlest things can make a Cancer worry for no reason, so reassuring each other on a consistent basis is key to happiness for both of them.  These two have a great shot of finding happiness in love and in their home.  They need to remember to keep their claws away, and treat each other with love, understanding, and nurturing.  Under the moonlight these two become magical.  Together they are something even more.

Aries Woman - Leo Man

This is a very warm and fun relationship, I will warn you though; with too much fun can come storms.  In the beginning, she will think he is such an arrogant prick.  She is WAY too independent to be with a guy like that, but he will soon call her bluff.  He will conquer this spitfire, and make her jelly in his arms.  I can see the eyes rolling out of your heads right now Aries, but come on.. you know it's true.

He may be the only guy who can REALLY handle her wild temper, because it just makes him laugh.  He sees right through her "tough, independent, I don't need anybody" act.  He will like organizing their life together, and saving her from herself.  She will say things that will shock him, but he will have no problem roaring right back at her.  If you have ever seen these two squabble it is actually quite hilarious.  He is a lot more practical than she will ever be, but she will have energy that makes him look like a lazy bum.  Eventually he will slow her down, and she will loosen him up.  Isn't that what relationships are all about?

She has an excitement about her that everyone wants to be around, and his sunny and pleasant disposition matches hers.  They are like looking at glitter in the sunlight.  See, glitter without light isn't really anything special at all.  Together, they are magic.

Aries is known to fall a few times, but he will be more than to catch her.  She loves his strength and boldness, even though she struggles against submitting to him.  He thinks it is funny that she even tries, because he has been hers the moment he laid eyes on her, even though she had no idea.

This woman is jealous, and all Leos are born flirts.  See how that could be a problem?  When she bursts into flames at him being charming with another lady, he will coyly use his warm Leo heart and humor to bring her back with ease.  She will have to learn to forgive.  This man is loyal, remember that when you want to throw a stick of dynamite at him when he opens the door for another woman and flashes her that golden smile.

Their sex is passionate and affectionate.  She will want to feel like she is the only woman he has been with; remember that Leo.  Don't even think to ask about her past loves though.  That won't go over well at all.  There will need to be emotional growth for her in this area. Exes are just part of the past, let them stay where they belong Miss Aries.  He is all yours now, and I know he is more than happy to be that for you.  Leo, let her know all of the time that she is the only one that has ever really been anything of importantance to you.  This is the best advice I can give you so that the bedroom will be a fiery jungle of passionate love.

Although he will break her of some of her "I can do everything on my own" attitude; she will always be the fiercely independent woman you met.  Aries will need to learn how to complement him on a daily basis; something she is not great at.  This will have to be learned.  They will both like they have finally met their match in each other, because they are both fiery and strong signs. The way they forgive one another is something to be learned by all.

She will truly admire him, and he will be encompassed in her enthusiasm of life.  These two love each other all the way.  I mean ALL the way.  She needs his wisdom, strength, and tenderness. He loves her innocence, independence, and challenge.  The chemistry between these two us undoubtedly magical, and everyone can not only see it, but it can be felt as well.

Quotes for Your Sun Sign - Part Deaux

Because the first one was so popular, especially on the Simply Sun Sign's Pinterest, I had to get you guys another one of these.  Everyone loves a good quote, and what better than have one that goes along with your Sun Sign.  Don't forget to follow the Simply Sun Signs Instagram 

Keywords for Pisces


Plays Victim
Weak Willed

Keywords for Aquarius



Keywords for Capricorn

Hard Working

Grudge Keeper

Keywords for Sagittarius

Free Spirited
Good Humored
Straight Forward