Leo Woman - Pisces Man

These women can be downright scary to this man.  It's not every day that a Pisces is in the presence of royalty after all.  They have an air to them that screams, "I'm a challenge, try and get me if you can."  She almost teases this man like, eeni meeni miney moh, catch a tiger by the toe.  Don't let this attitude of unattainability scare you away Pisces.  You need to prove to this queen that you are by no means a peasant.  How do you go about this seemingly impossible task?  I will tell you....

Wine and dine this woman at the nicest restaurants in town.  Show her that you have good taste by dressing well and having a clean appearance.  A bottle of cheap wine at a local hole in the wall isn't going to cut it with this woman.  If you gift her (which she will love), don't get something that is cheap.  I'm not saying that you have to blow your wallet for her, but make sure that if you get this girl flowers they aren't from the local grocery store.  This woman wants an educated heart and a sensitive soul.  She has a warm sense of humor, but don't tell her off colored jokes that are vulgar and unappealing to her royal highness.  She won't appreciate that a bit. This woman is a lady.

Don't ever be rude, disrespectful, or coarse when you are in her presence.  Talk about music, your family lineage or an artist that you like.  She will love all of these topics.  Don't "play hard to get" by ignoring her when she calls or texts.  That is NOT how she works.  If Queen Elizabeth was calling, would you send her to voicemail?  NO!  Answer this woman.  It sounds like I am telling you to let her walk all over you.  Quite the contrary.  This woman needs someone to keep her out of line when she acts out of her sunny character.  She will appreciate a man that stands his ground; if you don't you are simply another peasant that is under her rule.

The Leo loves an audience, and this charming man will love to listen to her.  Once you have her heart, which is huge, she will be very forgiving if you ever mess up.  They are an extremely understanding breed that lets things go once they are settled.  If you respect her the way she deserves you will see her bright fiery aura open up like a sunflower.  This man has charm, wit, and intelligence that will be able to grasp and enjoy her sunny moods.

The thing that can be a bit tricky with her is her demands may be a little high for this man to handle.  If he can possess enough self-confidence to grant her wishes while still maintaining his role as the man in the relationship, it will be a win.  It is quite a balancing act though.  She doesn't want a boss, she wants an equal.  Another problem area is that she will want to know everything about you.  I mean EVERYTHING.  The Pisces man likes to keep secrets, and finds it unnessecary to divulge everything about himself to anyone.  If she finds out that he is keeping something from her, she will go into a fiery rage.

Sexually he will need match her style.  She loves tropical scented candles, music, and isn't one for a light and casual hook up.  She is not flirty with other men once she finds her prince charming.  She will not appreciate her man winking at another woman, and will seduce him away from her if she feels a threat.  She wants all your attention in the bedroom and outside of it.  When you are making love to her, make it about HER.  She will reciprocate once you have come out of peasant status. They may run into problems because this man is elusive, emotional, and intangible when he has sex and she wants constant tangible servitude that may make both of them become detached.  This man likes the mystery and likes to chase after his woman a bit, but with her sometimes her personality can be scorching and a bit overpowering.  What I suggest for these two to find balance as much as possible.

She is a Masculine Fire sign and he is a Feminine Water sign.  They are opposites in many ways, but this can be a good thing to help each other find balance.  He is sentimental, perceptive, and sensitive.  She is courageous, direct, and independent.  These are things that they can teach each other.  The way that these two are going to find harmony is by creating as much balance as possible.  Don't be too passive with this woman Pisces, and don't scorch this man's dreams Leo.  Instead, work together to create a perfect balance.  It might take a little time at first to find it, but I believe that you can.

One moment this woman can be annoyingly regal and the next intensely loyal.  She represents all women, and she is all woman.  Give her many inches,  but don't let her have a mile.  He will love her happy go-lucky and warm personality, but will show her his icy side if she tries to pry out all of his secrets or inflicts on the times he needs to be alone.  Remember though Leo, this man is gentle and will enjoy treating you like a queen.  Just don't scold him often or he will swim away and look for a peasant that is easier to deal with.  Be careful with too much time away from each other.  Where most couples find that distance makes the heart grow fonder, these two will find that distance makes the heart disinterested.

She has a slot of self-pride, so when someone hurts her large ego he will be able to sooth them with his Pisces waters.  Because he possess very little confidence at times, she will be able to boost his spirits.  All these two need is to strengthen each other’s weaknesses and they will find a beautiful balance.

How to Spot an Aries

Have you meet someone lately with a huge smile, a forceful manner, or a strong handshake?  You probably have an Aries on your hands.  These people will always fight for people who are less fortunate than themselves, and they will tell anyone exactly what comes to their mind and as it comes to their mind.  There isn't a lot of filtering that happens with these folks.  If this person gets annoyed, they will let you know no matter who it is.  They may regret things that they say later, but in the heat of the moment these people just spill it all out.

Aries are the babies of the Zodiac.  Their personality is somewhat like an infant.  When you are a baby, you cry when you need something, and you expect that something to be done immediately.  When an Aries wants something they want it right then.  Patience isn't something that they have a lot of.  They are very conscious about themselves first.  Sounds kind of selfish right?  Well it is, but these people will reward you greatly for being their friend, and truly appreciate your support.  There is something irresistible about these people because they are totally unaware how they come off.  Their innocence mellows their aggressiveness. 

Because these people are naive in many ways, it creates them to not fear much of anything.  When in relatioships this can become a problem with trusting people too much.  They have a hard time remembering pain from past relationships or friendships which causes them to make similar mistakes over and over.  These people love to play in dreamland, but they are not liars.  What you see is what you get with the Ram.  There is no mystery with these people at all.  This makes them vulnerable to everyone, because they are uncomplicated souls.  However, these people's fiery Cardinal power, and self absorbed determination will help them get their way almost all of the time.

Physically it isn't too hard to spot a Ram.  First off they are not the quiet ones sitting off in the corner by themselves.  They definitely have a strong presence.  They typically have a reddish tint to their hair, much like Scorpio thanks to their ruling planet Mars.  They may even have a pinkish hue to their face as well.  Their bodies are solid, and their movements are so quick you would think sparks are going to start flying out of their head.  When they walk they typically lead with their heads, much like a Ram.  There isn't much that is graceful about this sign, but they do project a scarlet aura that shows off their supreme ego.

Aries would rather be caught dead than to be caught weak.  When you speak to them, they will look you dead in the eye with no restraint.  If they are not looking you in the eye don't ever think they are nervous, they are just simply bored.  Don't get offended, just change the topic.  The Aries are career people, and they are damn good ones.  Subtlety, humility, and tact are not always qualities that these people posses.  However, generosity, a liberal attitude, and strong leadership qualities are things that they do posses.  That is a good thing for being the boss, but sometimes can cause friction in personal relationships.  These are the people who are the first to complain about the food tasting bad at a restaurant, but if the service is good will leave a 50% tip. 

Something funny about these brave souls is that they will take on any challenge head on, yet when it comes to pain they are the biggest babies.  They are not fans of the dentist or doctor for that reason.  This is not a good thing because Aries tend to have problems with their kidneys.  Yes, that means you should stay away from alcohol and sugary foods as much as possible my fiery friends.  The men especially have a tendency to stay away from doctors thinking that they can ride any illness out, even when their temperature is enough to boil them alive. These people don't like to miss out on anything work or friend related and therefore tend to stay away from drugs, even an Advil.  They don't want their mind clouded.

Yes this sign has a "me first" attitude, but they can be some of the warmest and most generous people in the bunch.  They aren't mean spirited, they just truly believe that they can do everything better than anyone else.  This person doesn't feel a need to ask for permission when making decisions.  They are doers.  Aries can have a very short temper, but are over things in a flash.  It is kind of like a flare that burns so bright and hot but quickly dies out.  They don't hold grudges like other Sun Signs do.  They just simply let things go.  They will always apologize if they offended someone, because they love the feeling of acceptance and praise.

These people look at others for what they are because that is how they portray themselves.  You are either one way or another, and that's it.  The Ram doesn't have time or interest in trying to figure out underlying meaning to peoples petty mind games.  They are not one to put importance on the almighty dollar either.  Just because you have wealth does not mean you will get special treatment from them.  They give everyone a fair chance.  Something funny and almost impressive about them is that they can talk hours about a subject they know absolutely nothing about.  They don't care about facts or statistics, they care about the here and now.  The Aries quote should be, "Live in the here and now", because that's precisely what they do.

These people will rarely accept defeat, even when it is staring them dead in the face.  This can make it very hard for them to say the words, "I was wrong".  They have a tough and forceful behavior, but their innocence makes them believe that magical things can happen.

These people have energy for days, a lot like the energizer bunny.  They just keep going and going.  They are also able to be calm, but that is only when they choose.  They are great at getting sympathy from people when they want because of their innocent natures.  They love to talk about themselves or future plans that they have, unless you have something to say that is truly interesting to them.  They love to do people favors, especially if they are large and charitable.  Something that can be somewhat frustrating about Aries is that they will believe in one way so strongly for years and then at the drop of a hat will forcefully change the way they look at that same thing on a random day.

They are born crusaders full of faith, joy, and naivety that is very endearing.  They are strong, determined, and are wonderful at giving people encouragement at their weakest moments.  They are always leading everyone to a goal that seems impossible and far out of reach, but for the Ram nothing is out of reach.  Feed this persons ego and you will get the same in return.  If you need a miracle to happen go to an Aries, they will make it come true in a fiery flash.

The Shoe for your Sun Sign

What woman doesn't love an incredible pair of shoes?  Shoes can make or break an outfit.  Women express themselves through the pumps they pick, which is why I had to do this fun post!  Below you will find out which shoe I believe relates to your Sun Sign the best. 

Christian Louboutin - Very Mix -150mm Platform Red Pumps
These red pumps scream Aries.  Red is Aries color, which is appropriate considering they are a Fire sign.  Mars is the planet of war which rules Aries, making these spikes perfect for battle.

Diane von Furstenberg - 2013 Fall-Winter
All of the practical and sensual Taurus women out there would love to own this pair of soft leather heels.  They are an Earth sign, and one of their colors is brown.  These shoes are practical, but the strap and peep toe make them sexy.


Christian Louboutin - Pigalle Spikes - Fluorescent

Geminis are bright, colorful, and fun just like these fluorescent shoes.  Geminis quick and ever changing mind constantly need to be entertained, and I think these shoes will do the trick.

Chanel 2013
Cancers are the Goddess of the moon.  Their birthstone is pearl which is so fitting because Cancers have a hard shell, but if you can get past that to their soft core, it is as beautiful as a pearl.  Totally worth the work.

Tom Ford - Metallic Gold Gladiator Boot - Spring 2013
 Leo women love to be the center of attention.  Their big, bold, and fiery personalities command attention when they walk into a room.  These shoes definitely do just that.  Her color is gold and she is royalty.  What else would she wear?

Alexander McQueen - Spring 2011
 These beautiful shoes are as intricate as the Virgo mind.  Virgos burn a bright white heat, and these shoes would add to that element.  Most people would worry about dirtying a white shoe, but a Virgo's shoes are always spotless.

Christian Louboutin - Spring 2013
Libras are all about balance and these shoes are just that.  They are the balance between hard and soft just like her personality.  She is the woman with the iron fist in a velvet glove, and these shoes give that effect.

Christian Louboutin - 2013 Cage Bootie
Scorpios are mysterious and sexual which makes these perfect.  They have a caged exterior to protect their inner passion.  They are intense just like these shoes.  I just recently bought a pair of Michael Kors "York" Ankle Boots that remind me of these.  They were speaking to my inner Scorp.... I had to get them. 

GUCCI - 2013 Fall-Winter
These shoes make a statement.  They are very "Robin Hood" inspired which is perfect for the archer Sagittarians.  Sags are a Fire sign, very outspoken, and say whatever comes to their mind.  I could totally see a Sag rock these incredible kicks.

Gareth Pugh - Ankle Boots - Fall 2013

 These metal heeled boots encompass all that is Capricorn.  The color is serious and so are they.  They are sure footed women who can climb to the top of any challenge.  These shoes will take them where they need to go!

Christian Louboutin - Summer 2013
Aquarius have a kooky and fun sense of style that is always changing and evolving.  They actually tend to have more shoes than anyone in the Zodiac.  Their color is Aqua which is why these are fitting.  They are not afraid to take fashion risks, and find the shock factor they get from people fun.

Jimmy Choo - Spring 2013 
These shoes are a dreamy reminder of Pisces.  The net like details remind me of the Fish that represents Pisces sign.  Their ruling planet is Neptune who rules the sea, which is why this ocean color is quite fitting.

Libra Woman - Libra Man

We are finally in the time of Libra.  Happy birthday to all of my beautiful Libra friends!  I am going to write in honor of one of my favorite couples, both being very stereotypical Libras themselves.  I could only hope to have the beautiful marriage that they have someday.  I was actually in her wedding, and consider them both to be two of my dearest friends.

Something wonderful about Libras is that they are a Masculine sign ruled by Venus, a very feminine planet.  This is all too appropriate considering that they are the most balanced and fair sign of of the Zodiac.  Librans are also the only sign that is not an actual living creature.  They are the sign of the scales.   Libra men tend to be very sentimental and Libra women tend to be very strong.  It can become confusing to some, but that is just their natural character.

Something this woman needs to learn how to do is let her man take the lead.  Even though they are the same Sun Sign with similar traits, this man needs to be the man in the relationship.  This needs to take place so that he is able to treat her like the woman that she is, and appreciate the feminine aspects of her personality.  This woman is charming, tactful, persuasive, and strong.  She will have no problem with her man taking lead in their relationship if she understands how important it is to make their union successful.  I am not saying that she should fulfill every one of his requests, just all of the ones that you can tolerate. 

These two are both Cardinal Air signs and they will always be needing to communicating with one another to feel united.  The couple I was telling you about earlier leaves each other notes every day.  I think it's adorable. Double Libra couples also have great communication skills which is crucial for any relationship to succeed.  One thing that I would suggest for Libras is to only talk about things that they agree upon and just simply let go of the rest if possible.  This sign is very mental, and don't really like being wrong so you can see how that could cause some friction.  If avoided, their conversations will be as light and sweet as whipped cream, if not it can turn into a tornado.

This relationship is one that takes very little effort.  These two have no problem with compromise at all, which saves them from several unnecessary arguments.  The Libra couple's marriage I know is peaceful, both are emotionally secure, and both very level headed.  The only time you will not see a Libra compromise is when they have to do something that is against their beliefs or morals.  If you do something to a Libra that is unfair, they will become verbal with you.  Libras love a good debate, and their sharp fair minds are nothing you want to argue with.  When these two do debate, it will actually cause a deeper bond between them because they will understand each other on a better level. Notice how I said debate and not fight.  They are very different.  When it comes down to it she will tend to get her way.  After all, she is a woman with an iron fist in a velvet glove.

Just like all signs that date their same sun sign, you must make sure that you do not both project your negative traits at the same time.  Some of these traits will include the fact that both of these people love a good party, too many sweets, nervous breakdowns that can lead to illness, and Libras can also tend to be a tad compulsive as well.   These two must also always keep the temptation to flirt ONLY with one another, and if that happens they will create the coziest home you will ever see. 

When these two are both portraying their positive aspects to one another, it is very harmonious.  They will both love to compliment one another, they will love to go for long walks, and most likely love to read in bed together.  They will enjoy the movies so that they are able to talk about the movie together afterwards.  Being that they are the sign of beauty, they will also enjoy beautiful things together.  Beautiful places, art, and music.

Sexually they both create mental variety with one another.  It is rare that these two will become bored with each other in bed because they are such an imaginative sign.  Their creativeness will always keep things fresh.  The only thing that will come between their physical union is business at work, being bogged down with stress, or raising a family.  The beautiful thing about these two though is that no matter how long they don't make love, they will reconnect beautifully as though they were one minutes before.  Small things like the way she smells or her looking at an note he wrote her will trigger their fire for one another.  Every double Libra couple will dedicate a song to their relationship, and whenever they hear it they will think of their wedding or the first time they meet.  They are both sweetly sentimental.  With my Libra Libra couple it is a beautiful John Legend song. 

Being that these two are natural born leader Cardinal signs, neither one of them will truly enjoy being a bossed around employee.  They would much rather be their own boss.  They like to be the boss, especially him.  She is one hell of a hostess.  Her home and office will always look fantastic.  Just like herself, her home will will be charming, soothing, harmonious, and peaceful.  This woman is very adaptable to change, and rarely breaks her beautiful, cool and calm, light pink vibrations.

When these two are in love, their dreams become one.  They are both strong, devoted, and gentle mannered.  They are both optimistic that every day will be better than the last, no matter what happens.  His goals are hers and vice versa.  These two will go to the ends of the world to see each others dimpled smiles.  He will be alone one day thinking about what his life would be without her and it makes him shudder.  He may have been flying above the ground before he meet her, but he would have never reach the heavens without her by his side.

How to Spot a Scorpio

I am feeling a little vain today, so I thought I would write about my magnificent mysterious Zodiac Sign.  You should really learn how to recognize all of the signs especially this one if you are looking to either run when you find a Scorp or if you are seeking out one of these intense creatures.  The absolute BEST way to figure out if someone is a Scorpio is by their eyes.  They are typically piercing with strong intensity.  If you are stared down by a Scorpio it may make you feel extremely uncomfortable, and that's usually the intention.  It's almost as though we are penetrating your soul with our intense gaze.  When I am upset I definitely have some Scorpionic looks going on.

Another way to know is by their voice.  No matter how it sounds, it typically never draws attention to ones self (unless you have a Sagittarius rising like myself).  A Scorpio knows what they are and what they are not, making them very confident people.  Insults will be laughed off (or stared off) by anyone that throws one our way.  It is rare to find a nitwit, nervous, or aloof person that has a Scorpio sun, very rare. 

Most Scorpios have very sharp features especially their nose, and also tend to have fairer skin.  They have prominent brows and there is something very powerful about their aura without them having to say a word.  Most Scorpios will have dark hair with a reddish tint and dark eyes.  However, there are plenty of blonde Scorpios out there too (like myself) although my natural hair color does have a tint of red in it when hit by the sun.  Grace Kelly, who is my fashion muse, is also another blonde Scorpio.  There is something poised and almost royal (not quite like a Leo) about these people.  Their cool and collect nature is there to hide something.  It is there to hide the passion that boils inside of them every day.

When a Scorpio smiles, it's genuine.  It may not be often, but when it happens you know it will be real.  Their bodies rarely have any nervous twitches or wringing of hands.  They stay still with all of the poise in the world.  There are Scorpio's that have a very friendly and outgoing manner, but look really deep into their eyes and make sure that you do not take their kindness for weakness.  That is probably the worst thing you could ever do to a Scorpio.  Be on your guard with every Scorpio you meet, I don't mean that to make you fearful, just remember that these people no matter how nice they come off, they are not naive or soft.

Scorpios tend to be very black and white.  If you compliment one they will tend to say, "Yes, I know" with a smirk in the corner of their mouth. When you ask this person a favor, they will either say yes or no.  There is no maybe with this bunch.  If you are a sensitive soul and you want advice from someone who is going to stroke your ego, feel bad for you, and wipe your tears; don't go to a Scorpio.  A Scorpio tells you what you NEED to hear, not what you WANT to hear.  It's beneath these people to dish out a compliment just to make someone like them, so if you get one it is genuine.  You either love, respect, and admire the Scorpio you know or hate them.  There really isn't a lot of gray matter in liking the people that are born under this sign.

I've made us sound so harsh, but there is a true sweetness with this sign as well.  There are typically very cool or very hot Scorpios.  I would say myself that I am a hot one.  My personality has a little bit of fire to it.  The people in this sign can really go either way.  This is considered the darkest sign in the Zodiac, seeing that it is the sign that represents death.  It is our constant struggle as a Scorpio to crawl out of the dark and into the light.  If you look at our glyph, you will see that there is an arrow pointing up representing this struggle.  We must remember to always find the light in our deep emotions that can at times drown this Water sign.

If you want a friend that will lay down in the road for you, befriend a Scorpio.  They are fiercely loyal and protective over their family and friends.  If you are having an affair with a Scorpion's love, I fear for your life my friend.  Get out now while you are still have a chance (you probably don't).  They are the most powerful sign in the Zodiac being that they are a Fixed Water sign.  Some even have power to do black magic, which in the end can lead to hurting themselves.  A Scorpio is not about evening a score in a battle, if you hurt one when they did not deserve it they will return the favor ten fold.  It may not be right away in a loud scene, but it will come.  However, if you are kind to a Scorpio it will never be forgotten and richly rewarded.

Scorpios are very rarely sick, but when they are it is usually nothing small.  Most Scorpios are very inquisitive about religion, death, birth, and sex.  They also have a strange desire to protect those who are weaker than themselves.  They have this because they are very empathetic and can feel peoples emotions around them, whether it be pain or happiness. There is just something very hypnotic and almost powerful that transfixes you on these people.  If they want something in life, if they REALLY want it, it is rare that their wish does not come true.  These people will fixate on a goal until it becomes reality and then move onto their next mission. Scorpios can use this power for both good and bad, light or dark.  That is what I mean when this sign can go either way, and what I mean when we must always find the light.

Yes, Scorpios are intense but once you have one on your side you will have gained a gentle soul, an amazing lover, a loyal friend, and a very strong ally for life.  Well worth the risk of getting stung, just behave yourself.

Capricorn Woman - Libra Man

As challenging as this relationship will be, there are definitely positive aspects to it that both will get.  Libran men love a powerful and independent woman.  After all this man is all about being fair.  Why shouldn't a woman have all of the same wants and desires as any man does in the world?  This man is thoughtful, logical, and very reasonable.  He always wants to hear all sides of any argument.  There is a saying that I love that reminds me of Librans, "It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it."  - Aristotle.  Both of these people were born as a Cardinal sign.  They are both natural born leaders.  She enjoys guiding herself and everyone else around her behind the scenes.  She has an attitude that she always knows what is best.  This woman is typically brilliant in the business world considering the fact that she is a climber.  She has a very cool and strong common sense about her.

So it sounds like it would be a perfect match, right?  His fairness with her climbing career and her common sense mixed with his equality.  Unfortunately, the reason that it doesn't usually work out is because of her.  They lead in very different ways.  She leads from behind the scenes where he leads where everyone can see him.  He would love her to to take flight outside of the home by putting all of her focus on her career, but sometimes when this woman gets into a relationship her significant other becomes her career.  She will never guide her love to failure, but this man doesn't take well to having himself be her project.  He is an Air sign so she must learn, that like all Air signs, they need freedom and movement.  If you don't let this man move, your relationship will become like a room that has had the windows closed for a long time.  Stale.  If you continue to try to contain and control this man, there will be several fights headed your way.

One weakness this man has is his desire to always win an argument.  He is so intellectually stimulated by winning an argument that he may even change his mind on where he stands on something to be right.  That is not how this woman works at all.  Once she digs her heels in about a decision, nothing will change it.  His nature is very optimistic where hers can tend to be practical.  When they meet they may not be attracted to one another immediately, but he will be able to coax this woman from behind her walls with his charming dimpled smile.

When it comes to sex, he may think that she is too reserved for his taste, but he's wrong.  When this woman is making love it's powerful, slow, and sensual.  The Libra man will tend to be verbal in bed, he will always let her know how beautiful she are or what feels amazing.  He is not quiet by any means.  She will be able to teach this feathery man how to make make love like an Earth sign.  She will take him out of the sky and bring him to the ground, and he will be excited to do it. She must learn from him how to be more verbally expressive.  If they can make these tweaks, all will be well behind closed doors. 

These two have so much to benefit and learn from one another.  He must learn to have patience with her and her walls around her soft core, and she must let this man be free from her naturally restrictive view on how a relationship should be.  This woman has secret wants and desires that takes a very perceptive person to understand.  This man looks at things for exactly what they are instead of believing that there is a hidden meaning or a conspiracy.  Look a little harder Libra if you love this woman.  She needs his rainbows and lightness, they are good for her.  He needs her steadfast dependability, they ground him.  Some relationships grow rapidly, but this one will grow slow and steadily like a tree.  Trees take years and seasons to grow to its full potential.  Once a tree grows solid roots, it will be there forever.  Learn and love from one another, and beat the odds of what Astrology and everyone says. "...the faith waiting in the heart of a seed promises a miracle of life which it cannot prove." - Kabir

Your Sign and it's Ruling Planet

The planets have a profound energy that affects why your Sun Sign has a certain force behind you. This particular blog is only related to your Sun Sign, but if you get your chart off of multiple different free sites, this post will hep you to understand the planets in relation to Astrology in your Sun Sign and your chart.

The Sun - Leo's Ruling Planet
The Sun, ruling planet of Leo http://simplysunsigns.blogspot.com/Leo http://simplysunsigns.blogspot.com/

Mythology: The Roman God Apollo was God of the Sun in mythology He was also the God of healing which is why many prayed to him.

Leo: The Sun rules Leo which makes sense considering every Leo I know has a huge bright personality.  They have dominating characteristics that take over in a group setting in a life giving way.  Leo is a Fixed Fire sign just like our Sun is.  Leos are great at feeding people's egos and giving people courage that they never knew that they had.

The Moon - Cancer's Ruling Planet
Mythology: The Goddess of the moon in Greek mythology is called Selene (Luna in Roman mythology).  Selene married a mortal, and when he approached death she could not bear the thought of losing him so she cast a spell to have him sleep for eternity.

Cancer: The moon represents Cancer and it's emotional response to everything.  The Sun is concerned with action and the Moon is concerned with reaction.  When we are young we are very reactive, we are open with our emotions more so than when we are adults.  Our emotions are raw.  When looking at the Moon as a Cancer or even the moon in your chart, it will give away why you feel the way about certain things that you do.  My moon is in Scorpio, so my emotions are reactive as those of a Scorpio.  Make sense?  Our moon is also how we we set up our home, and how we pass on lessons to our children.  It also has control on our habits as well such as our eating habits.

Mercury - Gemini & Virgo's Ruling Planet

Mythology: Mercury was the God of merchants.  His name comes from the Greek word 'mercari' which means merchant or to make a deal.  He was better known as Hermes, the Greek messenger God who had a winged helmet.

Gemini: Mercury in Gemini gives the twins the urge to communicate combined with their Air element.  Gemini's ideas are quickly picked up and quickly put down, knowledge is quickly understood, and interactions with people are fast.

Virgo: Mercury in Virgo is intellectual, analytical, and critical.  Virgos love to communicate, they love books and writing.  Being an Earth element, they appreciate the tangibility to things as opposed to Gemini who enjoys the idea of something.  Both Gemini and Virgo are Mutable signs which is very fitting for Mercury.  

Venus- Taurus & Libra's Ruling Planet

Mythology: As many of us know, Venus (Aphrodite in Greek mythology) is the Goddess of love.  She was considered to me "the mother of the Romans".  She was married, but had many lovers and admirers.  She was also the mother of Cupid, and could even make herself a virgin at her own will.

Taurus: Venus has a lot to do with nature and growth as like Venus.She  gives Taurus their desire to spend most of their time, effort, and money to surround themselves with beautiful and sensual things.  A happy home and stable relationships are everything to Taurus.

Libra: Venus combined with Libra's Air element gives these people true physical beauty.  They are also swirling around in the social scene.  Librans also love to have beautiful airy and sweet surroundings. Even though these people were born in the fall when things are starting to die, there is something bright and beautiful about them like an Indian summer.  Because this sign is masculine, Libra men are considered to be one of the most admired men by women.  They have masculinity with Venus's feminine and romantic touch.

Mars - Aries & Scorpio's Ruling Planet

Mythology: Mars (Ares in Greek mythology) is the God of war.  He was regarded as "the father of the Romans".  Many soldiers worshiped Mars and prayed to him for a successful battle.  He was celebrated in festivals in both March (the month named after him) and October.

Aries: Mars is the symbol of masculine energy, and fits the sign of Aries very appropriately.  Sometimes women in this sign can come off very masculine either in looks, in personality, or in both.  This sign emits a lot of Cardinal and positive energy.  They make great leaders that drive the ones in their control to success.

Scorpio: Mars in Scorpio is not as prominent because Scorpio's main ruler is Pluto.  It is Scorpio's watery charm mixed with this fiery sexual planet that makes this sign so dangerous for the opposite sex.  Unlike the other water signs, this is the only one that has this fiery and powerful planet behind it's strong emotions, making arguably the most powerful sign in the zodiac.

Jupiter - Sagittarius & Pisces' Ruling Planet

Mythology: Jupiter (Zeus in Greek mythology) was the supreme God of the Romans.  Jupiter was the main protector of the Roman people.  This God was portrayed in two ways -  as an incredible leader giving wisdom and justice to all, and also as a womanizer.

Sagittarius: Jupiter in Sagittarius makes this sign one of the luckiest.  It also gives them a desire to find a  deeper meaning in life as well as a desire to travel.  Sagittarians tend to get a bad rap in the cheating department as well, which is caused by their difficulty with committing to one thing for a long period of time.

Pisces: Jupiter in Pisces is not as much as in Sagittarius because Neptune is it's main ruler.  Jupiter gives Pisces it's wisdom and deep concepts and philosophies on life.

Saturn - Capricorn & Aquarius' Ruling Planet

Mythology: Saturn was known as the God of fertility and farming.  The Romans celebrated Saturn in mid December to thank them for the harvest they received for the winter.  This celebration was called Saturnalia where they exchanged fruits and gifts with one another and decorated their homes.

Capricorn: Saturn in Capricorn gives them their planning and controling personality traits.  Capricorns tend to have an older soul even when they are young, and this comes from "Old Man Saturn".

Aquarius: Saturn in Aquarius is not as strong because their main planet is Uranus.  Saturn gives Aquarians their wisdom, knowledge, and social structures.  They also enjoy keeping their distance just like how Saturn likes to teach, much like a professor.

Uranus - Aquarius' Ruling Planet

Mythology: Uranus was the God and ruler of the sky.  He was there to make sure that the rain fell to replenish the Earth.  Uranus was also concerned with all humanitarian issues.  He was the father of the Titans which he banned to Hades for causing terror and destructiveness on Earth.  They rebelled and were quickly punished by Zeus, and sent back to the underworld. 

Aquarius: Uranus in Aquarius gives them sharp intellect and its emphasis on society and humanitarianism.

Neptune - Pisces' Ruling Planet

Mythology: Neptune (Poseidon in Greek mythology) was the Roman God of the sea.  He carried a trident and rode a dolphin.  Many pirates and sea merchants prayed to him  to protect them from his storms.

Pisces: Neptune in Pisces gives them their watery dreaminess.  They are the dreamers and make believers of the zodiac.  This is the planet that carries us over from one life to the next, which is why Pisces is the last sign in the karmic wheel.

Pluto - Scorpio's Ruling Planet

Mythology: In Roman mythology, three Gods Jupiter, Neptune, and Pluto (Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades) drew to see which one which one of them would have to rule the underworld.  Pluto ran the underworld all alone until he meet Persephone.  He stole her and possessively made her his Queen. 

Scorpio: Pluto in Scorpio is what makes Scorpio obsessed with sex, death, birth, and rebirth.  It's Water element gives Scorpio deep complexity while being a Fixed sign gives it stability.  Scorpio's are also known for being very possessive with their loved ones.  Pluto also gives Scorpio rage to answering all of the big questions they have in their life. 

I hope this post has brought understanding to why the planets are crucial in Astrology, and how they bring certain characteristics out in every one of us.