Poetry and the Planets

This is a beautiful poem written by my astrology guru Linda Goodman.  I truly believe she is the most amazing astrologer to ever live.  I found this poem hidden in one of her many books I have, and I just had to share it with you guys. 


The Planets
we've fought a long and bitter war, my Twin Self and I
lost and lonely, fallen angels - exiled
from a misty, long-forgotten Oober galaxy of stars
caught in Neptune's tangled web
wounded cruelly by the painful thrust of Mars
tortured by the clever lies of Mercury
shocked and nearly torn asunder
by Vulcan's distant, raging thunder
shattered by the lighting
of the sudden, awful violence of Uranus
crushed beneath the wright of stern,
who lengthened every hour into a day...
each day into a year
each year... into millenniums of waiting
scorched by the Sun's exploding bursts of
pride as those wandering angels, stilled and
helpless deep within us, cried
still we fought on, in unrelenting fury
striking blow for blow
driven by the pounding drums of Jupiter's giant,
throbbing passions
stumbling at the precipice of the Moon's enticing
to fall, at last, in trembling fear
before the ominous threat of Pluto's tomb-like silence
consumed by inconsolable sadness
and the bleakness of despair
we bear...
the wounds and scars of furious battle,
My Twin self and I
but now we walk in quiet peace... with all our
scattered pieces whole
together, hand-in-hand... full serpent circle
back into the pyramid-shaped rainbow of tomorrow's
brighter Eden
crowned by gentle Venus with the Victory of Love
that did not die, but has survived
the night of selfish seeking
to wait for morning's soft forgiveness
and the dawn of understanding
- Linda Goodman


Sometimes it is beautiful to have a day of simplicity and thought.

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