Leo Woman - Libra Man

These two find the best harmony when they are not in big groups of people.  They do best at home alone in each others company.  Don't get me wrong, they both LOVE to go out to parties and events, but Libran men have a certain appeal to women and Leos will tend to get jealous if they have a good reason to be.  Libran men are extremely charismatic.  They have a beautiful balance of masculine and feminine energy which makes them absolutely irresistible.  Their ruling planet is Venus which has a lot of beautiful femininity and love, but they are born as a Masculine sign.  I would also like to venture that Libras tend to be the most attractive sign in the Zodiac.  There is just something beautiful about every single one of them.  They will flash a dimpled smile at a girl and she will melt in her shoes.  That right there is enough to make the Lioness' claws to come out.  The funny thing about that is she attracts many suitors herself.  This woman's huge fiery aura and queen like personality has people flocking to her.  She radiates sunlight everywhere she goes attracting many men.  Here's the thing though... he doesn't get jealous.... and that bothers her because it makes her feel as though he doesn't care.

The Libran man just doesn't think being jealous is fair.  Libran's revolve around balance and fairness, but if he is smart and wants to keep this woman around, he will come up and put his arm around her while she's talking to another man.  She will like that.  This guy is great at being a peacemaker and is always coming up with ways to fix things.  He suggests things in such a beautiful and harmonious ways that you can't help but to do as he suggests.  This couple will do a lot more loving than fighting.  Even if this woman does anything to really upset him, he still will look at her through his rosy glasses.

This woman knows what she believes and may get annoyed at times when he tells her that all things are equal and balanced.  That's typically not how she feels over anything really.  His decisions can tend to be indecisive when hers are always made.  He just likes to fight both sides of anything to make sure that everything is even.  Instead of being annoyed by this Lioness, feel lucky that you have such an even keeled and fair man by your side.  He will bring her small gifts on a regular basis, and she will LOVE this seeing that Leo women love to feel adored.  He is an affectionate man and will have no problem making this woman feel cherished which is SO important when you are with this woman.  She likes presents, she likes attention, she likes it being about her!  When it comes to sex it will be just the same.  Their love for each other can be physically intoxicating.  She's wild and he loves to have to be with a woman who loves sex.  It's a great match in that department.  She needs to feel as though the entirety of his thoughts are on her when they are one.

Speaking of his thoughts, she will always be wondering about them.  He will often gaze out into space thinking his airy whipped cream dreams and she will snap him out of them and ask if he was thinking of her.  He will instantly turn his charm on, flash his dimpled smile and say, "of course I was my love, I was thinking about the first time we ever meet".  He was actually thinking about football on Sunday, but this man is too smart and charming to tell her that unlike an outspoken Sagittarius.  She will love his answer and tenderly kiss him before he wipes the sweat off his brow.  This woman will definitely keep him on his toes.  As long as he remembers she is a true Queen, he will be just fine.

One of my favorite couples I know are a Leo Woman and Libra Man that are high school sweethearts.  I love Leo women by the way, most of my close girlfriends are Leos.... anyways.... I used to babysit their kids when I was younger.  They are both such beautiful and incredible people.  She is an absolute spitfire and has the most beautiful sunny energy a person could have.  Her smile literally can light an entire room.  He is a little bit more calm and airy, but he was always intelligently soft spoken and so incredibly nice to me.   I always used to (and still do) wish that I could have the marriage that they have, especially since my parent's marriage was crumbling at the time I got to know them.  They always seemed so happy, and they still are.  They are still very much in love.  Below is a picture she drew which depicts her and her beautiful family (the three glyphs at the bottom are for their three children). I love you Locker family, thank you for always being a ray of sunlight in my life. 

Artist - Angela Locker


  1. wow, so true, i am a leo woman and have crush for libra man, i don't know how to tell him, we both just broke up with our exes, i am constantly thinking about him, daydreaming allllll day long about how i am going to kiss him and everything....

    1. Same with me. Your comment was a year ago and i hope you had luck with him. Can you tell me what happened? Whenever i am with this guy and try to tell him how i feel, i get so nervous and shaky and i open my mouth and shut it without any word coming out of it. I have never been this weak all my life. I wish he sees what i feel for him in my eyes and free me of the pain aching my heart now for the fear of never having him as mine. I am a leo woman and he is a libra man.

    2. Chi chi..same here..leo woman...in love with libra.man..ive never felt.so.strongly in all my LIFE.for another soul.He melts me with his.glance..we were friends..good.friends,but in oir vedic culture,its.inappropriate to frivulously associate with people of the opposite sex who are with others in relationship/married..which he is, divorce is.also.frowned.upon,even when people r unhappy in the relationship..even though our verbal communications have ended,our energies transcend this..mwhen younare.connected to anither.soul,it.doesn't matter how far you are,distance is irrelevant...its quite.an adventure....waiting tomsee.where this goes..I stand bavk so.not to.cause.karma...by disturbng him...I continue my.life...its been hard,but this.libra and this leo are perfect...the.obstacles sre there tho..insay by 2017:)

    3. I am back with a Libra (male) college crush from 33 years ago--as a Leo female. He is "married" and this is not good. Talks to me every day--sometimes all day. Insane. The attraction is insanely strong. We were soft friends then--but have grown in the last months. Libra men have always worked for me in every facet--except one thing: the "whoredom" factor. BOY! am I on my knees to GOD with this one cause "fate" did bring us back together. But I have to attorney papers. And I'm not holding my breathe---(well, may be in this case) and ONLY in this case. He has admitted he's glad we're "knowing" each other now and not like 33 years ago as he was a self proclaimed asshole. GREAT LUCK everyone! One of the more powerful combinations that can contain complexities even if the soul ties are super super strong.

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  2. Love this ;) made me laugh and I def agree.

  3. This is so true. I am a leo woman in a relationship with a libra man. One thing though, he's very disciplined and is true to his ways. I will be so mad at me, and all he'll do is to hold me and apologise while holding. I just melt and forgive instantly.

  4. I am a leo woman and have been with a leo man since middle school. He was my first and we promised each other that will be together forever and we still are. I'm 31 and he is 33. I love him so much!!!

  5. I was with a libra man and it was a roller coaster I believe he loves me but the other women are just too much for me I don't know if he attracts them or what but who can deal with that. Now the sex was great couldn't resist that he knew just what he was doing almost couldn't let go of that but I did. Huge lies they are # 1's for that

  6. I'm a leo woman and have been in this amazing relationship with my libra man for two months tomorrow! :) I've been in a relationship with over 30 men within my 6 years of experience in dating. I have recently gotten out of a very longterm relationship with a Pisces who could not keep me happy and the relationship prolonged due to the fact that I did not want to hurt him. However, I can safely say that this relationship is the best I've ever been in so far. This libra does not let my ego hurt for a second, he can tell that I'm upset while I try to hide it and pushes for me to open up to him with whatever I am thinking that made me upset. Then he'll fix my ego back together and hold me :) I am usually a very difficult woman to please in all aspects and he ticks every single box for what I'm looking for. Usually, by now, I would get bored of the man and move on to the next or see flaws that I don't want to deal with etc... but I don't have a single doubt in my mind that this guy is everything I'm looking for and I hope our relationship continues. It's also very true what they say about Libra's in bed ;) Leo women, get yourself a Libra man and you won't regret it! Honestly!

  7. Am a libra man just started to get to know a leo woman been watching her for 2 years. Never once i told how i felt towards her. Never once i asked for her contact number. We've known each other from a social webcam network.....and recently just few days ago didn't know why or how or where i get this strenght to ask for her wechat.....then we seem so close all of a sudden.....we get intouch almost every moment of the day since then.......and we exchange our contact number just like that....i did tell her i've been watching her for 2 year......then she ask me. Why does it took you that long.... i just have got no answer for that......am wondering now after reading this section of leo and libra. Could this be ( THIS IS IT ) currently am on holiday..... i never buy gift for woman....but something inside me urge me to buy something....i think there's a chemistry going on am not sure.......but after reading these section it seem to make sense....after all i've been wating for 2 years to get her attention......am also a dj in the social network calls camfrog

  8. Coolest leo libra match view ive ever seen..ive never been with a libheart is veryattached to one....he is a.libra..and all of the above

  9. I am a Leo woman very much in love with the Libra man. we fell in love very easily 4 years ago, we still are very much in love but I haven't been together physically yet. the problem is financial. we chat on Google as often as possible. we get along just great and I love the way he talks to me, he is very romantic and kind and gentle. I love the way he treats me as a queen, he adores me and he always says he loves me forever. he is very patient, & waiting to be with me, he said he made up his mind it's me or nothing. I really hope that soon we can be together just ur and long life with each other. I need a miracle or our stock we put in together to mature as soon as possible. wish me good luck!

  10. I'm a leo woman and have been with a Libra man for a few month now. Best thing I Eva did was ask him out. We've known each other for ova a year and I new the hole time he was attracted to me but our lives were complicated so I friend zoned him (big mistake lol) after the first time we slept together the first words I said were "what the *$%#! Why did I wait so long to do that?" He just said to me "I don't know but I told you so" we both laughed. I agree with one of the other women when we argue he will just hold me and apologize and i turn to jelly in his hands . the best thing iv Eva done (apart from my daughter who he loves like his own and loves him back just as much) is suggest Netflix and dinner with him. Libra men understand us lioness in ways no one els does not even Leo males... Good sex + complete understanding = best relationship I've ever had. To all Leo females GO GET YOUR SELF A LIBRA YOU WILL NEVER REGRET IT there amazingly beautiful and completely unforgettable

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