Libra Woman - Libra Man

We are finally in the time of Libra.  Happy birthday to all of my beautiful Libra friends!  I am going to write in honor of one of my favorite couples, both being very stereotypical Libras themselves.  I could only hope to have the beautiful marriage that they have someday.  I was actually in her wedding, and consider them both to be two of my dearest friends.

Something wonderful about Libras is that they are a Masculine sign ruled by Venus, a very feminine planet.  This is all too appropriate considering that they are the most balanced and fair sign of of the Zodiac.  Librans are also the only sign that is not an actual living creature.  They are the sign of the scales.   Libra men tend to be very sentimental and Libra women tend to be very strong.  It can become confusing to some, but that is just their natural character.

Something this woman needs to learn how to do is let her man take the lead.  Even though they are the same Sun Sign with similar traits, this man needs to be the man in the relationship.  This needs to take place so that he is able to treat her like the woman that she is, and appreciate the feminine aspects of her personality.  This woman is charming, tactful, persuasive, and strong.  She will have no problem with her man taking lead in their relationship if she understands how important it is to make their union successful.  I am not saying that she should fulfill every one of his requests, just all of the ones that you can tolerate. 

These two are both Cardinal Air signs and they will always be needing to communicating with one another to feel united.  The couple I was telling you about earlier leaves each other notes every day.  I think it's adorable. Double Libra couples also have great communication skills which is crucial for any relationship to succeed.  One thing that I would suggest for Libras is to only talk about things that they agree upon and just simply let go of the rest if possible.  This sign is very mental, and don't really like being wrong so you can see how that could cause some friction.  If avoided, their conversations will be as light and sweet as whipped cream, if not it can turn into a tornado.

This relationship is one that takes very little effort.  These two have no problem with compromise at all, which saves them from several unnecessary arguments.  The Libra couple's marriage I know is peaceful, both are emotionally secure, and both very level headed.  The only time you will not see a Libra compromise is when they have to do something that is against their beliefs or morals.  If you do something to a Libra that is unfair, they will become verbal with you.  Libras love a good debate, and their sharp fair minds are nothing you want to argue with.  When these two do debate, it will actually cause a deeper bond between them because they will understand each other on a better level. Notice how I said debate and not fight.  They are very different.  When it comes down to it she will tend to get her way.  After all, she is a woman with an iron fist in a velvet glove.

Just like all signs that date their same sun sign, you must make sure that you do not both project your negative traits at the same time.  Some of these traits will include the fact that both of these people love a good party, too many sweets, nervous breakdowns that can lead to illness, and Libras can also tend to be a tad compulsive as well.   These two must also always keep the temptation to flirt ONLY with one another, and if that happens they will create the coziest home you will ever see. 

When these two are both portraying their positive aspects to one another, it is very harmonious.  They will both love to compliment one another, they will love to go for long walks, and most likely love to read in bed together.  They will enjoy the movies so that they are able to talk about the movie together afterwards.  Being that they are the sign of beauty, they will also enjoy beautiful things together.  Beautiful places, art, and music.

Sexually they both create mental variety with one another.  It is rare that these two will become bored with each other in bed because they are such an imaginative sign.  Their creativeness will always keep things fresh.  The only thing that will come between their physical union is business at work, being bogged down with stress, or raising a family.  The beautiful thing about these two though is that no matter how long they don't make love, they will reconnect beautifully as though they were one minutes before.  Small things like the way she smells or her looking at an note he wrote her will trigger their fire for one another.  Every double Libra couple will dedicate a song to their relationship, and whenever they hear it they will think of their wedding or the first time they meet.  They are both sweetly sentimental.  With my Libra Libra couple it is a beautiful John Legend song. 

Being that these two are natural born leader Cardinal signs, neither one of them will truly enjoy being a bossed around employee.  They would much rather be their own boss.  They like to be the boss, especially him.  She is one hell of a hostess.  Her home and office will always look fantastic.  Just like herself, her home will will be charming, soothing, harmonious, and peaceful.  This woman is very adaptable to change, and rarely breaks her beautiful, cool and calm, light pink vibrations.

When these two are in love, their dreams become one.  They are both strong, devoted, and gentle mannered.  They are both optimistic that every day will be better than the last, no matter what happens.  His goals are hers and vice versa.  These two will go to the ends of the world to see each others dimpled smiles.  He will be alone one day thinking about what his life would be without her and it makes him shudder.  He may have been flying above the ground before he meet her, but he would have never reach the heavens without her by his side.


  1. i simply love your entry. it's extremely well written and more so, super accurate. thank you for reinforcing the beauty of this amazing duo

  2. Well i'm an Australian female Libra woman, and i think it's true! all of it ;) Hope their still a happy couple living together ^u^ I LOVE IT <3

  3. This is right on target for my Libra Libra relationship! Greatly written!

  4. I am a Libra woman whose relationship ended with a Libra man a week ago. I think our problem was that we were so much alike that we disliked each other. We were both indecisive most of the time so not many things got accomplished. We liked the same things most of the time (except for what to watch on tv) but we would totally disagree on things like what color we wanted in the same car! We both needed pampering but I guess both of us were to old and lazy to pamper each other. I would find myself massaging him longer than he would massage me and he would often show his frustrations while massaging me but embellished while i massaged him. Ultimately, I think it was best we broke up so that i could find someone who would take better care of me and love the real me as well as the fairy tale me (..all my Libra women know what this means). I still love him though and hopes he finds the "suga mama" he is looking for.

    1. ..I forgot to mention that the communication between us was awful and perhaps this was our downfall...along with his insecurities. Libra already know that a Libra woman's beauty will never go unnoticed (and neither will yours for that matter)...learn to look over her flirting (because she looks over yours). If she is faithful from the "get go" she will be faithful to the end regardless of her love of "eye candy"

  5. I am about to start a relationship with a Libra girl and am not sure how that will look but as for me am thinking that's a special gift for me from because previously I have been dating a vigor girl which I have seen a hell and she is somehow trickish and always she is getting away with it until I decided to end up with her because she extort money from and thats the thing she wants from me so now am with a Libra hope she will be the love of my life