Porte a Vie Sextrologist

So its official SSS readers, I am now your resident Sextrologist at Porte a Vie!!!  The web site has finally launched.  If you wondering what Porte a Vie is all about, it is "A place where men and women can explore their wants, needs and desires; a curated selection of provocative pleasures." There is all sorts of sexy fun stuff on there for you to check out!  Trust me, it's worth the adventure.

If you guys like my posts here, you are most definitely going to enjoy my Sextrology posts there.  I will be posting monthly on who's birthday it is at the time, which means Gemini ladies are next!  The posts will talk about the sexuality of each Sun Sign, as well as what the sex is like with every other sign.  What I write for Porte a Vie will not be posted on here, so make sure you take a trip to Porte a Vie every month to get your Sextrology reading in!  I will remind you on my Simply Sun Signs Facebook page.  So go "like" my page to get my posts in your Facebook feed.

I hope you guys love the new addition to my life.  Please check out the latest articles published there now...

How awesome is the art!!!  LOVE IT!


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    1. Thanks SA, my blog would not be so awesome if it wasn't for your amazing designing skills xoxo

  2. Congratulations Desiree!! I love reading your posts/articles! You are awesome! <333