The Women of Game of Thrones

 So yes, I am a Game of Thrones freak.  I actually get sad when I think about how the show is actually going to come to an end one day, because I won't know what to do with myself.  I thought I would mix two of my great loves together, and write this fun little post on which signs I believe they act most like.  I actually looked up each one of these actresses real Sun Signs, and found that these ladies almost all have different Signs than each other.  Very interesting.... This season has been jam packed with a lot of exciting twists and turns.  I warn you that there may be some spoilers if you are not completely caught up with the show, so you may want to save this read for another day.  Anyways, here is my explanation for why I think these heroins, Queens, and incredible characters fit the bill for each Sun Sign...

Daenerys Targaryen 
She is undoubtedly my favorite character in the show by far.  Her middle name is Stormborn, because when she was born there was a viscous storm in the sky.  The Targaryens are known for having mad yet brilliant leaders.  She is the last of her name, and she is taking the world by fire.  Her character is independent, creative, headstrong, generous, and fiery.  Just like any Aries would be.

Meera Reed 
Meera is extremely loyal and protective like a Taurus.  She is great with the Earth, being the main hunter of the group.  She is strong, steady, patient, enduring, and practical.  She keeps their small yet very important group happy, alive, and together.

Spunky, chatty, and fun Shae is the light in Tyrion's life for a very long time.  We see her as a lover, a maid to Sansa, a whore, and a wise advice giver.  We learn that their are many wonderful sides to her.  That is until recently of course when he sent her away for her own safety.  We then saw her come back and show a whole different side to her full of lies and anger.  Geminis definitely have multiple personalities, and Shae is no exception.

 Catelyn Stark
She is a loving, persistent, and intelligent woman who took her role as wife and mother very seriously.  She was strong for everyone, but her Cancer moodiness was most definitely evident.  Even though Catelyn was a fierce mother, and strong woman, she made her one big mistake based on emotion.  Like all water signs, this tends to be a problem with us.  She should have never let Jaime Lannister go in hopes of getting her daughters back.  After that happened it was a domino effect that eventually led to her death.

Cersei Lannister
Maybe it is the golden locks, or that the Lannister family crest is a Lion.  Whatever it may be, Cersei Lannister screams Leo.  She is ambitious, bold, strong, royal, and loves to be at the center of everything.  We love to hate her wicked self.  She is power hungry, yet an incredibly protective and loving mother.  Her character is complex leaving us tied up in a lot of emotion towards her.  Now that her evil son has choked on his pigeon pie, she is starting to lose power, but something tells me that she won't have a problem hanging on to it.

Sansa Stark
Sansa is kindhearted, analytical, and always does what is right.  She is so virtuous that it actually hurts her especially when playing the game.  She tends to fall into problems left and right without ever really wanting to in the first place.  Still remaining a Virgin after marrying Tyrion, she is able to marry again if she plays her cards right.  She is a Virgo in the fact that they never truly means to play games or hurt people, but just want to do what is analytically correct.

Margaery Tyrell
The Tyrells are known for their beautiful gardens back at home, something every Libra would love.  She is also quite fashionable which is also simultaneous with a Libra.  This woman knows how to play the game.  She is intelligent, charming, tactful, and beautiful.  She knows how to get what she wants in a sweet and doting way.  Queen is what is on her mind, even if she has to sneak around to do it.

Dark, powerful, elusive, and mysterious Melisandre is a character that I have grown to appreciate.  Yes, she is totally cray cray, but she knows what's up.  She uses her sexuality, power, and magic to get what she wants like any Scorpio would.  After throwing the three leeches into the fire for the three kings to die, all of them ended up dead.  Obviously no coincidence there.  She also knows that the winter is coming, and that it could mean the end.  She is someone to definitely LISTEN to.

One thing that Sagittarius has a problem with is trusting too easily, and that is just what happened with this wildling.  I mean, I can't blame her.  I would totally go for it in a cave with John Snow too.  Her free spirit, optimism, and outspoken archer character encompasses what a Sagittarius is.  Her red hair is to be considered good luck by the wildlings, because is means she was "kissed by fire".  Appropriate again for being the last Fire Sign in the Zodiac.

Brienne Tarth
Brienne is as stable as they come, never letting her emotions get in the way of anything.  She is hard working, sincere, competitive, and unbreakable just like a Capricorn.  She is made fun of often by other knights when the call her "Brienne the Beautiful", but she doesn't care because she knows she is bad ass.  Her emotions are hidden high around solid concrete walls that she will let escape every once in a while.

Arya Stark
From day one, Arya has always gone against the grain.  She has always been an adventurous, honest, and unconventional girl.  She never cared what anyone else was saying what she should do or what is right, she just went down her own path like a true Aquarian would.  Through a series of unfortunate events, she has ended up with the hound and has become quite the little warrior.  More to see from her no doubt.

Talisa Stark
Love and dreams are no doubt what ended her all too short life.  Talisa was beautiful and magnetic to Rob, and it cost them both of their lives.  She spun her Pisces dreams, and he got tangled in her net.  Even though he was promised to marry another, he wanted her.  Her feminine and dream like qualities are no doubt what drew him to her and their death.


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