What I Am Thankful For

I was really thinking about everything and everyone I am thankful for today.  Below is a description of why I am so thankful for every Zodiac signs unique characteristics, and some of the people in my life.  Have an incredible Thanksgiving everyone!

I am thankful for how fun they are.  My childhood best friend Casey was an Aries and she is still as fiery and hilarious now as she was when we were young.  They are strong, independent, and always so generous.  Even though their tempers are short, you never get bored with these ones.

Me and my Casey Rae

I am so thankful at how much this sign has taught me.  They are my polar opposites, so I am always impressed with their truly peaceful and patient outlook to everything.

 My girl Jackie, she is always telling me to have patience

I am thankful for Geminis dynamic personalities.  My best friend and brother is a Gemini and he is the most incredible driven and intelligent person I know.  He definitely has his two sides and I love both of them.  These people will always keep you guessing, talking, and laughing!

My brother Jordan and I at the Bellagio
My dad, brother and I.  Happy to have the relationship with my dad that I do now :)
My girl Shennon, I have had some wild times with this one.  Thank you for supporting my blog xoxo

I am thankful for Cancer's emotional depth.  I love that they can understand mine too.  They can be moody from time to time, but they are so damn funny too.  I love their thoughtfulness and caring, as well as the sweetness they all posses. 

My identical twin sisters Alaina and Alexa 
My best guy friend Cory <3 

I love my Leo ladies!  What the hell would I do without you.  I love their huge, forgiving, and understanding hearts.  I love the way they light up a room, plus it's always nice to know royalty.  I am honored to be friends with some of the most incredible Leo women ever. 

My blogging Queen and beautiful friend Whitney (we have Zodiac Glyph Tattoos)
My BFF of 5 years and old room mate Jessica


I am thankful for Virgos keen eye to everything.  I love their perfectionism and reliability.  They are so smart and enjoyable to converse with.  A Virgo raised me, and at times she drove me nuts, but for the most part I adored her.  She taught me so much, and made me the woman I am today. 

My beautiful mother and I at my high school graduation
 One of my best and brilliant UF law student friend Ashley.  Thank you for being a fan xoxo


I am thankful for Libra's fairness.  They always look at both sides of the story.  They play devils advocate which makes them so good to go to for advice.  I love how being around them makes my heart a lot lighter and happier.

My best friend Margaret at her wedding.  I have been through SO much with her.  She is an incredible wife and mother.  Love this woman
My brother Brennan (on the right) is so strong and intelligent! He is growing into a great man.


I am thankful for Scorpios passion and strength.  I love their loyalty and sincerity.  There is so much depth to these people, and they are incredible friends.

My strong and gorgeous Scorpio sister Amanda aka Panda


I am thankful for Sagittarius sense of freedom and adventure.  I love that they say whatever the hell they want.  I also love how fun and exciting they are.


I am thankful for Capricorn's strength and sturdiness.  They are so wonderful to have through bad times.  Their sense of practicality is always spot on.

My boy Jon and I


I am thankful for Aquarius humanitarian views.  They are so quirky and not afraid to be out of the box at all.  They have a zest for life like no other that is very refreshing.


I am thankful for Pisces dreamy and beautiful wisdom.  I love their emotional depth.  I love how they can feel the people around them which makes them so empathetic and understanding.

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