Libra on the Cusp of Scorpio: October 18 - 23

This cusp combination is a really interesting one.  You are mixing Venus, the planet of love, with Pluto, the planet of death.  Libra is what you are to your core, but you have this mysterious Scorpio side to you as well.  As if Libra women and men weren't already attractive enough, these cusp babies will have that extra magnetic Scorpio pull.  Even though harmony is one of the most important things to Libras, this cusp will be able to deal with extremes a lot better than other Libras.  They also tend to have a tendency to be a bit more emotional as well.   Libras are great at teaching and uplifting people, and having a Scorpio cusp will only heighten that by giving you the ability to empathize with others emotions even better.

Scorpios don't take prisoners.  They are black and white.  Libras are the judge in the court.  They are all gray.  They see both sides to everything.  Having a bit of both will make for an interesting combination. These people definitely have a little stinger, but they really hate using it on someone that pisses them off.  These people aren't in need of a lot of attention, but they will just attract people naturally with their beauty and femme fatale.  You will have your head in the clouds but your feet in the water.  That's a pretty beautiful place to be if you ask me.

These people are flexible, easy going, and persuadable more so than any Scorpio because of that lovely Libra balance you possess.  You will have an easier time expressing your emotions and your skepticism is not as strong as a Scorpios is.  All in all you are like a beautiful fragrant pink rose, but you still have sharp thorns.


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    P.S.: Does this mean they're compatible with capricorn?