The Pisces Man

There are two types of Pisces men in the world; fish and whales.  They are both beautiful dreamers, but some make their dreams into reality, and some do not. Pisces fish can live with their dreams, food, and a bottle of wine.  Notice how I left out the “you” part.  That is because these men can create anything into a dream, so if you aren't going to stick around they will make it.  They might be sad, but they will make it.  They like people, but they do not need them.  If you are looking for a provider, do not get into a relationship with a Pisces who only has his dreams, unless family life is something that is not too important to you, or you come from a wealthy family that will support both of you, or if you want to work two jobs; one for him and one for you.  If this does not sound appealing to you, and he is still living on his dreams and not in reality by the time he is 30, I would give you advice to say goodbye.  Yes it will hurt to leave your dreamy romantic fish, but there are whales out there.
If you get lucky enough to meet a whale, you are one lucky girl.  All Pisces men are romantic and dreamers, but this one will actually be able to put food on your table, and rent will be paid on time.  These are the men that turned their dreams into reality, and the ones who are able to help provide for the family you want.  
The Pisces man is beautifully empathetic.  He never judges people without walking a mile in their moccasins.  He is one of those people that you can go to with your ugliest of confessions, and it won’t even shock him.  He will just sit there and listen while doing everything in his power to understand why.  He likes sympathy as much as the next person, so he has no problem dishing it out to others. 

When it comes to you telling him secrets that you want kept, be careful.  These guys really don’t mean to tell, but they might accidentally let things slip out from time to time.  It is hard for him at times to realize what he says can sometimes be damaging.  These guys speak slowly and think gently.  He tries to stay out of problems with friends and family, but drama tends to follow him like a moth to the flame.  People just like going to him because they know they are in the "judge free zone.” 

If you are dating a Pisces guy, the last thing they want to hear from you is all of your problems too.  You are their romance, happiness, and escape from all of those other problematic people in their life.  He needs relief with you.  Because Pisces has natural depth to them, they tend to soak up whatever energy is around them.  That is why it is crucial that he surrounds himself with positivity and happy people.  If he does not he can become very depressed and dark.  They are very emotional, and can also feel other people’s emotions around them.  This blessing and curse will cause them to tire easily, and they will need to rest often.  So before you go and call your Pisces man lazy, remember that he feels first.  Give him his space so he can refresh his aura.  He needs it. 

Never hold back encouragement of any kind from this man, he really does need it.  This guy rarely gets upset, but when he does it is usually not long lasting.  He does think it is fun to fool people though.  However, because of is deep intuition it will be very hard to trick him.  This guy likes to tell you things that aren’t necessarily true all the time.  You might call it little white lies.  He will tell you that he is at the grocery store when he is really at the gas station.  Yes it is weird and ridiculous, but they find it fun.  As long as it isn’t hurting anything I wouldn’t make too big of a deal about it. 

He is not a super jealous guy, so having your freedom won’t be too much to ask from him.  You may have to get your jealousy in check though.  This guy will have a lot of friends of both sexes that will want to talk to him at all hours of the night.  He also appreciates the female body very much, so he may check a chick out every once and again.  Do not worry though, if he is yours he will be loyal because he appreciates loyalty from the one he is with so much himself.

When it comes to money, I would not say that they are the best with it.  They are overly generous to their friends and family with it.  If someone comes to them in need, they will pull out every penny from their bank account that they have, even if rent is due the next day.  This is because Pisces have been through the entire Karmic wheel and understand that money is not real.  They value the human soul over everything.  Not to say that these people don’t like cold hard cash, but they just don’t value it as much as the bigger things in life.  He needs a good example by him to show how to invest and save his dollars.

 When and if he has children, they will absolutely love him.  Some say a Pisces father is even better than a Pisces husband.  He will use his imagination to play with them frequently.  You will to the disciplining, and he will do the listening.  He will be involved in everything they do, and he will also have an uncanny way of know exactly what they need without even asking for it. 

One thing I highly advise against is treading on his dreams and ideas.  That will hurt him more than a stab to the heart.  Help him create a plan to turn them into a reality.  His enthusiasm should never be shut down.  At times his dreams may be frustrating because all you ever hear about is the dream, but when a fish becomes a whale it is really something incredible to be a part of.  This man is always growing and changing by learning from himself and his emotions.  Be his romance, his soundboard, his comfort, his plan, and his stability and the cold murky waters of his hopes and dreams that he may live in will turn into crystal clear blue waters of reality.


  1. It's not that dreamy with broken heart I can tell you. It's like the 3rd year and I still yearn her... and I cry in in sleeps and what not. I dreamed of her in my night dreams for like 1.5 year straight.. every night. she would be there, But the worst part of it was that I could remember that dream at morning, hurting me more.

    Feels like there is some very thick layer above me. I wonder how can I feel this bad? And after reading something like this.... OH YES. I AM THE WEAK FISH KIND GUY.
    I like this thick blanket of anonymity of internet.

    Oh and your commenting system kinda sucks. I spent like 20 minutes tyring to figure out openid

  2. This is the most accurate descriptions I have read to date! It captures a Pisces man almost perfectly and I say almost only BC every person experiences different situations resulting in slightly different results and reactions but it couldn't dead on if you had a crystal ball.

    I have been both the whale and now the fish unfortunately. My (cancer) wife/ highschool sweetheart and I had more than enough trials and tribulations for us to hurdle straight out of school but me and my dreams was the rock that got us threw. Reassuring her constantly that we would be OK and handling every problem that arose and it was easy BC I had her by my side and she was all I needed. I had to quit school my senior year with a 3.2 mind you BC of attendance from missing so many days to be by her side threw her families problems at the time and to work full time so we would have a place to live. By the time I was 21 I had became a Sr Supervisor and purchased us a house and 7 acres. She had a good job and we were happy as ever.
    I was offered a promotion to move to TX and start up another plant as well as my wife given a job with me as part of promotion. We was on board to moveand already ppacking when she come home and said she was offered a promotion at her company same week. She loved what she did and it was a dream job for her so it was no question that Iwould turn mine down and let her follow her dream. Even though it was less money than mine and i was completely out of a job and going to have to start over it didn't phase me so me moved to east TN for her.
    It hit me quick once we settled and I began looking for work what I gave up BC finding a job like I had was out of the question. So I started entry level jobs sweeping floors when I used to basically run a company and started slipping into the Pisces depression and darkness but did my best to not let her see. About a year n half later god gave me purpose again as she was pregnant with our 1st son. Being that the economy was bad at time and I really didn't have solid work yet and we were 4hr from home and family we moved back to be closer to family.
    Shortly after moving back I got my old job back and got us another house and things were looking up and we were happy and stable again living my dream life with her and my son. Then my company started having layoffs and found out I was being laid off and having to start over again and knowing that feeling it hit like a ton of bricks. 2weeks after layoff my mother passed away and I was lost again except this time I had a 3yr old and knew what was in store this time. I tried so hard to be strong and stay afloat but I was sinking fast and couldn't keep a steady job but I never quit but by just trying to keep my head above water I didn't realize was pushing everybody under. Shortly after the only thing that keep me going left me. I lost my job house my wife and best friend BC she moved in with him 5 house down from me and had a kid and still won't admit she is with him like that or sorry even though I know she is but won't say how miserable her life has become as well.
    Now I'm the fish that never leaves his house except for my son that I now have custody of and lay in the bed trying to figure it out all day every day with no friends or visitors for 3.5years now. I know what I need to do and know I will be successful and happy again but cand seem to get started yet and don't know when I will but I'm positive if the recent afib I was diagnosed with don't kill me I will be a whale again one day if not for me then my son.

    Lol life of a Pisces!!!

  3. @John Doo
    Thank you for sharing your story and still being so positive after what you've been through. I was with this pisces man for four years. During these four years, he took all of my money to take drugs but at last he decided to quit it. However, He is not happy at all. He hates his life and this world. He has always wanted to commit suicide. It kills me when he says that. We have just recently broken up again. Usually, we will get back together after several days but this time is different and I know we are seriouly done. He said he doesnt wanna hurt me anymore as I have been financially supporting him for four years long and he said he wants to get back on drugs. I also have temper problem ever since he confessed to me that he became a drug addict and my life got really messed up after that. He said he wants to stay friends with me after the break up and of course i cried really hard and said yes. I dont know whether in the future we will be together again. But I will not being with someone else til my pisces actually leaves this world. I love my pisces man and he is my favourite fish. I am so glad to have him in my life. No regrets at all.

  4. This describes me perfectly. I feel pisces is lazy when he is unmotivated, when his dreams are not even close to reality. I can attest to this because I have only one dream, and that is to be in a relationship with a cancer woman I have anonymously loved for 5 years now. She is the love of my life but I'm afraid I'm not her match. I'm in a poor state of mind, depressed and I feel she would never want to be with me.

    Although I am very loving and romantic I depend on love to drive me forward. No woman would want to deal with an emotionally unstable man, its not accustomed that a man is so emotionally weak. They will take me for what I currently am and not what I can be. I feel I'm doomed to be alone the rest of my life and this thought is killing me slowly. As a result I have low self esteem and lacking ambition, I work part time but I feel like a burden to my family. I sometimes just think I'm better off dead

    1. Hey, this may be a little late but I'm sure you are a real catch.

      You'd be surprised how many women can actually cope with a man in tears whether it be due to their favourite team winning, the loss of a loved one or even a sad movie.

      If you have depression then that is an illness, it does not define you as a person and it is not a character flaw. If you can seek help to revitalise your life and find small things to build up your confidence piece by piece then please do that.

      You work! Hey that's an achievement. For some it's so much easier to sit there and dissolve into a mire of nothing but you get up and you do something of value - you should be PROUD. It should be celebrated not denigrated.

      No you aren't better off dead, your beloved would find out and would feel terrible that she never had the chance to tell how much she loved you - it might not be the woman you love from afar but the woman you are about to fall in love with my friend...

  5. I was supervisor when I was 19 i gave the shit up im 38 love my job the people that work with me I'm a supervisor I was born March 1 1979 I love being a pisces man