Real Housewives Zodiac Signs

Happy Friday my lovely readers!  I don't know about you, but I am obsessed with all of the Real Housewives!  It's totally my guilty pleasure.  I am actually watching Tamra's OC wedding as we speak.  Like I have told you before, understanding Astrology is all about observation.  What better way to understand what Zodiac sign each of these women are to get a better understanding of each Sun Sign!  ENJOY...

Positive: Outspoken, ambitious, generous, energetic, confidant & quick witted
Negative:  Selfish, quick tempered, impatient & impulsive

Joyce Giraud - New to the Housewives of Beverly Hills!

Vicki Gunvalson - “I’m my own boss and it’s time for a raise!” & “My tank is full, and I’m driving into my future!”

Melissa Gorga - “Sexy life, loyal wife. Take a page from my book!” & “I never throw the first punch, but I’m ALWAYS a knockout!”
Heather Thomson - “My success is built on making women look and feel their best- HOLLA!” 

Positive: Patient, reliable, loving, loyal, persistent & domestic
Negative: Jealous, greedy, stubborn, resentful & inflexible
Alexia Echevarria - “Beauty is power, if you know how to use it!”

Kandi Burruss - “I may be small, but my empire keeps on growing!”

Teresa Giudice - “Haters are going to hate, but I just love love love!” & “When times get tough, you learn who your REAL friends are!”

Jacqueline Laurita - “I’ve faced my share of challenges, but I’m tougher than I look!” & “I am a Vegas girl, I WILL call your bluff!
Countess LuAnn de Lesseps - “To some people living elegantly just comes naturally!” 






Joanna Krupa - “I’m a model, but not always a model citizen…”

Positive: Witty, lively, intellectual, communicative, teasing, cheerful, persuasive, logical & positive
Negative:  Tense, restless, gossipy, exaggerating & thinking in circles

Andy Cohen - The brains behind all of the madness 

Positive: Sensitive, nurturing, protective, supportive, charitable & home-loving
Negative:  Crabby, moody, insecure, clingy, indirect & dependent

Porsha Williams - “People say I have a picture perfect life, and I do!” 

Positive: Generous, fiery, warm hearted, confidant, strong willed, dramatic, broad minded & dominant
Negative:  Proud, bossy, overbearing & self-centered
Lisa Hochstein - “My husband is a top plastic surgeon in this town, and I’m his best creation!”
Carole Radziwill - “I may be a Princess, but I’m definitely NOT a drama-queen!” 

Positive: Detailed, OCD, hardworking, precise & communacative
Negative:  Critical, reserved & cold

Tamra Judge - “The best thing about starting over is never looking back!” & “I call the shots in my life now… and I have good aim!”

Lisa Vanderpump - “Life isn’t all diamonds and roses, but it should be!”

Kim Richards - “Life is a journey, and I’m finding myself everyday!”

Caroline Manzo - “Love me or hate me, I always speak the truth!” & “Life is short- I have no time for drama!”
Aviva Drescher - “Never underestimate a woman born and raised in New York City!” 

Positive: Fair, intelligent, principled, charming, well balanced & civilized
Negative:  Inclined to give in to things to keep peace

Carlton Gebbia - New to the Housewives of Beverly Hills!

Kathy Wakile - “If you can’t take the heat, get out of my kitchen!” & “We’re old-school, we believe in respect!” 

Positive:Deeply emotional, perceptive, loyal, private, complex, strong willed, thoughtful & protective
Negative:  Possessive, unforgiving, obsessive, suspicious, secretive, self-justifying

Gretchen Rossi - “When the going gets tough, I just get stronger and stronger!”


Lea Black - “I can deal with a lot, but I can’t deal with stupid…”

Phaedra Parks - “I’m a southern bell, brains, booty, and all business!”

Brandi Glanville - “Money doesn’t give you class, it just gives you money!”

Ramona Singer - “I’m not afraid to say what everyone else is thinking!”

Positive: Lucky, independant, hilarious, outgoing, straightforward, ambitious, optimistic & adventurous
Negative: Impatient, aggressive, sarcastic, judgmental, unpunctual & overly exaggerates
Adriana De Moura - “I may speak five languages, but my true language is independence!”

NeNe Leakes - “I have arrived, and the spotlight is on me, honey!”

Sonja Morgan - “A little Sonja will spice up any party!”

Positive: Dedicated, focused, logical, serious, attentive, disciplined, deliberate & honest
Negative: Stubborn, pessimistic, severe, negative & controlling

Alexis Bellino - “I don’t need to prove anything. I know who I am and God does too!” & “I thank God every day for my life, and you would too!”

Heather Dubrow - “Whoever said blondes have more fun… hasn’t met me!

Lydia McLaughlin
Lydia McLaughlin - “You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough!”

Kyle Richards - “I’m born in raised in Beverly Hills, this is my town!”

Yolanda Foster - “I like to have fun, but I don’t play games!”

Positive: Playful, spontaneous, open minded, devoted & liberal
Negative:  Mean, cold, fickle, self centered, judgemental & aloof

Kenya Moore - “I won Miss USA, not Miss Congeniality!” 

Positive: Creative, emotional, submissive, loving, easy going & enchanting
Negative: Escapist, idealistic, vague, manipulative & indecisive

Cynthia Bailey - “Beauty fades, class is forever!”


  1. Joanna Krupa is a Taurus not an Aries. Her birthday is April 23rd.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Who said she's an Aries?
    She's on the list (above) in Taurus.

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