Leo on the Cusp of Cancer: July 24 - 28


You are a Leo Royalty through and through.  All gold and shimmery and always the belle of the ball.  However, you have a little silver crab sitting on your shoulder that makes you feel things so much deeper than your other Leo peers.  Leo rules the Sun and Cancer rules the Moon.  How awesome is it that you have two of the most important planets mixed into your personality?  You are special like an eclipse when the Sun and moon share the sky.  Leos are known for being all about themselves and the center of attention.  No doubt you will have this trait, but you will have the ability to tune into your emotions and the emotions and feelings of those around you.  Leos are known to go go go until they are worn thin, but you will know when it's time to go home.  You will enjoy being home more so than other Leos who constantly need to keep busy.  You will not have the extreme Cancer mood swings, but every once in a while you will have one once in a blue moon.  Being the bright cheery Leo you are, you will come out of it in no time.   The Sun is all about action, and the moon is about reflection.  You will have both of these abilities.  You as a cusp will be able to reflect on everything and everyone in your life.  It's a blessing and a curse.

If you are a Leo on the Cancer cusp you are a super star that lights an entire room, whose laughter is contagious, and takes any dance floor by storm.  If anyone asks you, you are pure gold with a splash of silver.