QUIZ - What Sun Sign are you REALLY Like?

I have sooooo many people always tell me, "I am a Scorpio, but I act a lot more like a Sagittarius."  This is probably because you have Sagittarius influences in your chart.  You can get a reading from me by giving me some basic info with my chart reading service on the right hand side of my lovely little page here.

This is a fun quiz to see what your personality really reflects out of the 12 Sun Signs.  I made a little link up for you to share your experience with my fun little quiz, so that other people can see what you got!  If you don't blog, please feel free to leave a comment.


  1. I got Pisces, which I knew would happen! I was totally meant to be a Pisces but I held on too long and ended up an Aries (worst Aries *ever*).

  2. Wow so amazing!! I am a Libra but i am close to Virgo! I actually ended up getting pristine Virgo! Love that! :D


  3. I'm cancer, result is Libra ..well,that's awkward

  4. ha I got taurus which is quite interesting as my taurus house is completely slammed with asteroids and planets....at least 14 of them