The Best Match for Your Sign

Knowing which match is best for you can be tricky to remember, so I made this easy peasy lemon squeezy post for you to refer to whenever you go on a date or whenever you meet someone in general.  I divided the matches up based on a Star Rank with 5 being the highest and best match, and 1 being the lowest and worst match.  Now, before you go breaking up with your significant other because you only got 1 star, remember that you have a whole chart of planets that could work out to your favor.  Two of my best friends are Leos and I am a Scorpio which would make us 1 Star.  If you look at my chart I have a TON of Sagittarius in me which would make us 5 Stars.... Capeshe? If you are a "bad match" I would highly suggest you get a Chart Compatibility reading done by me to see why you work.  Vice versa, if you are a 5 Star Match and you fight like cats and dogs there could be a good reason for that in your charts as well.  Either way, I hope you are able to use and enjoy this post!  

Five Star Matches

 This is when a planet is four signs away, as well as being the same element. This is what they call the lazy combination, because energies come so naturally. Things aren't forced, and resolutions come naturally.  This is the best and most magical of aspects. Having these in your compatibility is excellent.

Fire & Fire

Aries - Leo
Leo - Sagittarius
Sagittarius - Aries

Earth & Earth

Taurus - Virgo
Virgo - Capricorn
Capricorn - Taurus

Air & Air

Gemini - Libra
Libra - Aquarius
Aquarius - Gemini

Water & Water

Cancer - Scorpio
Scorpio - Pisces
Pisces - Cancer

Four Star Matches

 This is when the planets are two signs away from each other. This is considered a good thing. It is not as powerful as the conjunction, but it is favorable. This will bring friendly, harmonious, and helpful energy. It takes a little extra work because it is not as strong as some of the other aspects.

Fire & Air

Aries - Gemini
Aries - Aquarius
Leo - Gemini
Leo - Libra
Sagittarius - Libra
Sagittarius - Aquarius

Earth & Water

Taurus - Cancer
Taurus - Pisces
Virgo - Cancer
Virgo - Scorpio
Capricorn - Scorpio
Capricorn - Pisces

Three Star Matches

Conjuntion (Same Sign)
 A conjunction is when the planet in one chart is in the exact same place as the other person’s. When the planets are this close it will intensify things. Your personalities will reflect each other like a pool of water. Remember though that there are positive and negative traits of each side. This means that their good traits will intensify and so will their bad.

Aries - Aries
Leo - Leo
Sagittarius - Sagittarius
Taurus - Taurus
Virgo - Virgo
Capricorn - Capricorn
Gemini - Gemini
Libra - Libra
Aquarius- Aquarius
Cancer - Cancer
Scorpio - Scorpio
Pisces - Pisces

Semi-Sextile (Signs Next to Each Other)
Not as good as Sextile (see above for explanation) but still harmonious.

Aries -Taurus
Taurus - Gemini
Gemini - Cancer
Cancer - Leo
Leo - Virgo
Virgo - Libra
Libra - Scorpio
Scorpio - Sagittarius
Sagittarius - Capricorn
Capricorn - Aquarius
Aquarius - Pisces
Pisces - Aries

Two Star Matches

This is when planets are on the opposite side of the Karmic wheel. This can be stressful and challenging at times. However, opposites are naturally attracted to one another. They are mirror images of one another. You see everything differently, but can’t get enough of one another.

Aries - Libra
Taurus - Scorpio
Gemini - Sagittarius
Cancer - Capricorn
Leo - Aquarius
Virgo - Pisces

Quincunx (Mismatched Elements)
This is right inbetween being Opposed and Square, which can cause tension.  It is not as bad, but there will be a lot of work and compromise with these pairings. 

Aries - Virgo
Leo - Capricorn
Sagittarius - Taurus
Aries - Scorpio
Leo - Pisces
Sagittarius - Cancer
Taurus - Libra
Virgo - Aquarius
Capricorn - Gemini
Gemini - Scorpio
Libra - Pisces
Aquarius - Cancer

One Star Matches

 This is when a planet is three signs away from another one. These tend to be a negative thing in your relationship, because they box energy in. This aspect is difficult and conflicting.
Aries - Capricorn
Leo - Taurus
Sagittarius - Virgo
Aries - Cancer
Leo - Scorpio
Sagittarius - Pisces
Taurus - Aquarius
Virgo - Gemini
Capricorn - Libra
Gemini - Pisces
Libra - Cancer
Aquarius - Scorpio


  1. Leo & Scorpio - Fire & Water = STEAM!

    Hello! I am very very VERY much a Leo woman. Like seriously, type it into Google and read anything and everything that pops up. It is all me - both the good and the bad! My boyfriend going on one year - is a quinticential Scorp. Right down to his need secrecy and his notorious moodiness. Almost everything I have ever read states that we are a volitile couple - the Scorpio always hurting the Leos pride and need for adoration and praise, and Leo pushing him away with their need for control (which the Scorpio will NOT relinquish- listening you Leo ladies?) and domination. Always a battle of wills and control that eventually gets so frustrating that the fire that ignites in the bedroom no longer sustains them and they head for disaster. Our 1 year anniversary is coming up next month. Doesn't sound like a whole lot of time but trust me, in a Leo/Scorpio love relationship, it might as well be 10. As a Leo Lady, I know the craving we have for a Scorpio man. It's as insane as it is unexplainable. Is it their mysteriousness? Their piercing eyes? Their ability to completely "wow" us in the bedroom? (Which is no easy feat!) The answer is yes to all that and more. I am willing to bet that every single Leo woman has loved at least one, if not more, Scorpio in their lifetime. If that is you and you are disheartened by all the not-so-great reviews on the relationship, don't be. The secret to this union is plain and simple: Understanding. Period. You, as a proud Leo woman have to really be not only able but WILLING to understand that you will never ever know everything about this man. You have to understand that despite the aloof feeling you get from him, beneath that, emotions run very deep. If you are a mature Leo woman (Warning: unevolved lionesses do not dare to even attempt this. You will end up being flirty in front of him and it will not be pretty. You also will come off as too dramatic and childlike. Wait until you have patience that only time can teach you.) and are willing to put forth the effort to understand not just "him", but everything that ties into him, It can be absolutely amazing. Read up about this mysterious and extremely sensitive (believe it or not) soul. I have been with my Scorpio a year and I credit a whole heck of a lot of that to the fact that I took the time to really understand who he is deep in his soul. As Leo Ladies, we have the big heart to be able to understand and accept him for who he is, the good and the bad. What one side lacks the other makes us for...if and only if you put in the effort and don't expect to receive before you give.
    ******One more warning before I depart - Do not, I repeat NOT learn about him because you want to maipulate him or play with his feelings in any way. You may be able to fool him for a minute, but rest assure that this detective of the Zodiac will see through you and again, it will not be pretty. Playing with ANYONE'S emotions is not good to do, play with a Scorpio's though, and you will have much more than Karma to answer to. Just sayin :)

  2. can you do aries man and libra woman ? x :)

  3. I'm a Virgo woman with a Capricorn moon sign, helplessly in love with a Pisces man (still a fish) with a Gemini moon. Uugghh!! I feel like a single parent and it's annoying and draining. When we first met I thought he was really mature but then something went wrong (I don't know what) and just went childlike on me. Now I'm reading that some Pisces are fishes and some are whales. How can I assist him in his transition to a whale? Please help me!!! 😞

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  5. Where are the cusp lineups? I'm a virgo/libra

  6. Can you do Scorpio woman and Capricorn male! ^_^