Aquarius Woman - Libra Man

This woman is all over the place when it comes to this relationship.  They are a match made straight out of Air Sign heaven, but she will always change her mind about where they should be in their relationship.  One day she will want to marry him, the next she will want to just live with him until they are financially stable and they both finish school, the next day she will wonder what it would like to be single again.  Regardless of her sometimes confusing mind changes, these two make up for it every time.  She loves his beautiful dimpled Libran smile that heals her, and he knows that no one on Earth would ever be able to love him for all his flaws the way that she does.  They are both very clever and enjoy playing practical jokes on one another, there is rarely a dull moment around these two.

Aquarius values friendship in a relationship more than anything.  Their definition of love and friendship are usually the exact same.  The important things to him will be to have a peaceful and harmonious environment.  Considering she is so unconventional, this will be something that she has to work on for him.  If he doesn't get this, he may get into a work hard play hard mode and actually make himself sick.  This sign needs to rest more than any other sign, as I have mentioned in previous posts.  If you join him while he is resting bring your voice down, talk about positive things, and stay as calm as you possibly can.  

Sexually they are very compatible, but there are two things that will turn each other off.  If he ever makes her upset by making her feel like he is not her friend, and if she ever makes him feel stupid about anything.  They of course do these things unintentionally, but it is good to be aware of this.  Their love for one another has a lot of depth.  There is nothing aggressive or forceful about how these two make love.  They can vibe on the same wavelength without speaking to one another which makes them feel close.  

According to Linda Goodman, at sunset is when the Libra man is most inclined to feel his deepest towards his Aquarian.  All of those pink and gold hues make him remember that he is so happy that he has such a beautiful, witty, and unique woman he gets to go home to every day.  It reminds him how happy he is not to be alone.  There is nothing boring about her, even the way he met her was so unexpected.  When he gets home she will be doing something unexpected like rearranging the whole house or painting the walls teal, and he will ask her, "You know you are crazy, right?"  She will just nod and laugh, then he will grad her and hold her so tightly and feel so grateful that she is all his.  


  1. I am 28 year old aqua girl, he is 25 year old libran.I am a dancer by profession and he's a chef.He is very attractive and many men consider me to be very pretty.We have a very busy working schedule but he sweeps me off on weekends for a party.We party hard and go back to my place and have amazing, mind blowing and crazy sex till morning.We get up late on Sunday mornings and he makes breakfast for me.We take shower together and have sex under shower.We laugh,sing,joke around again have sex.He is an amazing kisser.We are in an open relationship.He dates other women and I am currently seeing a Scorpio man ( I know red light indication). He does say "I love you" to me but I don't take it too seriously.I think we are better off as friends with benefits.I hope my Scorpio date doesn't find out.LOL

  2. This perfectly describes an Aquarian woman I have known for around 8 years but been secretly crushing on for around 4 years. I never approached her because I am a Libra male who felt who deep & serious our connection was from early on. We have an extremely delicate chemistry. Delicate enough where I wasnt willing to give up "hoes" or the "fun time girls" (i.e pisces, cancer, leo, scorpio types). But after failed relationships, an extended period of growth & our attraction remaining in tact all these years, I'm ready but nervous to reveal my feelings to her about her. I mean this is a woman I have DREAMED ABOUT when I was in relationships with other women (a capricorn and cancer to be exact). Just like it was mentioned in this article, the way we met was completely unexpected. We first started seeing each other around work for an entire summer, but then wound up in the same class in college at the end of that summer. That was how we initially met. Since then I have been drawn to her. I'm going to tell her how I feel but win or lose, I want to remain her friend first and foremost. For the first time in my life, I think I really am in love, and with her specifically. I hope she feels the same and all works out between us. That would be a sweet way to move forward with my life. 26 year old Libra in love with a 34 year old Aquarian by the way.

    1. Aquarian woman here, in tears. She would be lucky to have you. Friends first, what a dream come true. Hope it worked out.

  3. Aquarius woman- I'm even more in love with my libra man after reading this!

  4. Just met my bestfriend who is a libra. Crazy how you can go on so many years without someone and then when you meet them wonder how you went so long without them.