The Best Match for Your Sign

Knowing which match is best for you can be tricky to remember, so I made this easy peasy lemon squeezy post for you to refer to whenever you go on a date or whenever you meet someone in general.  I divided the matches up based on a Star Rank with 5 being the highest and best match, and 1 being the lowest and worst match.  Now, before you go breaking up with your significant other because you only got 1 star, remember that you have a whole chart of planets that could work out to your favor.  Two of my best friends are Leos and I am a Scorpio which would make us 1 Star.  If you look at my chart I have a TON of Sagittarius in me which would make us 5 Stars.... Capeshe? If you are a "bad match" I would highly suggest you get a Chart Compatibility reading done by me to see why you work.  Vice versa, if you are a 5 Star Match and you fight like cats and dogs there could be a good reason for that in your charts as well.  Either way, I hope you are able to use and enjoy this post!  

Five Star Matches

 This is when a planet is four signs away, as well as being the same element. This is what they call the lazy combination, because energies come so naturally. Things aren't forced, and resolutions come naturally.  This is the best and most magical of aspects. Having these in your compatibility is excellent.

Fire & Fire

Aries - Leo
Leo - Sagittarius
Sagittarius - Aries

Earth & Earth

Taurus - Virgo
Virgo - Capricorn
Capricorn - Taurus

Air & Air

Gemini - Libra
Libra - Aquarius
Aquarius - Gemini

Water & Water

Cancer - Scorpio
Scorpio - Pisces
Pisces - Cancer

Four Star Matches

 This is when the planets are two signs away from each other. This is considered a good thing. It is not as powerful as the conjunction, but it is favorable. This will bring friendly, harmonious, and helpful energy. It takes a little extra work because it is not as strong as some of the other aspects.

Fire & Air

Aries - Gemini
Aries - Aquarius
Leo - Gemini
Leo - Libra
Sagittarius - Libra
Sagittarius - Aquarius

Earth & Water

Taurus - Cancer
Taurus - Pisces
Virgo - Cancer
Virgo - Scorpio
Capricorn - Scorpio
Capricorn - Pisces

Three Star Matches

Conjuntion (Same Sign)
 A conjunction is when the planet in one chart is in the exact same place as the other person’s. When the planets are this close it will intensify things. Your personalities will reflect each other like a pool of water. Remember though that there are positive and negative traits of each side. This means that their good traits will intensify and so will their bad.

Aries - Aries
Leo - Leo
Sagittarius - Sagittarius
Taurus - Taurus
Virgo - Virgo
Capricorn - Capricorn
Gemini - Gemini
Libra - Libra
Aquarius- Aquarius
Cancer - Cancer
Scorpio - Scorpio
Pisces - Pisces

Semi-Sextile (Signs Next to Each Other)
Not as good as Sextile (see above for explanation) but still harmonious.

Aries -Taurus
Taurus - Gemini
Gemini - Cancer
Cancer - Leo
Leo - Virgo
Virgo - Libra
Libra - Scorpio
Scorpio - Sagittarius
Sagittarius - Capricorn
Capricorn - Aquarius
Aquarius - Pisces
Pisces - Aries

Two Star Matches

This is when planets are on the opposite side of the Karmic wheel. This can be stressful and challenging at times. However, opposites are naturally attracted to one another. They are mirror images of one another. You see everything differently, but can’t get enough of one another.

Aries - Libra
Taurus - Scorpio
Gemini - Sagittarius
Cancer - Capricorn
Leo - Aquarius
Virgo - Pisces

Quincunx (Mismatched Elements)
This is right inbetween being Opposed and Square, which can cause tension.  It is not as bad, but there will be a lot of work and compromise with these pairings. 

Aries - Virgo
Leo - Capricorn
Sagittarius - Taurus
Aries - Scorpio
Leo - Pisces
Sagittarius - Cancer
Taurus - Libra
Virgo - Aquarius
Capricorn - Gemini
Gemini - Scorpio
Libra - Pisces
Aquarius - Cancer

One Star Matches

 This is when a planet is three signs away from another one. These tend to be a negative thing in your relationship, because they box energy in. This aspect is difficult and conflicting.
Aries - Capricorn
Leo - Taurus
Sagittarius - Virgo
Aries - Cancer
Leo - Scorpio
Sagittarius - Pisces
Taurus - Aquarius
Virgo - Gemini
Capricorn - Libra
Gemini - Pisces
Libra - Cancer
Aquarius - Scorpio

Scorpio on the Cusp of Sagittarius: November 18 - 22

Hello from Savannah Georgia, one of the most amazing cities I have ever been to.  I LOVE it here!  I am heading to bed in a bit, and felt like talking about myself a little bit so I thought this post would be a fun one to write.  As you may know, yours truly is a Scorpio on the Sagittarius cusp seeing that my birthday is November 19th.  I also have a Sagittarius rising.  If you want to find out what your rising sign is, or all about your chart in general, check out my chart reading service!  I truly believe that my Sagittarian qualities shine through quite often, especially my outspoken and sassy mouth. Don't get me wrong, I am a Scorpio through and through, but I have fire in my personality! 

Enough about me, let's talk about this Water with a splash of Fire combo.  Having this placement gives you a feistier personality than your average Scorp.  You are also a little bit more "out there", personal, and friendly than your dark Scorpio peers, because it is brightened with Sagittarius' flames.  These people have great planning and visionary skills for themselves and others.  You can plan AND do.  The worst thing someone can do to you is place you in a corner, and generalize you by a stereotype.  They don't understand that you break the mold.

You are a little bit more trusting in love than a typical Scorp as well.  You also enjoy exotic cultures, unique food, and exciting travel.  These people aren't quite so private about how they feel, but more straightforward.  Let me rephrase; you are straightforward when emotions aren't involved.  You are still protective of your feelings and your loved one's feelings.  In business, this combo will be unstoppable because of their drive and tenacity.  Competition mixed with class is how these people get through life. 

When you first meet this person you will see one side or the other of this combo; you'll meet a quirky philosophical fireball with a dark mysterious side that you will learn about months later OR you will meet a dark and quiet wall flower, that after a few drinks turns into a loud and wild party animal. 

The beautiful thing is that you have the ability to touch both sides of your characteristics. Two things people will love about you most is your independence, and your confidence.  Two things that make you magnetizing is your mystery that is mixed with a splash of madness. 

If you have this birthday, it may be hard to find your balance in personality and who you really are because of your mix in character.  However, this is a really cool combination of personality (if I do say so myself).  For your Scorpio side will keep you safe, while your Sagittarian side will keep you wild; it's confusing, but perfection.

Fashion for Your Sun Sign

I don’t know if you have ever checked my Pinterest out, but if you have you would know I am a fan of fashion.  Throughout history, women have used fashion to express themselves when they didn’t have a voice.  Their clothing were their way to speak without uttering a word.  You make automatic assumptions based on what someone is “like”, what they “do”, or how much money they “make” simply by looking at the clothes they have one their back.  Our bodies are the canvas, and fashion is the paint. 
Depending on our Sun Sign, we have a tendency to dress a certain way because of our natural desire to reflect ourselves through our clothing.  I thought it would be fun to talk about different styles that fit each Sun Sign. 

Aries enjoy making a bold and dramatic statement any chance they can get. They are strong women, so they can rock menswear like a pro. Their planet is Mars which is red; a color they look fantastic in.  Their perfect outfit is a perfectly tailored black suit, a crisp white shirt, and a bold red lip.

 These ladies are sophisticated, and take into consideration the material in what they wear.  They are all about the tangible so they enjoy soft fabrics.  Taurus loves high quality on sale.  They are ballers on a budget.  They will for sure have a lot of classic pieces in their closet.  Their perfect outfit is worn in jeans, a cashmere sweater, with a leather heel.

This youthful sign loves fashion that is bright and fun.  They can get away with all sorts of things like funky patters, neon, and layering.  Yellow is a good color for them to reflect their sunny disposition.  Their perfect outfit is a patterned dress, an over-sized hat, and neon heels.

These watery ladies love a traditional look.  Their style reflects femininity with dresses, skirts, and soft colors.  They love anything silver, and pearls look amazing on them.  Their perfect outfit is a powder blue baby doll dress, their grandmother’s heirloom pearls, cat-eyed sunnglasses, and cork wedges. 

This is the fashionista of the group.  This lady loves to make a statement everywhere she goes.  Big hair, dramatic makeup, and flashy gold jewelry are all part of this woman’s flashy style.  Her perfect outfit is a gold sequins shirt, a designer bag, chunky gold accessories, a smoked eye, the newest designer bag, and sky high stilettos.
This woman never has a hair out of place.  She is always perfectly groomed sleek, clean, and conservative.  Her closet is the most organized thing you will ever see, and she probably has her outfits planned out for the week.  Her perfect outfit is a perfectly pressed white button up, with a beautifully constructed pencil skirts, a ballerina bun, and black pumps.

Libra is the most stylish of them all.  Having a fashion sense comes naturally to these people.  Their looks are always effortlessly beautiful.  They love silk, charmuse, and pastels.  They look especially charming in pink.  Her perfect outfit would be a beautifully flowy maxi dress that is so casual yet so dressy accessorized with a beautiful necklace.  They never look like they are trying hard.

These ladies ooze sex through their fashion.  They love dark colors, especially maroon.  They will usually be wearing some sort of religious pendant as well.  Sunglasses are also very important to them to keep their eyes protected from people looking into them.  Eyes are the window to the soul, and nothing is truer for the private Scorp.  Their perfect outfit is a little black dress, Christian Loubuitons, and a smoked eye to bring out that Scorpio stare. 
These ladies are boho chic.  They are always on-the-go so functional clothing is very important.  They love beautifully printed scarfs that remind you of a land far far away.  Purple is a color they naturally gravitate towards.  Her perfect outfit would be khakis, trendy leather sandals, a pair of aviators, a tunic top, and flowing crimped hair.

These women are practical when it comes to their wardrobe.  They also value comfortable shoes.  They are conservative yet classic.  They gravitate towards monochromatic clothing, filling their closets with black, white, and gray.  Her perfect outfit would be black skinnies, a black and white blouse, a high ponytail, and black leather ankle boots.

This girl is the future of fashion.  She is always wearing next season’s fashions two seasons prior.  You will never see her wearing the same thing twice.  Her wardrobe is filled with wild and creative colors and patterns. Geometric shapes and prints suit her taste.  Electric blue looks killer on her as well.  Her perfect outfit is a pair of acid washed jeans, with a hot pink and electric blue pineapple print t-shirt, a holographic purse, Mary Janes, and oversized sunglasses.

Pisces love their clothing to be feminine and flowy.  They have a very new aged vibe to their clothing that still feels antique.  Tranquil colors such as sea foam green and ocean blue suit them.  Her perfect outfit would be linen pants, crystal rings, a flowy printed top, with a fishtail braid.

The Pisces Man

There are two types of Pisces men in the world; fish and whales.  They are both beautiful dreamers, but some make their dreams into reality, and some do not. Pisces fish can live with their dreams, food, and a bottle of wine.  Notice how I left out the “you” part.  That is because these men can create anything into a dream, so if you aren't going to stick around they will make it.  They might be sad, but they will make it.  They like people, but they do not need them.  If you are looking for a provider, do not get into a relationship with a Pisces who only has his dreams, unless family life is something that is not too important to you, or you come from a wealthy family that will support both of you, or if you want to work two jobs; one for him and one for you.  If this does not sound appealing to you, and he is still living on his dreams and not in reality by the time he is 30, I would give you advice to say goodbye.  Yes it will hurt to leave your dreamy romantic fish, but there are whales out there.
If you get lucky enough to meet a whale, you are one lucky girl.  All Pisces men are romantic and dreamers, but this one will actually be able to put food on your table, and rent will be paid on time.  These are the men that turned their dreams into reality, and the ones who are able to help provide for the family you want.  
The Pisces man is beautifully empathetic.  He never judges people without walking a mile in their moccasins.  He is one of those people that you can go to with your ugliest of confessions, and it won’t even shock him.  He will just sit there and listen while doing everything in his power to understand why.  He likes sympathy as much as the next person, so he has no problem dishing it out to others. 

When it comes to you telling him secrets that you want kept, be careful.  These guys really don’t mean to tell, but they might accidentally let things slip out from time to time.  It is hard for him at times to realize what he says can sometimes be damaging.  These guys speak slowly and think gently.  He tries to stay out of problems with friends and family, but drama tends to follow him like a moth to the flame.  People just like going to him because they know they are in the "judge free zone.” 

If you are dating a Pisces guy, the last thing they want to hear from you is all of your problems too.  You are their romance, happiness, and escape from all of those other problematic people in their life.  He needs relief with you.  Because Pisces has natural depth to them, they tend to soak up whatever energy is around them.  That is why it is crucial that he surrounds himself with positivity and happy people.  If he does not he can become very depressed and dark.  They are very emotional, and can also feel other people’s emotions around them.  This blessing and curse will cause them to tire easily, and they will need to rest often.  So before you go and call your Pisces man lazy, remember that he feels first.  Give him his space so he can refresh his aura.  He needs it. 

Never hold back encouragement of any kind from this man, he really does need it.  This guy rarely gets upset, but when he does it is usually not long lasting.  He does think it is fun to fool people though.  However, because of is deep intuition it will be very hard to trick him.  This guy likes to tell you things that aren’t necessarily true all the time.  You might call it little white lies.  He will tell you that he is at the grocery store when he is really at the gas station.  Yes it is weird and ridiculous, but they find it fun.  As long as it isn’t hurting anything I wouldn’t make too big of a deal about it. 

He is not a super jealous guy, so having your freedom won’t be too much to ask from him.  You may have to get your jealousy in check though.  This guy will have a lot of friends of both sexes that will want to talk to him at all hours of the night.  He also appreciates the female body very much, so he may check a chick out every once and again.  Do not worry though, if he is yours he will be loyal because he appreciates loyalty from the one he is with so much himself.

When it comes to money, I would not say that they are the best with it.  They are overly generous to their friends and family with it.  If someone comes to them in need, they will pull out every penny from their bank account that they have, even if rent is due the next day.  This is because Pisces have been through the entire Karmic wheel and understand that money is not real.  They value the human soul over everything.  Not to say that these people don’t like cold hard cash, but they just don’t value it as much as the bigger things in life.  He needs a good example by him to show how to invest and save his dollars.

 When and if he has children, they will absolutely love him.  Some say a Pisces father is even better than a Pisces husband.  He will use his imagination to play with them frequently.  You will to the disciplining, and he will do the listening.  He will be involved in everything they do, and he will also have an uncanny way of know exactly what they need without even asking for it. 

One thing I highly advise against is treading on his dreams and ideas.  That will hurt him more than a stab to the heart.  Help him create a plan to turn them into a reality.  His enthusiasm should never be shut down.  At times his dreams may be frustrating because all you ever hear about is the dream, but when a fish becomes a whale it is really something incredible to be a part of.  This man is always growing and changing by learning from himself and his emotions.  Be his romance, his soundboard, his comfort, his plan, and his stability and the cold murky waters of his hopes and dreams that he may live in will turn into crystal clear blue waters of reality.