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Hello my amazing SSS readers.  I want to introduce you to a beautiful lady, inside and out, that is a dear friend and fellow blogger of mine.  I met this Aries lady when I used to work for Disney.  She was the international coordinator for us because of her vast experience traveling and living abroad, as well as being bilingual.  Through working together we became great friends, and I became somewhat of a mentor to her.  We haven't worked together in a long time, but she is just too amazing of a person to lose touch with.  If you love travel, or if you are a wanderlust yourself, you will LOVE her blog.  This is my very first guest post, so give Neysha, from Nesh In Transit - Tales of an Independent Traveler, a very warm welcome...


Travel Philosophy of Your Sun Sign

Oh, HI Simply Sun Signers! I’m Neysha. I’m a freelance travel/lifestyle blogger, world explorer, as well as the owner of my little corner on the internet called Neysh in Transit where my soul purpose is to “inspire adventurers.”

 Today is a very happy day for me, because my dear friend Desiree, here, let me be a part of her very awesome cyber-galaxy. Thanks Des! Now, before you stop reading because I’m not Desiree, (stay! I promise it’s worth it!), I have a little to share on how astrology impacts your travel philosophy.  I hope you enjoy all the original photography and my two cents on how to make your future adventures more successful for all you fire, earth, water and air signs ;).



Oh my, sweet Aries. I’m an Aries… And if there’s one thing that resonates true with us Arians it’s our need for adventure. We’re pioneers. Humble leaders. Explorers. Mountaineers. We seek new places, and then we seek some more. You’d think vacation is the equivalent of relaxation, but it’s not uncommon for an Aries to spend a week “vacationing” in the Caribbean and return home more tired than they were when they left. This is because vacation to a Ram is not a time to rest on the beach, it’s the time to try out a new water sport or hike in the rainforest. Remember to take it easy sometimes, my friend. Risk does not always equal excitement.

 You’re best to plan (if you can manage to create a plan, that is) trips that have lots of stimulation. Backpacking through Europe or hopping on the Tran- Siberian express are perfect because they provide all of the perfect, never ending mental stimulation that Aries oh-so crave.

Desiree mentioned once that Leo’s are the kings and queens of the zodiac. This is also true when it comes to their travel philosophy. Slumming it isn’t in the cards for this lion/lioness. If you’re a Leo, remember that the adventure is often in the journey, not in the destination. Do you really need to stay at the Ritz? Is first class seriously necessary?

I can tell you from experience – I was a bit reluctant to stay at a hostel on a trip to Athens, Greece a few years back, but a friend convinced me that it was the only way to have an authentic backpacking experience in Europe (today, I’d scoff at the old me for putting down cheap and entertaining accommodations). It ended up being the best decision of my life! We stayed at a small hostel with a rooftop bar and a lovely (nay, SPECTACULAR) view of the Acropolis… it would light up piece by piece at night. My advice to you: step out of your comfort zone!


There’s not much I can say here to excite you, ferocious Sagittarius. Every Sagittarius in my life is less of a planner than I am, and that’s saying a lot when comparing someone to an Aries. You’re the zodiac sign most likely to pick up from one day to the other and experience this world first hand. You want it all here and now. You don’t want the excruciating waiting period of a vacation – You want to jump into your car and drive across route 66, or move to Thailand on a whim, or buy a Groupon for a surf trip to Costa Rica that leaves next week.
What’s nice about you, the Archer of the zodiac, is that you aren’t picky. You understand that in life, we choose our own destination, and you’d choose all of them if you could. One thing is for sure – when you decide you want to go somewhere, it’s going to happen and nobody better stand in your way. Good luck to you, my fellow explorer! I’ll catch you if I can.

Order is the middle name of the Goats. You won’t catch these busy bees daydreaming about swimming in the beaches of Phuket or climbing Mount Kilimanjaro. Oh, no, no, no. Capricorns are practical, reserved and loyal. They aren’t ones to abandon decent, boring jobs they’ve worked hard at, to follow their dream of traveling the world and writing about them on the internet like an Aries would, It’ll be okay, just trust me Mom!! (Woops, did I say that out loud? He he). Anyways…
 Remember, my dearest Capricorns, that there’s a whole world out there to see. You’ll be attracted to posh, luxurious vacations that are carefully planned, perhaps a cruise through the Mediterranean or a few nights in Madrid. Keep your practical vacations, but take some chances while you’re there. Try snail in France or find that rainforest the tour guide told you about. In the end, you’ll be glad you did.
Much the opposite of a Sagittarius, this Earth sign thrives on planning. They might even enjoy it more than the vacation. You’re the Bull of the zodiac, my Taurean brother/sister, and although you are bullheaded and stubborn, you are not one to run like a bull to your destination.
 You’ll be busy organizing your first meal, or your day trip to a wine vineyard. You’re fascinated with living “the good life,” and with this comes quite the pleasurable vacation filled with history, luxurious hotel rooms, New York Skylines, museums and lots and lots of wine pairings. You’ll be happiest on a getaway with your honey, or a family vacation. I’d give you advice, but I’m pretty sure you know what you want and you’ll do just fine getting it.
You’re a preparer when it comes to vacations. You want to know how to say please and thank you in Japanese, and where the closest restaurant is to your hotel, and the perfect place to get a massage. You enjoy being immersed in unfamiliar environments, which is only part of the reason why it’s so thrilling to travel with you. The second reason is because you can’t sit still! For some, this might grow tiresome because some people (those people…) believe vacations are for rest. You, however, see everything with your virgin eyes (since you are the Virgin of the Zodiac), and can’t wait to experience it all. You’re a seeker of new thrills.

My advice to you is to seek vacations, trips or journeys – whatever you want to call them – that are thrilling. The typical NYC trip, or fun in Vegas are great and you enjoy those too, but for some real action choose someplace exotic to you.  I promise you’ll have more fun, but I can’t promise that you won’t look like a complete tourist. Consider putting the map away once in a while and enjoy the scenery.
Mr/Ms Social Butterfly, don’t forget that it’s okay to travel alone! I know, I know… the idea sounds scary, but it might be just what you need. No? Okay. Thanks alright, too. Take a friend, or five – that’s the way you like to travel. I get it. We wouldn’t want your weighing scales to tip too far on either side. Taking trips with friends will help keep you stabilized, and it’ll be funner when you hit the town at night. Don’t look at me like that… we all know you can’t wait to get out there and make even more friends!

Get yourself immersed in a culture like Miami, Las Vegas or New York. You want to go where the people are. Trips to the local watering hole where everybody knows your name can often times be just as appealing to you as Beverly Hills. (Maybe not as awesome as South Beach, though). Just get yourself out there and you’ll see how happy it makes you, wherever you choose to go.

It’s no secret that you’re the humanitarian of the zodiac. You’re not one to lead a drab life, and you’re not one to allow others to suffer in drabness either; there’s a reason you’re the Water Bearer of the Zodiac, and you play your part well – never letting anyone go thirsty. You have a politically aware nature, which in turn makes you very interested in countries that have a unique history or are flowing through a social change. Do some research, not that you need to be told to do research, but be prepared. Countries that you choose may not be as easy to navigate as, say, Bora Bora.

It’s common that you’re attracted to places like Russia or China, but don’t forget about the smaller guys. There’s so much history in places like Nicaragua or Dominican Republic. I encourage you to visit “El Museo De La Resistencia” (The Museum of the Resistance) in Santo Domingo, DR. It truly is an educational experience and very well done.


You’re a sight seer Mr/Ms Gemini. You’re not one to plan long trips, or stay away from home for too long, but the perfect weekend getaway can often be just what the doctor ordered for you. You’re a reader and a truth seeker, so you’ll know all about your upcoming destination before you get there, but leave something to be learned! Your fellow trip-goers will either be very pleased to have all the obscure facts you know about the grand-canyon along for the ride, but some may grow annoyed.

 I have one Gemini in my life, and I often receive pictures of odd landmarks like French hotel signs or pickle statues, which is very Gemini like! Great trips for you definitely involve a bit of history and a reason. Diving in the Caribbean for Pirate ships, or a road trip to the first diner in the US. These are the types of trips that thrill you, not the elaborate ones that cost a fortune. You want authenticity!



You’re a comfort seeker, and though you may enjoy traveling, you will always look for the comfort of home wherever you go. You’ll bring your own blanket on road trips, and a pillow on the plain. You’ll want to wear lots of cotton and easy shoes to walk in. Warmth is something you seek because it’s enveloping and makes you feel safe, plus it’s usually found near water. You’re not one to book a room at Marriott, or some other large conglomerate. You’re the type to venture off to Ireland and stay at a quant bed and breakfast with a lover, or rent out a peaceful villa in Mexico. Privacy is extremely important to you!
Typically Cancers are ones to not venture too far from home. However, in my experience, I find that Cancers truly enjoy traveling as long as there is a reminder that home will come soon enough. You love to plan things around family and holidays – New Years, Fourth of July, etc… these are your best travel dates. Plus, you might even be able to bring some delightful people with you to keep you from feeling homesick.

Much like Cancer and Pisces, your fellow water signs, you are soothed by water. Follow the currents, my Scorpio friend. You’ll be happiest at a cottage on a lake, or a beach house on the seashore. Although you do enjoy the company of good people, you do not enjoy crowds. Stay away! You’ll likely feel better if you leave the electronics behind – I know, it’s hard. You’re a hard worker, and it’s tough to get away even for a day. However, for your sanity, just leave your cell turned off and forget the computer. Take a long walk on the beach with your honey, or give lots of hugs to your family by the BBQ.

You’re actually the perfect candidate for solo traveling! It’s a new trend (if you want to call it at), but it’s immensely fulfilling. For someone who craves independence and can hold their own like a Scorpio can, solo traveling might be ideal. They say it truly is the best way to experience a new place, as all experiences are all your own. I know you’ve got spice, but if you do decide to travel on your own, whether you’re a man or a woman, make sure you read up on safety. Most places are harmless, but you don’t want to be sorry.

Oh dearest Pisces, always searching for romance. Again, like your fellow water signs, you’re very inclined to travel someplace with water. However, it might be nice to see somewhere with rivers rather than beaches. Try the Scottish mountains, where it feels like you’re in a faerie land and the green never seems to end. You’re gentle, and you require the same from your travels. I once visited Baths, England, and I highly recommend it. You’ll be soothed by the history of how the baths healed back then, and you’ll have the tranquility of humble bed and breakfasts to ease your mind.
Remember to hit the town with your travel companions. You probably won’t want to go anywhere super crowded, but definitely somewhere with some music you can rock to or even dance to. Take lots of pictures, and overall, relax, go with the flow, and don’t plan! You’ll get there when you get there, and you’ll leave when you leave.

- Now, I’ll never be the astrology queen that is Desiree (cuz I’m sure we can all agree that her blog is pretty awesome), but I hope I’ve given you some inspiration to go chase your travel dreams, my fellow adventure seekers! Follow me in exploring the world at my blog – I’ll have a few surprises up my sleeve this year and I can’t wait to share them with the world. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to shoot me a little message HERE (


This post was so much fun that all I want to do is go on  vacation now!  I will just have to close my eyes and imagine myself in my cottage on the lake with the sound of the waves washing on the shore outside of my laced curtained window.  <sigh> Until next time...