Famous Gemini Actresses

Holy cow there are is A LOT of talent in this group of ladies.  I truly believe that Geminis make some of the best actors and actresses we've ever seen.  I think that it comes easy to them because they embody two or more personalities naturally, and have no problem flipping back and forth between them.  They also love variety and change, and acting enables them to become a whole new person!  They are also Mutable Signs which means they are talkers as well.  All in all, acting is perfect for this sign.  Enjoy getting to know which Geminis are some of Hollywood's sweetest gems...

Natalie Portman
June 9, 1981
Zoe Saldana 
June 19, 1978

Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen
June 13, 1986
Angelina Jolie
June 4, 1975

Nicole Kidman
June 20, 1967

Carey Mulligan
May 28, 1985

Helena Bonham Carter
May 26, 1966

Elizabeth Hurley
June 10, 1965

Courteney Cox
 June 15, 1964

Molly Sims
May 25, 1973

Ginnifer Goodwin
May 22, 1978

Kat Dennings
June 13, 1986
Brooke Shields
May 31, 1965

Helen Hunt
June 15, 1963

Juliette Lewis
June 21, 1973


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