The Libra Man

He thinks about everything.  This man is a Cardinal Air sign, meaning he is a leader and very intellectual.  He is so charming that escaping him is about as easy as getting out of Alcatraz.  He is so logical and intelligent that he can tell you why you should do whatever it is that he wants, and you believe it.  Even if you don’t agree with his argument, he will pull out his strongest weapon; his sugary sweet smile.  Most Librans have dimples, but even if they don’t they will smile at you and you will forget what you were even talking about in the first place. 
One thing that may drive you to tears is how indecisive he is.  He will convince you of something one minute, and then a few days later he will do a 180 and leave you absolutely confused.  In some cases it is best if you just make the decisions yourself, or you make be waiting for him to decide until the cows come home.  Sometimes you will just need to let them talk things out.  Be a good sounding board for him to bounce ideas off of.  It helps them come to a conclusion… sometimes. 
Libras do love better than any other sign.  Their ruling planet is Venus, the planet of love, which is why the men of this sign tend to be so attractive and appealing to women.  They are a masculine cardinal Air sign, while having such a beautiful and feminine planet.  They are a beautiful balance of both that leaves women swooning.  If he finds a woman he wants, it would be near next to impossible for even the high walls around a Capricorn’s heart to resist him.  If a Libran man is hurt in love, they tend to heal and move on quickly.  Much more quickly than a Cancer could ever dream of.  It is not that they aren’t emotional, they just don’t fester on their emotions, because they would much rather be happy and free.  These guys love to give advice.  Whether you want it or not, you’re going to get it.  He can be very cranky, or as lovely as a lilac.  If you are unfair to him in any way, I fear for your safety.  These guys are all about fairness.  Do not go to them with a sob story if you are looking for retribution, because the first thing they will ask you is, “well what did you do to make that happen?”  They are the devil’s advocate of the Zodiac.  If you are looking for someone to sob with you when you are sad, this is not the guy for you.  They just don’t go to the depths of emotion, because they would rather live freely amongst fluffy pink clouds of happiness.
If you want to keep this charming Charlie around, you are going to want to keep his surroundings clean and pleasant.  Even if he is extremely messy he will expect you to keep the house in order.  He will get irritated if the paint doesn’t match the décor, if the TV is too loud, and if there is dust on his nightstand.  He dresses wonderfully, always looking so sharp and handsome, so he will want his shirts ironed and laundry clean.  This means keeping yourself up as well.  If you decide to turn out to be sloppy he will be very displeased.  He loves harmony and beauty in every aspect of his life. 
As a father he will be lovely with them.  He will always be fair when disciplining them, and teach them valuable lessons that one needs to know.  Libra men are not always fond of the idea of having children right away, but once they arrive they wonder how they lived life without them to begin with.  One other thing that is wonderful about these men is that they will never put their children before their marriage.  They know how important it is to keep his love happy.  Like they say, a happy wife is a happy life. 
Overall if you have yourself a Libra man, you are one lucky ducky.  These men will have most women envying you, and wondering how such a handsome man with such a beautiful aura chose you.  He may not be able to explain it himself, he just knows.  So go with it, and let yourself fall under his heavenly spell. 


  1. Hey Desiree!! I have been wondering where you've been lol! Aren't Libras wonderful? (Case in point^ lol) Its so hard to escape them. I am a Libra woman and I am fully aware of the power of the Libra and the charms that be. Were wise, witty and sharp as stated above and when the smile is flashed all bets are off. I could go on and on but everything stated above is the best description of Libra and should be laminated because it really doesn't get any truer than that, lol! I cant tell you how much I love this post! You are right on the money with everything, as always! Hopefully we hear/see from you soon! Talk soon Desiree and bye for now! :) <3333333

    P.S enjoy that drink!! ;)


  2. Pardon my ego for the rest of today.

    And congratulations!

    1. Thank you Mr. Stack! Tell that beautiful Aquarian lady of yours I say hello!