Fun Astrology Facts

As creative as I am, I love facts.  After all I am a Scorpio and believe that the more knowledge one has gives them the most power.  I have compiled some numbers, statistics, and fun tidbits about Astrology that I thought were so fascinating.  So grab a glass of vino, or if you are at work a cup of coffee and read away!

Astrology Literally Means
"The Science of the Stars"

According to the survey which included more than 8,700 workers and was conducted in the US accross industries, people who...

Earn $100,000 +
Scorpio, Leo, Taurus & Cancer

Earn $35,000 - 
Aquarius & Capricorn

Job Satisfaction by Sun Sign

Most Satisfied
Pisces, Sagittarius & Capricorn

Least Satisfied
Gemini & Cancer

Where did Astrology Begin?

Babylonia, China, Tibet, India & Central America

Astrology Readers
75% Women

Americans Spend
$100 Million on Astrology each year

An Estimated
38 million people spend about $44 billion annually on new age products and services including Astrology

In the United States
Over 125 Million people believe in Astrology

70 million Americans read their horoscope every day

In the United Kingdom
A 2002 study of 34,000 teens revealed that just as many of them believed in horoscopes as those that believe in God

Total Number of Professional Astrologers in the US

In October 2010 an "Astrology" application providing horoscopes was ranked one of the "Most Explosive Facebook Applications" with over 114,000 people using the app in one week

Most Common to Least Common Zodiac Signs
9.4% - Scorpio
9.3% - Virgo
9.2% - Gemini
9% - Pisces
8.7% - Libra
8.4% - Cancer
8.3% - Taurus
8.2% - Capricorn
8.1% - Aries
7.3% - Sagittarius
7.1% - Leo
6.3% - Aquarius