Famous Leo Actresses

Hollywood was made for the Leo.  Leos LOVE the spotlight, and the glow of the bulbs from the camera.  We naturally fall in love with Leo stars on and off the big screen because of their natural golden glow that attracts people like a moth to the flame.  From J-Law's new found stardom to Sandra Bullock and J-Lo's long term success; these women are naturals at being in the center of it all...

Jennifer Lawrence
August 15, 1990

Rose Byrne
July 24, 1979

Devon Aoki
August 10, 1982

Mila Kunis
August 14, 1983

Amy Adams
August 20, 1974

Sandra Bullock
July 26, 1964

Kate Beckinsale
July 26, 1973
Charlize Theron
August 7, 1975

Jennifer Lopez
July 24, 1969

Anna Paquin
July 24, 1982
Evangeline Lilly
August 3, 1979
 Elisabeth Moss
July 24, 1982
 Halle Berry
August 14, 1966

 Kristen Wigg
August 22, 1973
 Anna Kendrick
August 9, 1985
 Hayden Panettiere
August 21, 1989
Hillary Swank
July 30, 1974


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