Women Pop Star Astrological Sun Signs

Ever wonder what your favorite pop stars astrological sign was?  Well wonder no more cause I got it covered for you.  These women have dominated the charts, paved the way for future artists, become strong activists and humanitarians, as well as giving us some unforgettable performances.  They have comforted us through breakups, sang our favorite love songs, and make some of the best "jamming with the windows down on full blast" songs ever.  Below are some of my favorite artists Sun Signs, as well as a little blurb about each of them.  Enjoy!

Lady GaGa
March 28, 1986
  This headstrong Aries woman is quite possibly the most well known pop artist in the world.  She speaks her mind and never apologizes for it.  Her wacky sense of style and fiery personality makes her who she is.  She uses her fame to launch her strong feelings on hot topics.  She is truly a warrior queen.

May 5, 1988
Holy mother of God this woman has a voice.  There is something soothing and strong about her vocals.  She is crazy talented yet very humble all at the same time.  Her and her music are very sensual just as all Taurus women are.


Lana Del Rey
 June 21, 1986
I am such a crazy fan of hers.  Her dark and captivating lyrics are haunting yet lite all at the same time.  She can be talking about crystal meth and make it sound like she is singing a child's lullaby.  Her music has true duality just like all Gemini personalities do.

Selena Gomez
July 22, 1992
This sugary sweet pop star has really made headway within the last year.  Her songs are catchy and fun.  She is sexy and sweet all at the same time.  There is something mysterious yet innocent about this princess just like a Cancer woman should be.

August 16, 1958
The Queen of pop music.  Just like every Leo, she truly is the Queen.  She loves the spotlight and has done wild things to be the center of attention.  For years she has dominated the charts, and paved the way for artists like Britney Spears and Miley Cyrus. 

September 4, 1981
She really is so perfect.  Can anyone say anything bad about her?  After she showed her documentary about her life being "not so perfect", she just became that much more amazing to me.  She is a triple threat and so talented that sometimes I think it's just not even fair.  Her perfection of her art and her personality truly shows her crystal clear Virgo character.

Gwen Stefani
October 3, 1969
This chick is all rock and all woman.  The fun thing about her is that she has a hard edge while still staying very feminine like a true Libra does.  She is a fashion icon, mother, and artist.  She really does it all and with her own flavor.

Katy Perry
October 25, 1984
This kitschy Scorpio has a sweet and dark side.  She has gone through some lows with her divorce, but it only made her stronger.  She came into fame around the same time as Lady GaGa, but created her own identity.  Her new song Dark Horse is my jam right now.  It is the perfect description of what getting with a Scorpio is like; "once you’re mine, there’s no going back".  Rock on my quad Scorp sister, rock on. 

Miley Cyrus
  November 23, 1992
Loud, in your face, unapologetic, free spirited, and outspoken - the definition of a Sagittarius.  She is a true performer, and loves the fame.  Her "out there" personality screams Sagittarius.  She puts it all out on the table, and that has what has made her so loved and so hated.  However you feel about her, this girl got more tweets than the Super Bowl blackout for Christ's sake.  Her edgy lyrics, catchy tunes, and wild behavior keep her songs at the top of the hit list. 

Ellie Goulding
December 30, 1986
I love her music so much.  Her voice, the complexity of her music, the originality, and that she actually plays her own percussions.  This girl works hard like a true Capricorn, and it has brought her to the top.  Her lyrics are sincere, straight forward, heart wrenching, and relateable.  She isn't obnoxious for the spotlight, because her talent does the trick.

Alicia Keys
January 25, 1981
True talent and such a beauty.  Her style and music is always changing and evolving.  She gets adventurous with her music which makes it fun.  She has collaberated with some of the best artists in the business.  She is also a humanitarian like all Aquarians are.  She is the co-founder and Global Ambassador of Keep a Child Alive, a non-profit organization that provides medicine to families with HIV and AIDS in Africa.

February 20, 1988
She is dreamy, raw, edgy, and beautiful.  She has topped the charts since they day she signed.  She is her own person, and we have watched her through some hard times that she has only swam right over.  This woman, just like any other Pisces, is a dreamer.  She came from very little, but her dreams and hard work pushed her to where she is now. 


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