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Happy Friday my star gazing readers.  I want to introduce you to a savvy shopper from the big apple who loves astrology just as much as I do.  I met Lisa from her incredible support of SSS.  Lisa's blog, Chic Little Thrills, is all about ballin' on a budget.  Her blog covers fashion, beauty, and throws in a few cocktails for good measure.  Good thing it's pay day, because after reading this post you will probably be a few dollars poorer than when you came here.  I about fell off my chair when I saw the C. Wonder cuff.  Any who, I'm getting way ahead of myself.  I'll let the style guru do the talking.  So without further ado, please give a warm welcome to the lovely Libra lady Lisa from Chic Little Thrills... 


Hey guys! I am so excited to be here! My name is Lisa I am creator and editor of Chic Little Thrills which is a personal Style and Beauty blog! I share everything from new fashion finds to my latest beauty routine! But most of all, I am a tried and true Libra! Fickle, flirty and makeup obsessed! Like Desiree, I am an astrology junkie! Sure I love fashion and beauty. However, my first true love is Astrology. Yes, anything and everything astrology. I live and love it every second of the day, which many of my readers probably don't know. It is a true obsession and I simply can't get enough. I have read and done so much research on the subject, it is literally ingrained in everything I do and everyone I meet. 
Like most astrology junkies, I am constantly on the look out for pieces such as jewelry or clothing that have to do with one's sign. I think everyone should have pride in their sign, so why not show it off right? It's not only a statement, but also a conversation piece. Oh you're an Aries? I'm a ... Get my drift? So today I gathered some stylish pieces that you may want to wear to show off that awesome sign of yours! Each one is available and super affordable! Let's begin.

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I love all of these pieces! I think there's something for everyone even if it may be of a different sign than yours. I matched each piece with the sign that I saw fit. Take a look!

Aries- A nice Silver bangle is enough for this sign. A lovely piece around the wrist is just enough to spark a conversation.. about they're sign and themselves- of course. Also the silver is beautiful, which will shimmer and sparkle for feminine Arian.

Taurus- This absolutely gorgeous bangle is perfect for a Taurus. This bangle is graceful but still has style! Its delicate and just perfect for a Taurean to wear right on they're wrist.

Gemini- This charm is perfect for a Gemini. It's shiny and lovely to look at- just like a Gemini. It also has the sign engraved right on it! No questions asked! It will also go with each every one of they're changing/evolving outfits.

Cancer- I love this charm for a cancer. Its silver and can hook onto whatever the Cancerian desires. It does not have to be on one specific chain. Perfect for a coasting and ever changing cancer.

Leo- This pendant screams Leo. The Leo female has a light to them. However, they are also strong willed. Having such a beautiful and regal pendant is just enough to compliment them but not outshine them. It will sit and shine perfectly on they're neck! Gorgeous! 

Virgo- They love delicate pieces, so this necklace I thought to be absolutely perfect for them to wear around they're neck. Also right to the point, just like a Virgo!

Libra- Like most Libras I love a good statement piece or something sparkly. This charm is wonderful for a Libra. It not only has the sign of the scales, but has a beautiful charm to go with it. Something a Libra loves and does best! 

Scorpio- This Pendant is perfect for a Scorpio. It has a beautiful glyph engravement on it, which is the symbol of the Scorpio. And the disk shape is perfect too. Its mysterious and seductive just like this sign! Did you know that this symbol is supposed to be a representation of the Fallopian tubes/Female organs. I find it fascinating!

Sagittarius- This Pendant is strong and beautiful. It has the archer and almost has a woodsy vibe to it. It also feels a little adventurous which is exactly what these people are known for! The metal is oxidized so its not super shiny. It also has a rugged feel to it but is still feminine. The perfect balance for this sign.

Capricorn- Like the Aries bangle, this one is gold and again has that oxidized feel. It is gold and earthy, just like a Capricorn.  I feel this would be a perfect piece for this sign.

Aquarius- Always going against the grain and being apart from the crowd. This super cute pendant is perfect for an Aquarian. Its simple and beautiful. And instead of a circle pendant, its rectangle. It also has their sign elegantly inscripted on it. 

Pisces- To me, Pisceans are always wearing their heart on their sleeves. In this case, be it their fingers. I love how instead of a necklace or bangle- their sign is written right across their fingers on a ring. Its perfect for an emotional Piscean.

That's it guys! I hope you all loved my recommendations and pieces for your sign! I had a blast and am so flattered to have the opportunity to share my love of astrology with you all. If you are interested in any of these pieces, you can find them just by clicking the link according to the sign. 

Feel free to comment, or ask any questions! Talk soon guys and bye for now. 

Excuse me while I go spend a chunk of my paycheck!  That C. Wonder cuff is to die for.  I want ALL of these fabulous little finds... I may already have got some of them.  Ooops!  I am off to gallivant around Ft. Laudy with Whitney, so have an amazing weekend everyone!!!   


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