Aries Woman - Sagittarius Man

Fire + Fire = More Fire

... and that is just what these two combined create.  Being that they are the same element, there is an undoubted natural attraction between them.  They could be across the room from each other, and somehow find one another.  Although, he makes himself hard to miss with that loud mouth of his, and she is no wallflower taking charge of a crowd in no time.   That is probably how will win her heart actually.  He will probably say something so ridiculous and loud with a shit eating grin on his face, that she will burst out into laughter and her heart will be hooked.  He will immediately love her childlike laugh and demanding presence that he will crave to get to know her more.  He appreciates that she loves his sense of humor seeing that some find it offensive.  It is not an easy feat by any means to tie a Sagittarius down, but if someone can do it with ease (and if he is ready to actually settle down) it will be an Aries.  She just gets him, when a lot of people don't.

This woman is fierce, strong, and independent; but as I have mentioned before JEALOUS.  When a Sagittarius man is not ready to settle down, he will never be able to make his Aries woman completely happy.  Yes Sag, you love to be free and run wild, but don't drag your Aries through the dirt behind you.  You will not be only hurting her, but yourself as well.  Take that as a warning to both of you.  The Archer may be able to string a Pisces along for a few months, but an Aries won't stand for it one second.  Once you say you belong to your Aries woman, that means physically AND mentally.  So don't let your Sagittarian mouth go flirting to the first pretty Libra that crosses your path, and bats her long eyelashes at you.  I promise that if you do, and your Aries finds out, you will be charred at the stake...

Anyways, now that we got that out of they way, let's talk about how seriously awesome this match is!

When trust is formed in this relationship, it has the potential to last an eternity.  The sex and emotional stability they give one another is pure perfection.  Not to mention, they will be probably one of the most fun couples you will ever meet.  They are both friendly, warm, and open.  One thing they will love doing is talking about dreams and ideas that they have about life, love, and work.   You could put these two in a room with nothing in it, and they would never get bored.

She is innocence, and he loves to bring her childlike spirit on every adventure he takes.  He will bring her on many of them, seeing that he has a wanderlust spirit.  She will of course love this.  Traveling with your partner only bonds you closer, and they will feel this without a doubt.  Another bond they will form is the one they have sexually.  Their sex is harmonious, intense, and imaginative.  They will love to love each other as well as be loved by one another.

Sagittarius - Never make a promise you can't keep, never give her a reason to be jealous, and appreciate her independence.  Aries - Embrace his free spirit, trust him with every beat of your fiery heart, and remember to have patience with him.  Do this and you will have laughter and love for eternity, that your fire for one another will never be replicable.

He will love her strength and tenacity, and he will make her laugh as though it was his sole purpose in life.  Their hunger for life and love with one another will be palpable to everyone around them.  When they meet, they will understand how life was a little dull before they were drawn together.  They light each others world in so many different ways, that they never even  knew existed. 

The Women of Game of Thrones

 So yes, I am a Game of Thrones freak.  I actually get sad when I think about how the show is actually going to come to an end one day, because I won't know what to do with myself.  I thought I would mix two of my great loves together, and write this fun little post on which signs I believe they act most like.  I actually looked up each one of these actresses real Sun Signs, and found that these ladies almost all have different Signs than each other.  Very interesting.... This season has been jam packed with a lot of exciting twists and turns.  I warn you that there may be some spoilers if you are not completely caught up with the show, so you may want to save this read for another day.  Anyways, here is my explanation for why I think these heroins, Queens, and incredible characters fit the bill for each Sun Sign...

Daenerys Targaryen 
She is undoubtedly my favorite character in the show by far.  Her middle name is Stormborn, because when she was born there was a viscous storm in the sky.  The Targaryens are known for having mad yet brilliant leaders.  She is the last of her name, and she is taking the world by fire.  Her character is independent, creative, headstrong, generous, and fiery.  Just like any Aries would be.

Meera Reed 
Meera is extremely loyal and protective like a Taurus.  She is great with the Earth, being the main hunter of the group.  She is strong, steady, patient, enduring, and practical.  She keeps their small yet very important group happy, alive, and together.

Spunky, chatty, and fun Shae is the light in Tyrion's life for a very long time.  We see her as a lover, a maid to Sansa, a whore, and a wise advice giver.  We learn that their are many wonderful sides to her.  That is until recently of course when he sent her away for her own safety.  We then saw her come back and show a whole different side to her full of lies and anger.  Geminis definitely have multiple personalities, and Shae is no exception.

 Catelyn Stark
She is a loving, persistent, and intelligent woman who took her role as wife and mother very seriously.  She was strong for everyone, but her Cancer moodiness was most definitely evident.  Even though Catelyn was a fierce mother, and strong woman, she made her one big mistake based on emotion.  Like all water signs, this tends to be a problem with us.  She should have never let Jaime Lannister go in hopes of getting her daughters back.  After that happened it was a domino effect that eventually led to her death.

Cersei Lannister
Maybe it is the golden locks, or that the Lannister family crest is a Lion.  Whatever it may be, Cersei Lannister screams Leo.  She is ambitious, bold, strong, royal, and loves to be at the center of everything.  We love to hate her wicked self.  She is power hungry, yet an incredibly protective and loving mother.  Her character is complex leaving us tied up in a lot of emotion towards her.  Now that her evil son has choked on his pigeon pie, she is starting to lose power, but something tells me that she won't have a problem hanging on to it.

Sansa Stark
Sansa is kindhearted, analytical, and always does what is right.  She is so virtuous that it actually hurts her especially when playing the game.  She tends to fall into problems left and right without ever really wanting to in the first place.  Still remaining a Virgin after marrying Tyrion, she is able to marry again if she plays her cards right.  She is a Virgo in the fact that they never truly means to play games or hurt people, but just want to do what is analytically correct.

Margaery Tyrell
The Tyrells are known for their beautiful gardens back at home, something every Libra would love.  She is also quite fashionable which is also simultaneous with a Libra.  This woman knows how to play the game.  She is intelligent, charming, tactful, and beautiful.  She knows how to get what she wants in a sweet and doting way.  Queen is what is on her mind, even if she has to sneak around to do it.

Dark, powerful, elusive, and mysterious Melisandre is a character that I have grown to appreciate.  Yes, she is totally cray cray, but she knows what's up.  She uses her sexuality, power, and magic to get what she wants like any Scorpio would.  After throwing the three leeches into the fire for the three kings to die, all of them ended up dead.  Obviously no coincidence there.  She also knows that the winter is coming, and that it could mean the end.  She is someone to definitely LISTEN to.

One thing that Sagittarius has a problem with is trusting too easily, and that is just what happened with this wildling.  I mean, I can't blame her.  I would totally go for it in a cave with John Snow too.  Her free spirit, optimism, and outspoken archer character encompasses what a Sagittarius is.  Her red hair is to be considered good luck by the wildlings, because is means she was "kissed by fire".  Appropriate again for being the last Fire Sign in the Zodiac.

Brienne Tarth
Brienne is as stable as they come, never letting her emotions get in the way of anything.  She is hard working, sincere, competitive, and unbreakable just like a Capricorn.  She is made fun of often by other knights when the call her "Brienne the Beautiful", but she doesn't care because she knows she is bad ass.  Her emotions are hidden high around solid concrete walls that she will let escape every once in a while.

Arya Stark
From day one, Arya has always gone against the grain.  She has always been an adventurous, honest, and unconventional girl.  She never cared what anyone else was saying what she should do or what is right, she just went down her own path like a true Aquarian would.  Through a series of unfortunate events, she has ended up with the hound and has become quite the little warrior.  More to see from her no doubt.

Talisa Stark
Love and dreams are no doubt what ended her all too short life.  Talisa was beautiful and magnetic to Rob, and it cost them both of their lives.  She spun her Pisces dreams, and he got tangled in her net.  Even though he was promised to marry another, he wanted her.  Her feminine and dream like qualities are no doubt what drew him to her and their death.

The Gemini Woman

This woman is a sprite.  Yes like a fairy just flitting around and spreading sunshine everywhere she goes.  This of course is on Wednesdays, on Thursday she will be a dark and mysterious woman with an attitude the size of Texas.  Don’t even ask me about Friday, I have no clue.  They are always spunky and interesting though, that is for sure.  It is almost impossible to be bored around this woman.  She will love you one minute, and hate you the next.  It’s not that she can’t make up her mind, she just has so many of them that flood her brain with different ideas and thoughts.  She is a Mutable Air Sign, and ruled by Mercury.  This means their minds are quick, and their mouths are usually moving. 

One of my best friends was born on June 7th, and she is as Gemini as they come.  She is an accountant, however one day she says she is going to quit school and become a nutritionist, then the next day she is going to move to California.  Her mind changes as much as one changes their underwear.  I also know a cocktail waitress that has actually not only named her alter ego Lady Penelope, but has tattooed a picture of her on her thigh.  I have only met her other personality once, and it's when she is in a sassy mood or after a few cocktails.  Another one of my Gemini friends, as well as my dog’s Godmother, were out downtown one night and I watched her flirt with a guy that we are out with playing an ultra feminine damsel one minute, then asking who the hot chick bartender is the next.  Watching a Gemini’s personalities change is about as fun as going to the movies.  Grab some popcorn and just watch. 
Gemini women look at relationships as fun games.  They are excellent at playing games you see, and they find them very fun.  She has a bright and cheery personality that sparkles like yellow diamonds.  People are drawn to her fun and lite personality like a moth to the flame.  She plays the damsel in distress so well that men will be pining to come to her rescue.  She will be laughing inside when you come gallivanting to her rescue, which she didn’t actually need in the first place.  She just thought it would be fun to see if it worked.  She is not heartless by any means, quite the opposite.  She just likes to have a good time.  A great example of a Gemini woman like that was Marilyn Monroe.  There have been countless shows, movies, and documentaries with biased perspectives of who she really was.  That’s the thing people don’t understand though… she is all of them.  She is a true Gemini woman.  Another great Gemini to ponder is Angelina Jolie.  Is she a husband stealer, amazing mother, humanitarian, award winning actress, or sex goddess?  She is all of them.  Gemini women aren’t ever just one woman.  They are many women in the fleshly body of one.  So, if you are a guy who has a hard time staying faithful, a Gemini may be the right one for you.

Gemini women will tend to have many suitors in their life because their different personalities will find things that they need in different relationships.  So, if she settles down with you take it as a huge compliment.  She will be your best friend that will love to do everything under the Sun with you.  She will always keep you laughing with her quick mind and great sense of humor.  She loves change, where most despise it.  She sees it as a new adventure that almost calls to her inner being.  She is a beautiful friend, a hilarious hostess, and someone who changes their diet and religion until the day she ceases. She will be a wonderful mother, but hates days when she has to be a housewife, she will challenge you mentally, and adjust easily.  She will bake you a pie one minute, and be out on the street supporting women’s rights the next.  She is everything that you could imagine all wrapped into one human body.  Like I said, go make some popcorn and just sit back and enjoy the show.

This beautiful woman has so many hopes her beautiful lite heart, and so many thoughts in her ever expanding mind.  If you can keep up with her and help her sort through all of them, she will run through life with you forever.  She will always keep your life vibrant and bright.  Just hold her hand tightly or a wind of change may just pick her up and carry her off forever.

The Libra Man

He thinks about everything.  This man is a Cardinal Air sign, meaning he is a leader and very intellectual.  He is so charming that escaping him is about as easy as getting out of Alcatraz.  He is so logical and intelligent that he can tell you why you should do whatever it is that he wants, and you believe it.  Even if you don’t agree with his argument, he will pull out his strongest weapon; his sugary sweet smile.  Most Librans have dimples, but even if they don’t they will smile at you and you will forget what you were even talking about in the first place. 
One thing that may drive you to tears is how indecisive he is.  He will convince you of something one minute, and then a few days later he will do a 180 and leave you absolutely confused.  In some cases it is best if you just make the decisions yourself, or you make be waiting for him to decide until the cows come home.  Sometimes you will just need to let them talk things out.  Be a good sounding board for him to bounce ideas off of.  It helps them come to a conclusion… sometimes. 
Libras do love better than any other sign.  Their ruling planet is Venus, the planet of love, which is why the men of this sign tend to be so attractive and appealing to women.  They are a masculine cardinal Air sign, while having such a beautiful and feminine planet.  They are a beautiful balance of both that leaves women swooning.  If he finds a woman he wants, it would be near next to impossible for even the high walls around a Capricorn’s heart to resist him.  If a Libran man is hurt in love, they tend to heal and move on quickly.  Much more quickly than a Cancer could ever dream of.  It is not that they aren’t emotional, they just don’t fester on their emotions, because they would much rather be happy and free.  These guys love to give advice.  Whether you want it or not, you’re going to get it.  He can be very cranky, or as lovely as a lilac.  If you are unfair to him in any way, I fear for your safety.  These guys are all about fairness.  Do not go to them with a sob story if you are looking for retribution, because the first thing they will ask you is, “well what did you do to make that happen?”  They are the devil’s advocate of the Zodiac.  If you are looking for someone to sob with you when you are sad, this is not the guy for you.  They just don’t go to the depths of emotion, because they would rather live freely amongst fluffy pink clouds of happiness.
If you want to keep this charming Charlie around, you are going to want to keep his surroundings clean and pleasant.  Even if he is extremely messy he will expect you to keep the house in order.  He will get irritated if the paint doesn’t match the d├ęcor, if the TV is too loud, and if there is dust on his nightstand.  He dresses wonderfully, always looking so sharp and handsome, so he will want his shirts ironed and laundry clean.  This means keeping yourself up as well.  If you decide to turn out to be sloppy he will be very displeased.  He loves harmony and beauty in every aspect of his life. 
As a father he will be lovely with them.  He will always be fair when disciplining them, and teach them valuable lessons that one needs to know.  Libra men are not always fond of the idea of having children right away, but once they arrive they wonder how they lived life without them to begin with.  One other thing that is wonderful about these men is that they will never put their children before their marriage.  They know how important it is to keep his love happy.  Like they say, a happy wife is a happy life. 
Overall if you have yourself a Libra man, you are one lucky ducky.  These men will have most women envying you, and wondering how such a handsome man with such a beautiful aura chose you.  He may not be able to explain it himself, he just knows.  So go with it, and let yourself fall under his heavenly spell. 

QUIZ - What Sun Sign are you REALLY Like?

I have sooooo many people always tell me, "I am a Scorpio, but I act a lot more like a Sagittarius."  This is probably because you have Sagittarius influences in your chart.  You can get a reading from me by giving me some basic info with my chart reading service on the right hand side of my lovely little page here.

This is a fun quiz to see what your personality really reflects out of the 12 Sun Signs.  I made a little link up for you to share your experience with my fun little quiz, so that other people can see what you got!  If you don't blog, please feel free to leave a comment.

The Perfect Pup for your Sun Sign

They are man's best friend.  What would we do without our babies?  I have two myself.  Stitch, who is a one and a half year old Chiweenie that I am 99% sure smokes crack while I'm at work.  I also recently acquired Wookie, a 6 year old teacup Yorkie with an attitude the size of Texas.  They both make me laugh every day.  I love coming home to my boys, because they are always so happy to see me.  Dogs are such a huge part of our families, because their personalities are so ingrained with ours.  Below are the typical trait of each breed and how they fit with certain signs.  Happy Dog Mom Day!


Yorkshire Terrier
These dogs are energetic, affectionate, and boyish.  Don't let their pampered look fool you, these dogs will get down and dirty.  They are called the "tomboy toys", which will be perfect for the tomboy Aries.  They have a gentle, but at times, a very sassy nature.

 French Bulldog
These dogs are easy going and playful.  They rarely bark or make a ruckus.  They love food and they love relaxing.  A great fit for a Taurus' relaxed lifestyle.

These dogs are charming and sassy.  These dogs are very animated, and have different personalities depending on the situation.  They are loyal to their owner to a fault.  They love the sun and toasty spots.  This dog will be a perfect fit for the chatty Gemini.

These dogs are very sweet and friendly.  They make great family dogs, which Cancers are bound to have, or be around.  They have a lot of energy and will love to swim and run around the yard.  They will make a great addition to any Cancer's family.
Golden Retriever
These dogs are loyal, and love to please their owner.  Leos love being please, so this combo will work out great.  Their golden hair will be something the Leo admires as well.  These dogs keep their playful and childlike behavior long into their later years.  They also have an outgoing and very goodhearted nature.

These dogs can be very shy at first, but they are very easy to train which will keep the house nice and clean.  The Virgo loves a clean home and a well kept dog.  Poodles also have a sense of pride to them that comes naturally.


These puff balls are a good fit for the airy Libran.  They are lively, bold, and curious dogs.  They are versatile, being a good fit for the city or country.  They are great for long walks and also long naps.  They will be a perfect fit for the constantly tipping Libra scales.

Doberman Pinscher
They are alert, fearless, and loyal.  This dog is quick and powerful which will go perfect with the powerful Scorpio nature.  Just like a Scorpio, these dogs may look scary at first, but they are really big softies at heart.  When a Pinscher is yours, they will do anything for you.

These dogs have a lot of attitude and a lot of spunk.  They are hilarious to be around, but they can definitely be very stubborn.  They will go well with the fun and lively demeanor of a Sagittarius, and always keep them laughing with their upbeat nature.


German Shepard
These dogs are brave and steady.  They love to be outside, and will climb any mountain with their Capricorn owner.  They are noble, protective, and dependable just like a Cappy.

These dogs are hilarious and quirky.  They will constantly have you guessing what they are going to do next.  They are adaptable to smaller spaces, so living in the city is no problem.  They have an even temper, and their mischievous personality will fit perfectly with an Aquarius.

These dogs are gentle, playful, and very affectionate.  They are princesses in every way possible, just like the ultra-feminine Pisces herself.  These dogs act like little aristocrats sitting in their owners lap like royalty.  They love to cuddle, which will be great for the deeply emotional fish.