How to Spot an Aries

So I was going through all of my posts and realized that I have been leaving some Sun Signs out.   One of these signs I have left out is Aries.  So this is to make it up to you my fiery warriors...

Have you meet someone lately with a huge smile, a forceful manner, or a strong handshake?  You probably have an Aries on your hands.  These people will always fight for people who are less fortunate than themselves, and they will tell anyone exactly what comes to their mind and as it comes to their mind.  There isn't a lot of filtering that happens with these folks.  If this person gets annoyed, they will let you know no matter who it is.  They may regret things that they say later, but in the heat of the moment these people just spill it all out.

Aries are the babies of the Zodiac.  Their personality is somewhat like an infant.  When you are a baby, you cry when you need something, and you expect that something to be done immediately.  When an Aries wants something they want it right then.  Patience isn't something that they have a lot of.  They are very conscious about themselves first.  Sounds kind of selfish right?  Well it is, but these people will reward you greatly for being their friend, and truly appreciate your support.  There is something irresistible about these people because they are totally unaware how they come off.  Their innocence mellows their aggressiveness. 

Because these people are naive in many ways, it creates them to not fear much of anything.  When in relatioships this can become a problem with trusting people too much.  They have a hard time remembering pain from past relationships or friendships which causes them to make similar mistakes over and over.  These people love to play in dreamland, but they are not liars.  What you see is what you get with the Ram.  There is no mystery with these people at all.  This makes them vulnerable to everyone, because they are uncomplicated souls.  However, these people's fiery Cardinal power, and self absorbed determination will help them get their way almost all of the time.  

Physically it isn't too hard to spot a Ram.  First off they are not the quiet ones sitting off in the corner by themselves.  They definitely have a strong presence.  They typically have a reddish tint to their hair, much like Scorpio thanks to their ruling planet Mars.  They may even have a pinkish hue to their face as well.  Their bodies are solid, and their movements are so quick you would think sparks are going to start flying out of their head.  When they walk they typically lead with their heads, much like a Ram.  There isn't much that is graceful about this sign, but they do project a scarlet aura that shows off their supreme ego.

Aries would rather be caught dead than to be caught weak.  When you speak to them, they will look you dead in the eye with no restraint.  If they are not looking you in the eye don't ever think they are nervous, they are just simply bored.  Don't get offended, just change the topic.  The Aries are career people, and they are damn good ones.  Subtlety, humility, and tact are not always qualities that these people posses.  However, generosity, a liberal attitude, and strong leadership qualities are things that they do posses.  That is a good thing for being the boss, but sometimes can cause friction in personal relationships.  These are the people who are the first to complain about the food tasting bad at a restaurant, but if the service is good will leave a 50% tip. 

Something funny about these brave souls is that they will take on any challenge head on, yet when it comes to pain they are the biggest babies.  They are not fans of the dentist or doctor for that reason.  This is not a good thing because Aries tend to have problems with their kidneys.  Yes, that means you should stay away from alcohol and sugary foods as much as possible my fiery friends.  The men especially have a tendency to stay away from doctors thinking that they can ride any illness out, even when their temperature is enough to boil them alive. These people don't like to miss out on anything work or friend related and therefore tend to stay away from drugs, even an Advil.  They don't want their mind clouded.

Yes this sign has a "me first" attitude, but they can be some of the warmest and most generous people in the bunch.  They aren't mean spirited, they just truly believe that they can do everything better than anyone else.  This person doesn't feel a need to ask for permission when making decisions.  They are doers.  Aries can have a very short temper, but are over things in a flash.  It is kind of like a flare that burns so bright and hot but quickly dies out.  They don't hold grudges like other Sun Signs do.  They just simply let things go.  They will always apologize if they offended someone, because they love the feeling of acceptance and praise.

These people look at others for what they are because that is how they portray themselves.  You are either one way or another, and that's it.  The Ram doesn't have time or interest in trying to figure out underlying meaning to peoples petty mind games.  They are not one to put importance on the almighty dollar either.  Just because you have wealth does not mean you will get special treatment from them.  They give everyone a fair chance.  Something funny and almost impressive about them is that they can talk hours about a subject they know absolutely nothing about.  They don't care about facts or statistics, they care about the here and now.  The Aries quote should be, "Live in the here and now", because that's precisely what they do.

These people will rarely accept defeat, even when it is staring them dead in the face.  This can make it very hard for them to say the words, "I was wrong".  They have a tough and forceful behavior, but their innocence makes them believe that magical things can happen.

Their personality remind me a lot of the Sour Patch Kids Commercials...

These people have energy for days, a lot like the energizer bunny.  They just keep going and going.  They are also able to be calm, but that is only when they choose.  They are great at getting sympathy from people when they want because of their innocent natures.  They love to talk about themselves or future plans that they have, unless you have something to say that is truly interesting to them.  They love to do people favors, especially if they are large and charitable.  Something that can be somewhat frustrating about Aries is that they will believe in one way so strongly for years and then at the drop of a hat will forcefully change the way they look at that same thing on a random day.

They are born crusaders full of faith, joy, and naivety that is very endearing.  They are strong, determined, and are wonderful at giving people encouragement at their weakest moments.  They are always leading everyone to a goal that seems impossible and far out of reach, but for the Ram nothing is out of reach.  Feed this persons ego and you will get the same in return.  If you need a miracle to happen go to an Aries, they will make it come true in a fiery flash.


  1. I am an Aries woman this description fits me as a child, but then I grew up. Yes I want what I want and nothing else but patience is a virtue. My moments of impatience comes in my weak moments when what I desire is so amazing that my faith falters, again only for a moment. My Fire raged uncontrollably as a child with age I have learned to tame it, feeding it when needed and cooling it when it is time to sit back and reflect on where I am and where I am going. I always have to have a purpose a reason for being, If i can not find it on a deep level that I am just merely living a routine life my fire dies completely and depression sets in. This fire that has burned deep inside of me since birth is wild, free spirited, unique to any other fire sign as to the true depths of its flames. It is so intense that playing with it its scary and I think most ariens are to scarred to tap into to find there true being. Warriors are what we are we can fight through any given situation on any level. We need to know what we are fighting for we must feed this part of us, for me it is the evil that is existent within. Lovers, yes passionate highly sexual, affectionate, again the fire is so intense I look for approval sometimes, I have been in search of someone who can feed this who isn't scared of the intensity, this desire has proven to be the hardest as i am almost 32 and have yet to find contentment. Love, burns just as bright, Family fills this desire, my immediate family (the ones I grew up with, mom, dad, brothers and sisters) but most importantly my kids and the family I created people who flow naturally with me a bond that is unbreakable, two best friends their kids and two woman I look to as my mothers. I fight for complete balance, harmony, partnership, one love. This does not come naturally to the aries as it does with the libras, because are fiery passion for things having to be in perfect unison its hard to see through the smoke and we end up settling with what doesn't fulfill us completely. As an Aries I know I can never settle i have learned to see clearly through the smoke and seek out everything that eclipses my soul by paying close attention to the flames that are constantly burning, things that put it out I stay away from things that make it burn to hot I run from, and things that spark it just right and let it burn naturally I hold on to with every ounce of my being. I see through things, down to what is invisible to most. If something or someone has no depth I can spend hours analyzing it because it confuses me. or if something or someone has extreme depth I pick at it to death until I figure it out. In either case being to shallow or extremely deep it frustrates me immensely if I cant figure it out. For me its the really complex things that are simple and the really simple things that are complex. But my behavior and attitude towards everything is controlled by my faith, when it is strong I am strong and extremely confident when it is weak I am weak and extremely lack any confidence. In any case i am to the extreme thats why balance is essential for me to obtain and keep. as being apart of my life you are either in or your out, people that are in between I dont let linger fo rlong unless there is a family tie or if i am owed a debt to you As soon as the tie is broken or the debt paid then it is goodbye no remorse no emotion like you never existed. Unfortunatly i do tend to hurt people but never on purpose its only because I lose sight in where I am and where I am going and I try to sttle for the comfortable, empty, easy way of life when I know I will always eventually run away from no matter how long Ive stayed, and again it will be no emotion like you were never apart of my life, because you truly were never apart of me only by the force of my nature. This only sums it up, of course each desire of my soul has more depth to be explored I am an Aries

    1. This is so beautifully written. Thank you so much for sharing this. I am sure there are a lot of people that can relate to this.

  2. You captured me completely, except for the dentist and doctor part

  3. I love being a ram. My bboyfriend is a Virgo. I'm his cheerleader. Always tell him to have faith and loosing up abit. Because life is beautiful