Famous Virgo Actresses

Perfection, perfection, perfection.  These women are white hot, and precisely execute their roles on the big screen.  There is something so analytical and just........ perfect about them.  There are many Virgoan Hollywood women that I have some serious girl crushes on.  From Cameron Diaz's multiple endearing roles to Blake Lively's prissy and prim attitude; they are two examples of the many talented Virgo ladies we love... 
Blake Lively
August 25, 1987

Emmy Rossum
September 12, 1986
Michelle Williams
September 9, 1980

Rachel Bilson
August 25, 1981
Cameron Diaz
August 30, 1972

Selma Hayek
September 2, 1966

Jada Pinkett Smith
September 18, 1971

Alexis Bledel
September 16, 1981
 Julie Gonzalo
September 9, 1981
 Rose McGowan
September 5, 1973
Melissa McCarthy
August 26, 1970
Laura Vandervoort
September 22, 1984
Amy Poehler
September 16, 1971


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