Interior Design for your Sun Sign

As most of you know, I am a Scorpio.  My quaint home is a grandmother suite that lies in the heart of the historic district in downtown Orlando.  It is located on a dead end, tucked behind the main house, and the door is on the side of the house.  In other words, it is private and hard to find just the way I like it.  My house is filled with rich browns and burgundy (Scorpios color) giving it a very cozy feel.  I have dark brown wood furniture, and a bookshelf filled with all of my favorite astrology reads, as well as pictures of my family and friends.  My bedroom is cream and white with touches of blue for peaceful sleep.  I fung shuid my entire home <shocker> so that the energy moves perfectly throughout the house.  When anyone ever comes over they always say, "This place is so cute and cozy!"  You can easily accomplish this as well, by learning what colors and styles vibe best with your energy and Sun Sign.  After all, home is where the heart is.  

Red - Bold - Masculine

Brown and Green - Rich - Peaceful

Yellow - Eclectic - Fun

Silver and Blue - Cozy - Calm

Gold - Lavish - Royal

White and Green - Clean - Perfect

Pale Pink - Balanced - Charming

Dark Red - Intimate - Striking 

Purple - Boho Chic - Exotic

Black - Classic - Monochromatic 

Turquoise - Futuristic - Risky

Sea Green - Dreamy - Feminine


  1. These are all SOOO gorgeous!! *o*
    Oh my lord, I'm in interior-design heaven <3

  2. So true! Love it! xx


    1. Hey Lisa! Thanks for reading... I am now following your fashion blog - Love it! Have a great weekend :)

  3. Maybe it's my gemini moon, but I am loving the gemini interiors. The base is white which suits my virgo-ness but I love the pops of color and bits of the eclectic art and decor. I liked the virgo rooms but they were a bit too much of a blank slate for me, I need some hints of personality in my space. A great piece overall, I'm a huge fan of home decor.

  4. I'm a Capcricorn and I don't like the Cap interior at all. Too stiff and "modern". The ones I do like is the interiors for Taurus (maybe because it's another Earth sign) and Aries (which I have my moon in). This actually surprise me, since 90% (or so) the things for Capricorn fits me well (except that I don't care about social status, more "mental status" and how true to themselves people are, including me).