Famous Sagittarius Actresses

There are some pretty hilarious and outspoken women in this group.  From comedies like Knocked Up with Katherine Heigl, Christina Applegate in Anchorman, Anna Faris in The Dictator, all the way to Sarah Silverman's stand up comedy; these ladies tend to have a good sense of humor.  They can also lean towards serious roles as well like Jessica Pare in Mad Men and Amanda Seyfried in Les Miserables.  However, they seem to gravitate towards the more bright, funny, and fiery roles that a true Sagittarius can pull off like a pro.  Have fun getting to know which ladies share this Sun Sign... 

Christina Applegate
November 25, 1971
Jane Fonda
December 21, 1937

Kim Basinger
December 8, 1953
Paula Patton
December 5, 1975
Julianne Moore
December 3, 1960
Amanda Seyfried
December 3, 1985
Jessica Pare
December 5, 1980
Mila Jovovich
December 17, 1975
Lucy Liu
December 2, 1968
Katie Holmes
December 18, 1978
Anna Faris
November 29, 1976
Jennifer Connelly
December 12, 1970
Vanessa Hudgens
December 14, 1988
Elisha Cuthbert
November 30, 1982
Katherine Heigl
November 24, 1978  

Sarah Silverman
December 1, 1970

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