The Full Moon, Friday the 13th & Mercury in Retrograde

Let's start out with the full Moon.  It is statistically proven that people act a whole lot cookier when there is a full moon. If you ask anyone who is in the police force, emergency room, etc., they will tell you shit goes down on a full moon.  Why is this?  Well...  our adult bodies are made of around 60% of water (babies are more).  The Moon has a gravitational pull on all of the water on the Earth.  This is why we have ocean tides, and waves.  So when that thing is full it makes us... well loony.  Even women's cycles are the same as the cycle of a moon, which just goes to show we are connected to it in many ways.  This is also why you should not get certain surgeries when the moon is in the sign of the part of the body that sign rules.  For example; don't get open heart surgery when the moon is in Leo, or you could have certain complications.  Don't go to the gyno when the moon is in Scorpio.  Don't get your boobs done when the moon is in Cancer!  To learn more about which body parts are ruled by which sign, read this.

Friday the 13th; I would worry about this the least, unless you are an extremely superstitious person, than go ahead and lock yourself in the house.  I would like to think that I am not an overly superstitious person, even though I won't leave my volume on the TV at #13, and I try not to step on cracks, and I don't fuck around with black cats.  I'm sounding nuttier by the second.  The point of what I am trying to get at is that I believe that it is more in your head than anything.  You attract the energy and things you want in your life by what your thoughts are.  I was once told by this lady in Cassadaga that I have extremely powerful thoughts, especially with me being a Scorpio, that I should be very careful when wishing bad things on people 'cause there is a good chance that they will happen.  She told me that whenever I wish something bad on someone that I should "cancel it out", because the universe can hear me.  She made it sound a little wackier than it really is, BUT there have been things that have happened to people that I wished it upon.  Oops!  Moral of the story; don't fuck with Scorpios, and don't fill your head with negative thoughts about the 13th.

The third and probably most important thing is Mercury in retrograde.  It just makes shit weird with a beard.  You can find several web sites showing you when Mercury is in retrograde.  Just Google it.  This is the time when ex boyfriends/girlfriends  start poppin' out of the bushes to say hi.  So as you have learned in my planets post;  Mercury rules Gemini, Virgo, analytical thinking, and speech. So when Mercury is in retrograde it looks like it is going backwards, which makes our thinking and speech all tangled up.  Yikes. Here's my advice until this mess ends; don't make permanent or rash decisions, laugh off when people act real cray cray to you, think before you speak, take your freakish dreams with a grain of salt, and remember to have a good laugh.


  1. Hey Desiree!! Yesss!! My dreams are SO wacky (they usually are) but more so lately!! Also, I feel a bit 'off ' ya know. This is all so true! I will def. remember to take things with a grain of salt until this passes!! Love this post!! And thanks for including me on your blogroll; it really means so much to me!! :D Have a great weekend Desiree and be careful with this moon too lol!! Talk soon my dear and bye for now!! <33333 :D


  2. This explains so much. I'm a Gemini and have had the hardest time putting thoughts together. I'm used to other people not being able to keep up with my constant full mind, but when I feel like I"m chasing my own mental tail it's so unsettling. Nice to know it's something I can essentially just ride through though.

    Have wonderful weekend!

  3. Oh thank God... I keep meaning to read up on this until I saw Lisa link back to your post. I'm a Virgo and I know this shit affects me profoundly. I am completely out of sorts, in fact I think I have posted that a few times in the last couple of days not really clued in on why lol!