The Krazy Kardashian's Sun Signs

Well no wonder they make for good TV.  The combination of Sun Signs is a majority of Water (6), part Air (4), and a splash of Fire (4).  There is not one Earth sign to bring these people any practicality.  If you are not very familiar with how the elements blend; pause and read these two posts first - The Elements & Blending the Elements.  This will help you enjoy and understand this post so much more.  There are also 3 Cardinal signs (Leaders), 6 Fixed signs (Non-Followers) and 5 Mutable signs (Talkers).  The funny thing is that the three Cardinal signs are the three Kardashian sisters.  This is why they most likely fight with one another often... they all want their way... they all want to lead.  

This show is definitely one of my guilty pleasures.  We have seen this family go through marriages, babies, divorces, separations, infertility issues, and have seen them grow through their most vulnerable life experiences.  They make us laugh and shock us with some of their behavior, which is why we relate to them so much.  That is also what makes them loved and scrutinized.  They just put it all out there.  I hope you get a little insight through this post that will open your eyes to the dynamics of this family.   

The Rents

Kris - Scorpio
November 5, 1955
She is the brains behind all this madness.  The Kardashians would have never have had their fame if it weren't for her with the help of a scandalous tape.  She is passionate, emotional, and definitely has those Scorpio eyes.  She is a hell of an organizer as well which is another Fixed Sign's well known trait. 

Bruce - Scorpio
October 28, 1949
Poor Bruce, or is it really poor Bruce?  This guy plays victim pretty well, but I think a piece of him really likes it.  He did an incredible thing by scooping these kids up after the loss of their father, and has treated them like his own.  His loyalty to them shows his true Scorpio side.  Unfortunately, Kris and Bruce are separated right now but I have a feeling they will get back together.  Click on the link if you want to know more about the Scorpio Woman - Scorpio Man relationship.

The Krew

Kourtney - Aries
April 18, 1979
This independent fire cracker has Aries written all over her.  She is headstrong and a ton of fun.  Her refusal to marry Scott is hilarious to me, but that's an Aries for ya.  She is unapologetic for any of her behavior, and is always pushing the limits.  She is the definite leader out of the girls which makes sense considering she is a Cardinal sign.  She makes most of the decisions with the stores as well as being the first one to take on being a mother. 

Kim - Libra
October 21, 1980
She is the beauty of the group which is a typical Libran trait.  They are just.... beautiful.  She is fair with everyone, but at times can be a real pain in the ass.  Libras have a tendency to think that everyone around them is there for whatever their heart desires. Everything she does is prissy, very feminine, and sometimes a little high maintenance.  Although she got a quick divorce, she treated him with as much respect as she could.  I believe she has gone through the most drama of all the girls, but she always keeps her stoic head held high.

Khloe - Cancer
June 27, 1984
Her looney Cancer humor is what makes me love Kloe so much.  She definitely can be moody and cranky like every Cancer can be.  She is deeply emotional, but hides it behind her shell.  She was Kim's backbone through her very public divorce. It makes complete and total sense as to why her and Rob are so close considering they are both water signs.  It was also very Cancer of her to keep her home problems a secret as long as she possibly could.

Rob - Pisces
March 17, 1987
 Dreamy Rob is such a Pisces in many ways.  He has a hard time finding out what he should do with his life which is a very typical Pisces problem.  He finally got his sock line going which is doing okay.  Now if he could let go of his Pisces vices he would be healthier!  When someone brings up any of his challenges he swims away.  You could see his emotional depth when he split with Rita Ora.  You can also see the love he has for his mother and family very much.  Rob needs to find his inner whale and seize each and every day.

Kendall - Scorpio
November 3, 1995
Kendall is probably the most private out of everyone which is very much a Scorpio trait.  She wants her freedom so much right now which definitely shows in this picture as well as throughout many episodes.  She is deeply emotional as she showed us in Greece when she felt left out.  She tends to take more of the Jenner side because it suits her calmer personality.

Kylie - Leo
August 10, 1997
The baby of the group definitely has some fire to her.  Leos love being the center of attention, which is why it probably drives her crazy that Kendall is usually at the center of it.  She has definitely been finding her own identity with herself and her style through the last year. 

The Men

Scott - Gemini
May 26, 1983
The Lord has me laughing my ass off almost every episode.  Yes, he is pompous and annoying but he is hilarious.  We have definitely seen many sides of Scott/Lord Disick's personality surface which all Gemini's posses.  Scott and Kourtney have had a rocky road, but he has finally started to grow into a wonderful boyfriend and father.  Click on the link if you want to know more about the Aries Woman - Gemini Man relationship. 

Kanye - Gemini
June 8, 1977
Gemini is an Air sign just like Libra, so it's not surprising that these two get along so well.  They have been long time friends, then parents, and soon spouses.  They both suffered the loss of a parent which brought them even closer when Kanye lost his mom in 2007.  I wish them well on their journey together with baby North.

Lamar - Scorpio
November 6, 1979
It is no wonder that Lamar and Kloe married each other after 3 months of knowing each other.  It was definitely in the stars.  They are one of the best matches in the Zodiac.  I am sad to see that Lamar is going down a dark path right now.  Scorpios are known for having their vices which can destroy these powerful people's lives.  I am rooting for both of them in this battle.  Click on the link if you want to know more about the Cancer Woman - Scorpio Man relationship.

The Babes

Mason - Sagittarius
December 14, 2009
Could he get any cuter?  I love how Kourtney's kids are both Fire signs just like her.  They make the trio of all three together.  This should create a very harmonious home life.  I love it.

Penelope - Leo
July 8, 2012
Such a little Leo Queen.  What a doll!

North - Gemini
June 15, 2013
She is a Gemini just like her dad.  Maybe her name does suit her considering Geminis have a hard time deciding in which direction to choose.  Hmmmmm

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